Cute, adorable, noisy, messy, smelly...and Delilah couldn't stop thinking about them.

Why? 'cause that damn shifter baby had brought back her memories and feelings of being a mother to something so small and cute which relied on you completely, and she loved every second of it.

In fact, it had made her smother Jack more, which he hated since he was a 'big boy' now but she couldn't help herself. She needed to mother something before she went to Dean and flat out asked him to have a kid with her.

Although, Dean was loving her new attitude. She did everything. Brought him his dinner, beer, waited on him hand-and-foot...he figured that she was just happy 'cause he was amazing in bed and it was her awesome way of saying thank you.

And even though that part was true – cause he was a friggin' animal in the sack – it wasn't the reason but he didn't know that...She wasn't sure how he would take it if she asked him to have a kid with her right now.

Sure, he admitted that he would have a baby with her one day, but one day wasn't now, or 'lets start trying', or even 'Fuck, contraception n' we'll see what happens'. Hell, she'd be happy to settle for that. Not trying but not preventing either. Even if she did man up and admit to him that she wanted to try for a baby, they would probably have a long wait since she was on the pill, and it would take a while for her body to regulate her periods again.

And that small bit of information made her want to start trying now even more since it could take a year before she even fell pregnant.

Blowing a raspberry, she leaned back heavily against the couch and sighed, wishing the urges would go away for a few more years. Now is not the time to bring a kid into the world, especially with the Supernatural creatures acting crazy.

God, there was always something. Always a threat. It made her wonder if there would ever be a safe time to have a baby.

As if sensing her frustration, Sammy the dog laid his head on her knee, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he stared at her with sad eyes. He always seemed to look sad, even when his tail is wagging when he played with Jack. It was just his breed, the extra skin on his face making him look older than he was as well as depressed.

Cracking a smile at him, she raised her hand and placed it on his head where she gave his ears a good scratch. The attention made him wag his tail and she laughed. "Whose a good boy?" she cooed in a baby voice, something she always seemed to do when she spoke to him.

"Not me," Dean quipped, walking into the lounge with his cell phone in hand. He gave her a cheeky grin and quirked his eyebrow at her. "I've been told I'm pretty bad, actually."

Delilah snorted and rolled her eyes playfully. "You come to bother me again?" she teased with a smile.

Dean shrugged and chuckled. "It's my job, baby." he replied before his smile fell and his expression turned serious.

She immediately noticed the change and frowned. "What is it?" she questioned worriedly, her hand stilling on Sammy' head.

His held up his phone. "Sam called," he told her with a grimace. "He needs help on a hunt."

Her mouth formed a 'o' and she nodded slowly. "Right..."

"I told 'im no but he's pretty desperate." he continued nervously. It's not like he wanted to go but he couldn't just abandon his brother and let those innocent people die when he'd been asked to help. "I said I'd talk to you n' get back to him."

She looked grim at the thought of Dean having to ask for her permission; she wasn't his Mom and it didn't seem right for him to have to ask her but she knew he wasn't doing it because he felt like he had to, he was doing it because he didn't want to go unless it was okay with her. "If you wanna go," she shrugged one shoulder and forced a smile. "Then you can. You know that."

His head bobbed as he nodded. "Oh, I know," he replied confidently. "But if you don't want me to – even a lil' – I won't."

She gave him a strange look. "Do I want you to go and put yourself in danger?" she raised her eyebrow. "No, of course not." she told him, answering her own question. "But I know you, and I know that you want to help people, and I know that you won't just abandon your family." she gave him a soft smile. "I love that about you. So...go, 'cause if you don't, you'll hate yourself for it."

It still amazed him how well she knew him and how much she understood him. There was no judgement in her eyes or resentment for even considering it, just love and adoration. "You're pretty amazin', you know that?"

Her heart fluttered at his gentle words and the love in his eyes as he gazed at her. "So are you." she responded simply; truthfully. "You want me to pack your things?" she questioned, the mother in her rearing it's head once again.

