The Best Man

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Chapter 1


"Come on," I told Angela. "Who is the best man?"

"Eric swore me not to tell," she told me.

Angela and I have been best friends since I moved to Forks a little over ten years ago. I moved here to be closer to my dad, and so that my mom could travel with my step-dad Phil. We were always there for each other. She was there for me when "he" left, and I was there for her when she and Eric had fights.

We were driving to her wedding rehearsal in my old beat-up truck. Her and Eric hadn't told me who he chose as his best man. I knew the rest of the wedding party except that one. When we pulled up to the church she turned and looked at me.

"Bella," she said. "You're my best friend and almost like a sister to me."

"What's wrong," I said.

"Promise me," she said. "That you won't be mad at me."

"Why would I be mad at you," I told her.

"Pinkie promise," she said with her hand outreached towards me.

"Okay," I told her with my hand meeting hers. "Pinkie promise that I won't get mad."

We got out of the truck and headed into the church, when I looked through the door I saw everyone. The groomsmen Mike, Tyler, and Jasper were joking around like they were little boys again. The bridesmaids were on the other of the church working on there make-up. They were Jessica, Alice, and Rosalie and we were all good friends. We walked up to them and set the bags down.

"Rose," Angela said. "I'm sorry that Emmett has to be an usher."

"He prefers that," she responded. "So no hard feelings."

"Angie," Mike said. "Eric called and said that he would be here in about five minutes. He had to pick up you know who."

"Okay," she said. "Newton stop calling me Angie or I'll tell Jessica what you told Eric."

"What did you saw," Jessica said standing up. I noticed that when Mike said "you know who" everyone smiled. What were they not telling me?

"Alice," I said pulling her to the side. "Please I'm begging you. Who is it?"

Alice was like a sister to me, and I one time I thought that we were going to be sisters. I was in love with brother until he left me. One day we are having this great day and the next he was gone. No note, no phone call and no explanation. His clothes and a few belongings were gone. He calls his family every now and then from what Alice says. Her and the rest of the family don't mention him if I'm around.

"Bella," she said looking at Jasper and taking a deep breath. "I would but Jasper said that if I did then he was going to take my credit card."

"Okay," I told her. Eric came in and grabbed Angela from behind spinning her around. Sometimes I wish that I could remember how that felt but I couldn't

"Is everyone ready," he said. "Mr. Webber how would you like us to line up."

Angela's uncle from upstate Washington agreed to marry her and Eric so that her dad could walk her down the aisle.

"I need the girls to go to the back and the guys to the side," he said. "Where's the best man?"

"He's coming in from the back," Eric answered quickly. Why was everyone hiding this from me? I was getting really pissed now.

"I need the three bridesmaids, the ring boy, the maid of honor, and the bride," her uncle said.

We stood there and waited as we each took our turn. It was my turn and as I looked down the aisle there was still no best man. I walked down the aisle looking at the ground so that I wouldn't fall. I had a habit for following down and getting hurt and this was not the time. As I got closer I heard a door close, and when I looked up I saw him.