Seeing Red


By: AirKnitter

A/N: I am SOOOOO sorry for the wait, you cannot even imagine. I have hit a brick wall with this fic, and it isn't even funny. So, I'm ending it now before it gets out of control and consumes my soul. Lol

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, so yeah. I'm just playing around with them.

On with the show!

It was a year later, and Harry and Lucius was happily married with a son. The littlest Malfoy was welcomed into the family with open arms. They had named him Schuyler Octavius Jameson Potter-Malfoy. Last February saw the wedding of Draco and Suzuki, and they were expecting their first as well.

Percy Weasley was disgraced, and was found in his bathtub with his wrists slashed, and a transfigured razor blade on the floor next to him.

Fudge was forced to resign out of public humiliation at forcing brothers to get married. The last time anyone saw him, he was face down in the gutter in a puddle of his own vomit and bodily excrements. Harry had decided to stay home with his baby while Lucius oversaw the running of the various businesses that his family owned. Draco had finished his NEWTS, and was an intern with his father. Suzuki helped Harry with the family, and had a massive collection of Pokemon cards and plushies.

All of them shared one thought: All's well that ends well.

The end.

A/N II: I know. Not what I wanted. But I had to end it, and it was driving me mad. Just so's you know, a reviewer brought up an interesting point: if Harry was sleeping with Lucius BEFORE the contract between him and Percy, then technically he was not in breach of it, thanks to the grandfather clause. He had no knowledge of it, so let's all use our reality avoidance powers and pretend that it wasn't written.

If anybody has a new idea for a fic or one-shot, let me know. I need a new challenge.


Love, AirKnitter