"If you wouldn't mind," he told her rather sheepishly. "I gotta go sort out my trunk, make sure everythin's there."

She nodded and stood up – being careful that she didn't fall over Sammy, which she tended to do since he always seemed to be under her feet – before walking over to him and laying a kiss on his soft, full lips. "You know the drill. Be careful out there." she reminded him.

His eyes flickered between her lips and her eyes as he nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

After that, the cases kept on coming.

Sam seemed to know that Dean couldn't say 'no' to him. Although, Dean did once when Sam tried to get him to come out again after only being home for two days so instead, he would wait a week or two before calling Dean up and asking for help.

Delilah couldn't help it; she was starting to wonder if Sam really needed help or if he was just trying to get Dean back into hunting. It unsettled her since she didn't know how to tell Dean her feelings on the matter but at least it was better than it was a few years ago when Dean was hunting with Sam and she only saw him once every few months.

It bothered her, and not only for her own sake but for Jacks. Half the time he missed his Dad while the other half, he admired him more than she would have liked him to since it just encouraged Jack that hunting was a good thing to do and it worried her since he already wanted to become a hunter.

She was starting to wonder if she'd taken the wrong approach by telling Dean how much she loved him for wanting to help people and his brother. Did it just encourage Dean to do it more? Should she put her foot down and tell him to pick one or the other?

No...She couldn't. She'd rather have Dean hunt than not have him at all. Though, she had a feeling that the reason for him hunting with Sam had changed. It was no longer to do with helping him out but more to do with figuring out what was wrong with him.

"There's...There's just somethin' not right," Dean had confessed to her while they laid in bed one night. "He's just...not him, ya know? I'm gonna keep a close eye on him 'til I can figure out what it is that's buggin' me."

Which made it even worse if she asked him to stop hunting cause not only would he be giving up something he loved, he'd also be abandoning his brother and whatever problems Sam had, and she couldn't ask him to do that, ever.

Anyway, it wasn't that bad. He was home more than he was away and she couldn't exactly complain about him going out and spending time with Sam. She wasn't that kind of woman...The thing that bugged her though was how she was getting these weird feelings from Sam...Almost as if he was trying to take Dean away.

Which she knew was completely stupid but she couldn't help how she felt. She always trusted her instincts but she didn't want to believe that it was true. What if she was right and one day, Sam asked Dean to pick between them and him? She knew how loyal he was to his baby brother.

"Hey," Deans voice appeared and she glanced over at him from where she was pouring dog food into Sammy's bowl. "So...Sam called, there's a possible vamp thing..."

Repressing a eye roll, she forced a smile and nodded. "You need any help packing?" she questioned politely.

He shook his head and walked over to her, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Nah, It's alright, baby." he assured her. "I'm gonna say bye to Jack n' head out." he backed up and pointed at her with a grin. "You should run yourself a nice relaxin' bath tonight for bein' so awesome. Those salt things with bubbles n' everything."

She let out a laugh and waited until he was no longer in hearing distances before taking a deep breath and muttering, "I deserve a freakin' oscar, not a bubble bath."

It was two nights later when she woke up with the sound of someone entering her bedroom. She blinked, trying to get rid of her sleepiness before rolling over so she was facing the door. "Dean?" she questioned groggily.

"Yeah, baby, it's me." he whispered back before sitting on the edge of the bed while she propped herself up on her elbows.

"What's up? You're back early." she commented, her eyes squinted as she tried waking herself but her mind was still groggy with sleep.

"It doesn't matter." he told her quietly before giving her a sad smile which she only just about saw in the darkness. "I...I need you to know...You and Jack? Thanks." he said gratefully, yet sadly. "For everything, you know? Just..thanks."

She frowned, her heart leaping in her chest. Was he breaking it off with her or something? "What'd you mean? What's goin' on?" she questioned worriedly. "You're scarin' me." she admitted, sitting up.

His nostrils flared as he inhaled, his pupils dilating as he eyed her neck. Swallowing, he muttered, "Oh, God, I'm Pattinson..."

