"what the hell was that for?" I said wincing at the pain of my right cheek

"You got a Loss for words right?"

"Of course! What would you think I would reaction?"

"You would just do me at the spot?"

"...you know that I do not intend to take advantage of woman without permission"

"Oh...I though you where one of those men?"

"Why would you think that?" I said rubbing my right cheek

"Long hair...and that's just about it" she said Thinking throughly.

"Woman these days" I muttered

"What did you say!"

"I said that i'm glad to be engaged to you"

"Though so"

We both walked for at least an hour and settled down on a nearby tree. It was too dark to look for some firewood but the moon was out. I set my gaze on the moon, It was beautiful yet it reminds me of the time I over heard my Sensei and My master talking. The conversation was about me.

Yukiko knocked me out thinking state when she sat on my lap. I was currently siting indian style and I looked her on my lap. She wasn't heavy, just light as if I know woman where light. She layed her head on my chest for a while, as I checked her Daisho Was near mines. She isn't an assissian or One of those bethrol girls, she's just a normal girl. I smiled and kept my gaze on the moon.

For at least five minutes of silence, she Began to speak again but with a soft voice, she is sleepy since her breathing calm down for a while.

"You know, I rejected the idea of this Arrange marriage first of all" she said

"Hm? then why did you changed your desion?"

"I got kicked out the house when I said no"


"Yeah, He couldn't take no for an answer"

"I see"

We got quiet for a few minutes and then I felt her snuggle into my chest. I sighed and let my mind drift off to sleep, I kept one of my arm around her waist and kept her close. While the other on my Daisho. I Dreamed of my past that night.


I was out going to take a piss,when I passed by my Master's Room, I heard them talking about something. When I sat there in silence, while deciding on to evesdrop or not.

"You know you should kick him out to the streets because His blood carries Oni" Koga Sensei said.

"Even if he does he is still a child, we can't just leave him homeless,plus His parents requested him to stay here." said Kenosuke-sama

"Still he needs to get kicked out or even killed because of the bloodline he carries"

"Argueing about it won't make a difference, he's still a child that's all matters"

"Fine if you won't kick him out the dojo thenI'll kill him!"

"Koga this is an order! we will not kill him!"

"Alright If you can't kill him, I'll kill him for you!"

"No..Wait until the time comes, when he is older we Execute him" Said Kenouske-sama

"Nani?" said Koga-sensei completely suprised

"Do I have to repeat myself? I said that we are gonna Execute him"

"How? We know that he is the best out of the class in Intelligence and kendo"

"We get him during his sleep, and if they ask were he was, lets say that he commit seppku"

"Ok but when do we do that?"

"I'll tell you when the time comes"

With that I heard footsteps comming towards the door, I got up and ran swiftly to the corner and Hid in the Darkness. I waited there until the the echo of the footsteps goes off in the distance. From there on I won't trust anyone anymore, even if I do trust them, they will eventually betray me, Like always they do.


The next Morning

I was the first to woke up, I looked around then at the daisho. They weren't taken at all, then I drifted my gaze at Yukiko. I stare at her for a while and then blushed, she's cute right now. She moved around a little in her sleep then groaned as the Morning sunlight shined down on through the tree. I gazed the other way so she couldn't notice my blush.

She got up and streched her body, yawned. I got up, grabbed both of our daisho and streched a little. She was the first to speak.

"You know your a comfortable pillow"


"Well your chest was kind of soft but your heartbeat lured me to sleep"

"Oh I though I was getting fat" I said smiling a bit

"Well I got a good sleep anyway"

"Good then, we are leaving now"

"To where?"

"To the next Village so we could get some food or gather some while we are walking"

"Sounds good to me"

I tossed her daisho at her, She cought it and smirked. I Put on my glasses and adjested my daisho.

"You know your not really much of an Oni"

"Hm? what do you mean by that?"

"Your bloodline is from an Oni But your apperance and personality is a human"

"I see, Your point is?"

"That your always calm and gentle like a human, Your never harsh and Reckless."

"Hm...I guess..wait how do you know I have a bloodline of a Oni?"

"My father told me about your family and Past"

"Your Point is?"

"That your more human than Oni, They shouldn't have doubt you"

"It doesn't matter anymore, What's done in the past is the past" I said Coldly

"But- I cut her off

"Like I said it's the past, Do not bring it up again" I said starting to walk

I felt her grasp my Haori, I stopped and turned to look at her.

"Then trust me at least, Let me be the one who is going to be at your side to lean on" she said looking down on the ground.

I lifted her chin to look at me in the eyes and Kissed her forhead, I smiled a bit and nod my head. She looked at me for a good thirty seconds to registered it in her mind, while I walk off leaving her behind. She smiled and ran to catch up with me, Linked her hand with mine.