Why am I so stupid to let my ex-wife get to me so much?

Tanya Denali and I started dating our junior year in high school. Everything was great up until we found out she was pregnant in October of our senior year. My aunt and uncle stood by us unconditionally. Tanya's parents, on the other hand, demanded that we either have an abortion or get married.

I couldn't stand the thought of killing my flesh and blood, so I talked Tanya into marrying me over winter break. Tanya couldn't care less about the baby, she continually griped about getting fat and never getting to go out with her friends again. My aunt and uncle spent their hard earned money in order for Tanya and I to have the perfect wedding.

When May came, Tanya and I fought constantly. May 1, 1996, Tanya and I welcomed Megan Tae Masen into our lives. She was beautiful. She had blond hair and bright ice blue eyes. When Tanya and Megan were discharged from the hospital, we stayed at Tanya's parents' house. Prom was scheduled for the following Saturday and Tanya was bound and determined that she was going. Prom was probably the worst argument in our relationship. She decided I would stay home with our week old daughter, while she went with her friends. I didn't mind, I loved Megan with everything I had and wanted to spend time with her. Tanya came home at eight-thirty the next morning smelling of sex and alcohol. I asked her who she was with and she told me to fuck off. I was determined to make this marriage work, so I backed down and didn't question her further. After graduation everything started to fall into place. Tanya, Megan, and I moved out of Tanya's parents' house and into a two bedroom apartment downtown. Tanya went to college, while I started working with my cousin, Emmett, in his construction company.

The next three years went by and I started making a name for myself in the construction community. Tanya was never happy and wanted me to buy extravagant things for her. I refused to dip into my trust fund to buy unnecessary items that we did not need. One day Rosalie, Emmett's very pregnant wife, came into my office and asked my point blank if I knew for sure that Megan was mine. I was pissed that she could accuse Tanya of cheating on me and playing the fact that the baby was mine if she wasn't. I called Emmett when she left and told him that if she ever said something that devious to me again I would quit and never speak to either of them again. Emmett promised he would talk to her and that it would never happen again.

As the months went by, I couldn't help but ponder over what Rosalie had said. I sat and studied every picture of Megan from birth to now. That's when I started to see little things that didn't add up. Even though I could discredit the fact that Megan had blond hair and blue eyes like her mother, some of her other features didn't match either Tanya or myself. To add to my list, Tanya started to act strangely. When I would take Megan out, she would ask where we were going and when we would be home. I finally went to my Uncle Carlisle and confided in him my concerns. He told me to bring Megan into his office to conduct a paternity test.

Six weeks later, my Uncle Carlisle called me at work and asked if I would stop by his office after work. I walked into his office at five that evening and was assaulted by my Aunt Esme, who was crying uncontrollably. I knew then and there this visit wasn't going to be pleasurable. Carlisle asked me to sit down and pulled out a vanilla envelope. He reached into it and handed me the form. My eyes started to water and overflow as I read that Megan Tae Masen was not my daughter.

I arrived home at ten that night to a very pissed off Tanya, asking me where I had been. I just looked at her in disgust and threw down the paternity results onto the table in front of her. She looked down in shock at the form and had the audacity to yell at me for going behind her back to take the test. I told her the marriage was over and demanded her to tell me who Megan's father was. She told me it was James Everett, my best friend in high school. I stormed into our bedroom to pack my bags, with her on my heels crying that she loved me. I spun around and asked her how she could love me while cheating on me. That is when she turned my world upside down and confessed that she was pregnant again. I stood there in stunned silence and tried to process what she had just told me.

After the initial shock wore off, I continued to be the father that Megan deserved. While Tanya's and my relationship was stained at best, we continued as a married couple. Seven months later, on July 14, 2000, Ethan Anthony Masen was born. He had bronze hair and deep blue eyes. Even though as soon as my family and I saw him we all new he was mine, I still demanded a paternity test be taken. When the results were reveled, we new without a doubt that he was mine. I was ecstatic to have a son. Tanya and I decided since he was mine, we would stay together for the sake of the children. I continued to treat Megan as my own, even though the knowledge that she wasn't mine ate at me constantly. After a couple of months Ethan's eyes turned into an emerald green color. He was the spitting image of me. We bought our first home when Megan was three, and Ethan was seven months old.

Three years later everything was going well and I thought that Tanya and I finally moved passed everything that had happened. Tanya started a new position at Beauty and Beyond Department Store and I was helping Emmett on a major housing contract.

One day during July, Emmett came into my office and told me to skip out on the rest of the day. I decided to wait to pick up Megan and Ethan from the sitter and go home and surprise Tanya with a romantic lunch and a message. When I arrived home there was a car there that I didn't recognize. I figured it was Tanya's sister, Irena's new car so I went in and called out for Tanya. I shrugged it off when she didn't answer, thinking they took Tanya's car to go shopping. I decided I would take a shower and start on lunch. When I rounded the corner to go to our bedroom I heard moaning from a man and a woman. I opened the bedroom door to find a naked Tanya underneath my ex-best friend, James. I stood there gaping at them trying to get my senses back. After a couple of minutes I turned around and left to go sit in the living room. Ten minutes later the bedroom door opened and Tanya and James sauntered out. When they spotted me, they both told me sorry, like it wasn't a big deal. I got up off the couch, walked into the bedroom, and packed my bags. After I packed my bags, I went into Megan's room and Ethan's room and packed their bags as well. I was not leaving them with Tanya. When I walked into the living room with the bags, Tanya was crying and saying she was sorry. I told her it was too late and that I was filing for a divorce. She told me fine but I was not taking Megan, since she wasn't mine. I then left to go pick up Ethan from the sitter. I arrived right as Tanya was leaving with Megan.

Four months later, the divorce was finalized. I had no parental rights concerning Megan, but was awarded custody of Ethan. During the final court appearance concerning child support, Tanya announced that she was pregnant with my child. The judge ordered a paternity test to determine the paternal father before anyone signs the birth certificate.

On April 23, 2004, Tanya's mom called my aunt and uncle's house to inform us that Tanya was in labor. When I reached her room, James was standing there with a smug look on his face. Two hours later, Hanna Grace was born. She had blond hair and deep blue eyes. All I thought was here we go again. After the paternity tests were run, I decided that I would go home and spend time with Ethan. When the test results were revealed, I was confirmed as the father of Hanna. The judge that conducted our divorce granted me custody of my newborn daughter. Hanna Grace Masen became one of the highlights in my aunt and uncle's life.

Now here I sit in my car in front of Tanya's apartment building waiting for her to bring my children down to me. She is already forty-five minutes late and starting to really get on my last nerve. The phone rang and I reached over into the passenger seat to see who it was. Great, Tanya.