Delilah frowned questioningly. "Huh?"

"Never mind. I just..." he swallowed thickly and edged towards her. "I need you so badly, sweetheart. You have no idea." his voice was husky and shaky, making the spot between her legs ache while her face filled with confusion.

"Uh, I'm here." she assured him, still confused. " okay?" she questioned, frowning. He would usually return to her at night time, since it was it was the safest route. Since the shapeshifter incident, Dean had been very cautious about anything following him home, which is why he also stuck to the side roads. So his sudden visit wasn't a surprise to her, the way he was acting certainly was though.

He didn't respond. Instead, he shifted his body onto the bed and crawled towards her, his breathing heavy. She could feel the indents he made on the mattress below her every time he leaned on it, and then, he was right on top of her, his full lips grazing her ear while his hips nudged her legs open so he could fall between them. "I need you, Lila." He told her, sounding like he was holding himself back. His mouth brushed her neck where he nuzzled against her. "You smell so good." he whispered, inhaling slowly. "So sweet."

She couldn't help the whimper that escaped her. No matter how many times they had sex, he always knew how to make it just as exciting as the first time. "God..." she breathed, falling back against the bed, her arms too weak to continue holding her up.

"That's a good girl," he mumbled against her before inhaling. One hand gripped her hair roughly, jerking her head to the side while he marked, licked and breathed in her neck. The other slid between their bodies and fiddled with the belt on his jeans. "Gonna fuck you now." his voice was muffled as he warned her, "No time for foreplay."

She nodded in reply as her eyes fell shut, feeling too horny to speak. She didn't mind, even though foreplay was one of her favourite parts – how could it not be with a tongue like Dean's? - because she was more than wet enough just from a simple touch of his, so she knew her body would easily accept the intrusion.

The smooth covers slid over her bare legs as Dean removed them from her, baring her body to his hungry eyes. She only wore panties and a tank top, her usual bed time clothing. It was either that or shorts.

He didn't bother removing his pants. Unzipping them now that his belt was undone, he pulled himself free and knelt over her, determination in his eyes. He let go of himself for a moment, long enough so he could grip her hips and pull her closer, her ass brushing his thighs.

The fingers of her right hand fell to her mouth, where she lightly nibbled the tips as she watched him. Once her ass was where he wanted it, he grabbed her legs and propped them against his shoulders before grabbing himself again. His fingers brushed her, making her moan as he pulled her panties to the side, ready to enter her.

His hips shifted forward, a groan leaving his throat when he felt her skin against him. His lips found her ankle and he kissed it softly before brushing his teeth against it, his eyes falling shut...And just like that, his senses returned.

He jumped away from her, quickly tucking himself back into his pants as he backed away from the bed, his eyes wide and panicked. He hadn't meant things to get that far...He just needed to see her, craved to see her but then the smell of her hit him like a ton of bricks and he was no longer in control.

Delilah was more than confused. Her legs squeezed together and she not-so-obviously pulled her panties back into place. Usually, she wouldn't care. Dean had seen every part of her so it's not like she's embarrassed. Hell, she even did a fanny-fart after sex once – lucky for her, Dean found it funny instead of gross – and not much could be worse than that. So no, she usually didn't care but this time...the look on his face...she didn't want to seem like she was teasing him or giving him a show when something was obviously bothering him, and from what happened, it seemed like it was something sexual.

"What's the matter?" she questioned softly, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed.

"Don't," he told her, holding his hand up as he tried to control his breathing. "Don't...come any closer, Lila."

She frowned, wondering what the hell was going on. The sound of his voice, scared, weak and panicked sent adrenaline through her system and her heart sped up. "Dean, you're scaring me." she admitted quietly.

"I'm..." he swallowed thickly. "There's somethin' wrong with me." he confessed, sounding disgusted at himself. "I shouldn't be here. I gotta go."

