Max's eyebrow twitched in frustration. Her hands found themselves rising to rest on her hips while her eyes narrowed into slits to the point that her brown eyes looked black.

Two young boys sat on the couch before her, nervously fidgeting. Their eyes (even the blind one's) avoided hers at any cost, afraid that if they did meet hers, it just might be the last thing they see. Instead, they preoccupied themselves by glancing around the room (except the blind one who just kept his head down), looking for the slightest distraction.

Yet Max continued to stare at them heatedly. They must've sensed her gaze because they began fidgeting more. Twiddling their thumbs, shuffling their feet, scratching their head. Anything to keep their minds of of the blonde standing in front of them.

"Iggy. Gazzy," she hissed. Each stiffened at the sound of their name. Her voice held so much menace at that moment that if her words were daggers, they'd be long dead.

Maybe they had dug themselves too deep this time and there didn't seem the slightest hope that they were going to get out. They were both goners for sure. Each said short, silent prayers as they sat drowning in fear and anxiety. Both of them knew that there was only one thing worse than a pissed off woman.

And that was a pissed off Max.

"Gah!" shouted Max. Iggy and Gazzy both jumped in their seats, frightened by the sudden shout.

Max raked her hand through her hair and blew out a lengthy stream of air. She rolled her eyes back before removing her hand from her hair and dropped it down to her side. She turned on her heel until she was facing the opposite direction.

"I can't look at you guys without the urge to strangle you!" she explained at her sudden action.

Gazzy rose one of his golden blond eyebrows. "So you're not going to look at either of us at all?" he asked.

"Yes," answered Max. She sighed and raked her hand through her hair again. "But I still want to talk to you two."

"Sure," answered Iggy with a shrug.

"First off, what in the world were you thinking going off alone in a large crowd of people without letting me know?" She stared at the dull crème wall, waiting for their answer.

Except it didn't come.

The avian-human girl sighed deeply and moved her arms up to her chest and crossed them. She closed her eyes and shrugged. "Fine. Don't answer that one. But you have to answer the next one as much as you don't want to." Refusing to turn around and give them the satisfaction of knowing she had given up easily, she asked, "What was going through those tiny minds of yours when you shot off fireworks into the crowd?" Max clenched her jaw in anger and felt the stinging of her nails digging into her palms. But she ignored them, waiting for their answer.

Those two should've had more common sense than it seemed they had because of that dumb stunt. She wondered where their brains could've disappeared to during that time. How could two bomb technicians forget their brains to do something as idiotic and dangerous to shoot random, innocent people with fireworks? Obviously, in this case, very easily.

"Well?" she prodded.

She was once again answered with silence. Her ears couldn't even detect any nervous movement. Maybe they had calmed down a notch once she had turned around. After all, they were no longer under the intense gaze of her anger-filled eyes.

"I'm waiting," said Max impatiently. She bit the inside of her cheek as she continued to look at the unpainted wall. Maybe her mom would let them repaint it to something more lively. . .

No! Max shook her head, more than likely earning questioning expressions from the boys (not that she could see in her position). She needed to focus on the situation at hand. Besides, since when did she care about such trivial things like the painted walls? When did she have time to care about something like that?

The blonde tuned back to what was happening, expecting either Gazzy or Iggy (if not both) to be halfway into their explanation. But all she was heard was silence. Again.

Her eyebrow twitched in frustration once more and she fought against the intense urge to whip around and grab both of their throats. She took a deep breath to calm herself, only to have it help a little.

"Answer my question, damn it!" she shrieked. She stamped her foot down and clenched her fists, hoping to get the point across that she meant business. But with those two, they might've just cracked up laughing at her small tantrum.

"What question?"

Max jumped, startled. She turned around to finally face the couch with a surprised expression.

On the couch sat Fang, slouched with his hands in his pockets. His dark eyes stared back at her, waiting for her answer. He was alone, the other two obviously having left soon after Max had turned her back to them.

Max sighed and slapped her hands to her forehead. "Stupid," she muttered. "Stupid, stupid, stupid." Without a word to Fang, she stomped out of the room, on the hunt for the two mischief makers.

"I advise that next time you don't turn around," Fang called after her.

Meanwhile, Iggy and Gazzy were so dead.

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