Takashi's P.O.V

The name is Takashi Hitsumiga, I have traveled From Osaka to Edo, I Heard of the Out breaking wars Of Nobunoga and The Tokugawa. I do not want to take part in the war at all, But it seems that the are burning innocent villages around town and recruting men.

Hmph. That's a whole lot of crap they say, More over I wouldn't want to be in this ridiculous war at all. But I wonder, If they're ambitons are different. Tokugawa and the Sanda army which are in an alliance, Wants to make this land in peace, But also does Nobunaga.

I shouldn't be thinking about these things when Im drinking, well i'm Just plain person who's enduring war in these days. More over, bandits are frequently active since the war has started.

Oh well that's life, it isn't my problem anyway. If it is then I'm going to have to deal with it, By the way I haven't told you that I'm a ronin. Well not that kind that get's drunk and goes around in Bethrols chasing woman. As I say that I killed my master, and now I'm like this.

-bam-Hmph. speaking of woman, I respect woman but I do not want to take advantage of ANY of them in the least, well I mean they HAVE been in the arms of OTHER men.

Anyhow, I'm currently in a Resturant in a near by village and drinking tea at the moment, then a strange looking man walked in. It's rare that a man wears pink. Hmph, It's indeed a woman since by the color of the clothes, the katana looks like it has been drawn a few times. Her face has been scratched by a sword, from her left cheek maybe by a inch to be exact.

I got up and left money on the table before..-oh never mind.

Bandits came in before i even left the Freakin resturant, Oh my lucky day. I went to sit down on my table again and Listen to they're speech.

"Give us all your money here and we will spare your life" said a one with pig-tails.

"Do what he says and we will go away once you hand it over" said an older one who's head is bald.

They began they're search for the money at other customers and gave away what they had left. By the time they reached me I took out my small patch of money which contains about maybe fifteen yen in it and gave it to them.

Hmph, If you expected me to be a hero then you would Doubt that by now anyway. Anyway I just hope a..-Bam- Oh for the Love of kami just kill me already.

The sound had came from where that girl was just at, well if she dies then it isn't my fault anyway. It seems like she kicked one of them through the wall, I have to say i'm Impressed at how she can handle herself.

"Bitch" said the bald one who she kicked through the wall.

She smirked and unshealth her sword, he attacked but by the time he tired to slash her, she already shealth her sword. The bandit was paralyzed for a moment then collasped othe ground, another came to hit her but she kicked him on the nuts.

"Alright i want all the money you all stole right here at this spot, and If you run away I will kill you, so stay where I can see you." she said

And that's what they did, I got my Patch back and the others did too. But she wants to kill them, From what I can see is that her eyes are red due to a pink eye or something.

I walked out the shop to stop her from killing them, she already unshealth her sword and about to strike until I caught her wrist.

"Killing them in unnessary since they are doing this for a living"

"But they stole from the people, Jusice needs to be served"

"There isn't any justice in this world, it's just Blood shed"

I loosen by grip on her wrist and then let go of it, She shealth her sword and turned to me. she Has a smirk on her face and Mines where emotionless.

I turned my head facing the bandits and toss my small Patch at them, then i walked away.

"Keep that money, and I won't be able to help you survive again if we cross paths again" I said to the bandits without looking at them while walking.

I smirked at how foolish I was trying to be the good guy, but in the end it didn't end the way I intended to.

"matte but are you Hitsumiga Takashi?" I heard the girl said.

"Hai what bussiness do you have with me?" I said but didn't turn around.

By the time I blinked a blade was near my throat, I however wanted to die right there but sadly it withdrawn. She had a smirk on her lips and shealthed her katana, she but both of her hands on my chest and looked up at me.

She might be One of those Bethrol girls wanting some action, but I find it funny how she can Kill. Hmm, maybe it's a set up or something, Yes Please take my life.

She caressed my right cheek and looked me straight in the eyes. I found her eyes beautiful, Red as blood like a rose bud.

"Takashi-sama or Oni-sama, I am Yukiko Yamada and I was sent by my father to meet you"

"Huh? all the way here just to find me? what reason is that?"

"Well I know that you haven't heard but before your master died, He and my father disscuss about a Plan"

"A plan? what did he say?"

"He says that Both Your master and My father agreeed on Our engagement, since your one of the best samurai by heart but with intelligence also." she said but when she said Engagement as In she was drowning in water.

"I see, but you know you don't have to force yourself on to me like that, Your uncomfortable right? don't lie- He was cutt of when he felt her lips against his for 5 seconds.

"Ok now the Engagement is sealed, we will get married within a week from now"


"Takashi-sama? hello anyone there?"


"Hello?" she said waving her hand in front of his face.