She barely had enough time to jump off the bed before he was out of the room, his foot steps echoing as he rushed down the stairs. She was determined though and followed him. "Dean!" she called out quietly, not wanting to wake Jack as she made her way down stairs. "Tell me what's going on, please?"

"I can't," he told her, his hand holding the front door open. "Please...just...I'll call you tomorrow and let you know what's happening, okay?" his eyes were sad as he gazed at her. "I love you, baby." he told her before exiting the house, closing the door behind him.

Her mouth hung open as she stared at the closed door, unsure what to do. She wanted to go after him, go with him and help him figure out what was happening but there was no way in hell that she would leave Jack on his own, or Sammy the dog, who had a habit of eating Dean's socks when no one was around.

The sound of the door slamming still echoed through her ears and she blew out a breath. "Love you too." she mumbled in reply to the last thing he said to her before turning around and walking over to the light switch. She turned it on and glanced at the old-fashioned clock. "Yay, three-am." she said unenthusiastically. With a sigh, she headed into the lounge, knowing that she wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight, or until she heard from Dean.

Cold. Distant. Scared. Heart-broken.

Just a few words to describe how she was feeling in that moment.

"You're..." she croaked out, her fingers tightening around the phone as a tear slipped down her cheek. "A...vampire?" she whispered emotionally, being careful so Jack didn't hear her from where she stood in the kitchen. Numb...she just felt numb. There was always a risk of Dean being hurt but she never truly believed it would happen.

Dean was a hero and hero's always had happy ever afters.

"It's why I couldn't stay," he told her quietly. "I...I lost control, Lila." he admitted, sounding disappointed with himself. "I only wanted to come n' see say thanks for everything... but soon as I did..."

"It's...okay." she said reluctantly. Honestly, she couldn't help it, but she was a bit annoyed at him for visiting while he was such a danger. Not for her sake, she didn't care about that – in fact, the idea of having vampire sex with Dean had crossed her mind - she cared about Jack and his safety. Then again, in her heart, she knew Dean would never hurt him while he could help it. "You said you can be cured?"

"Yeah," Dean responded, sounding happier at the idea. "Samuel knows somethin' that might work."

"That's...amazing." she commented truthfully. "Not just cause it can turn you back – that's more than amazing – but 'cause I didn't think there was a cure."

"Yeah, me either."

"So, what is it?" she couldn't help but ask. Half because she was curious and half because she wanted to keep the conversation civil with Dean while she could 'cause once he was home, she had a feeling a argument was going to kick off. She didn't want it to but...after this vampire thing, she couldn't deal with Dean disappearing any more, especially when it meant that Jack could lose the closest thing he's ever had to a father.

"Um..blood of the vamp which bit me – which I've got – and some other crap I can't even spell."

She snorted and smiled. "So when you doin' it?"

"Right now actually," he told her; she could hear voices in the background calling for Dean. "I'll give you a call once it's finished then I'll be comin' home." he promised her.

Relief filled her body that. "You bet your ass you will."

Unfortunately, he didn't end up coming home that night. The cure which Samuel gave Dean wasn't a pleasant experience and Dean was struggling with the after effects. At least he was cured though, Sam had told her on the phone.

She had agreed with him all while gritting her teeth. It may have been in her head but Sam he didn't give a shit about Dean's health and it agitated her, or maybe she was just annoyed at him because he was the reason why Dean was there in the first place.

Gosh, she sounded like a bitch.

She really didn't want to be that kind of person. She hated thinking bad of people, or being jealous which she had to admit, was exactly how she felt. It seemed like Dean was picking Sam over her and Jack, and there was nothing she could do about it. She didn't want to have to have to sit back while Sam took him on hunts and hope that he came back alive.

Oh well...she could just have to see how the conversation with Dean went after he was well enough to come home. It's not like she expected Dean to not see Sam ever again...she just wanted him home more; safe more.

The next day went quickly and before she knew it, it was night time and she was patiently waiting on the couch for Dean to return home. He had called her early that day and told her that he was feeling better so she could expect him that night. She didn't tell him that she was waiting up for him. It would be a nice surprise...until the subject of Sam is brought up.

So she went about her usual routine. Wake up, let Sammy the dog out into the yard, make breakfast, let the dog in, eat food, tidy, wash up, let the dog out again and pick up it's 'mess' while Jack did some school work, make lunch, check on Jacks work, wash up again...blah, blah, blah.

Before she knew it, the sun was going down, Jack was yawning and Sammy the dog was patiently waiting by the bottom of the stairs as he waited for them to retire to their beds. Once it went eight-o-clock, she did as Sammy wanted and trailed up the stairs behind them.

She tucked Jack in and left him a cup of juice on the side cabinet just in case he got thirsty. Her lips touched his forehead as she whispered, "Goodnight, my love." before petting Sammy on the head and leaving the room.

It took six hours before Dean arrived home and without meaning to, she had fallen asleep on the couch. The sound of the front door opening woke her up and it took her a moment before she remembered that it would be Dean and not some monster or burglar.

She yawned silently and pushed herself up, watching as Dean stumbled around the room before he found the light switch. They both blinked against it, not used to the brightness as their eyes adjusted before they met from across the room.

Dean was taken back by the sight of her, obviously not expecting her to be downstairs instead of her bed but he smiled nonetheless. "Hey, sweetheart." he greeted softly, making his way over to her and kneeling down in front of the couch.

She smiled back, hating the way her mouth felt like a cotton ball from her nap. "Hey," she greeted in return, her hand coming up and resting against his cheek. He leaned into it and she stroked her thumb along the skin under his eye, tracing the light freckles. "You alright?"

His head bobbed as he nodded, his own hand joining hers as her hand rested against his cheek. "I am now." he commented quietly, the smile remaining on his face. "What about you?" he questioned, using his hand to pull hers away from his cheek so he could bring it up to his lips, where he laid a soft kiss against the back of her hand.

"I am now." she repeated his answer, her eyes flickering between his. She wanted to bring up the subject of Sam and how she couldn't cope much longer with him going on hunts but at the same time, she didn't want to ruin this moment or their reunion. "I...waited up for you."

"Really?" his eyes twinkled teasingly. "Looks to me like you've been sleeping." he commented, amused as he brought up his spare hand and traced his index finger underneath her eye, where the effect of being woken up was most obvious.

She huffed out a laugh. "You know what I mean."

"Yeah," he chuckled, her laugh doing things to his heart just like always. "C'mon, you gonna join me upstairs for a snuggle?" he questioned hopefully.

And if that wasn't one of the cutest things in the world, she didn't know what was. Her heart melted as she gazed upon her warrior, the hunter of darkness and evil, the man who was broken by hell and hunted by angels, the same man who wanted to 'snuggle' with her. How the hell could she say no to that? "Yeah, c'mon then." she agreed, mentally deciding that their conversation about Sam could wait until tomorrow.

He grinned lazily and pulled her up. She laughed as he got her onto her feet before his hands gripped the back of her legs and he forced them around his waist. He held her to him with a hand on her ass while the other gripped the banister for support as they climbed the stairs.

The smile didn't leave her face as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders before leaning her head there. It was dark – since she turned the light switch off when Dean passed it – but she didn't worry about him dropping her. She knew he wouldn't; she trusted him.

Once they reached the bedroom, he laid down on the bed before finally letting her go. She adjusted herself onto the bed, her head on the pillow as she watched him quickly undress. She was already in her P.J's, having put them on after she put Jack to bed, so she didn't need to do anything but get underneath the covers, which she waited until Dean was ready to do the same before she did.

Her head went to his chest when they were both settled and his arm wrapped protectively around her waist. "I love you." she mumbled, her hand flexing against the muscles of his stomach.

His lips brushed her hair. "I love you too, baby." he whispered back, his arm tightening against her. "So much. More than anything."

She smiled, her eyelashes brushing against his chest as her eyes fell shut. "Me too."