Author's Notes:

I had an urge to do this so I am. I'm one of those people who can come up with a blooper for ANYTHING. I come up with alternate lines while I'm watching the shows. So I had to do this.

I got the layout idea from TTCyclone.


Me: Jordan! Can you do the disclaimer for me?

Jordan: Do it yourself.

Me: I can't.

Jordan: Why not?


Jordan: Whaaaat?

Me: Just do it!

Jordan: Fine. Ashleigh does not own Teen Titans.

Lol. I was watching the Nanny when I came up with the disclaimer. XD On to the bloopers!


#1 – Divide and Conquer

Robin: And I can think of five reasons why you don't want to! *drops from above* One!

Starfire: *drops from above* Two!

Beast Boy: Sixty nine!

Director: Cut! What the hell was that?

BB: I like that number!

Ashleigh: *slaps him* Pervert!

Cyborg: What's she doing here?

Director: She won a contest or something and now she's co-director.

Ashleigh: Where's my milkshake?

#2 – Stranded

Robin: Has anyone seen Raven?

Starfire: I hope she is not suffering the atrocities that are abundant on this planet?

*camera moves to Raven who's moaning. BB suddenly appears on top of her*

Director: RAVEN!

Raven: *sits up blushing* Shit! We're filming now?

Director: Yes!

Ashleigh: No, no. I like this better. *smiling*

Jordan: *slaps back of head*

Cyborg: What's she here for?

Jordan: I'm restraining Ashleigh so she doesn't kill you all.

Everyone: o_o

#3 – Bunny Raven or How to Make a Titanimal Disappear

Raven: *looks down at bunny self* I quit.

Ashleigh: But you look adorable!

#4 – Revolution

Cyborg: The burgers are hot and the dogs are cheesed and –

Director: Cut! It's 'The burgers are cheesed and the dogs are hot."

Cyborg: Oh.

-Take 2-

Cyborg: The burgers are cheesed and the dogs are hot and the fireworks are about to begin! Man I love Halloween!

Director: Cut! It's 'Man I love the Fourth of July!

Cyborg: That's not what it said in the script!

Director: What do you mean?

Ashleigh: *laughing on floor*

Director: *sighs* Just say the Fourth of the July.

Cyborg: Whatever.

-Take 3-

Cyborg: The burgers are cheesed and the dogs are hot and the fireworks are about to begin! Man I love the Fourth of July!

Speedy: *runs onto set* This. . .is. . .SPARTAAAAAAAAAA!

Director: *face palm* I'm not even going to say anything.

#5 – Date with Destiny

Beast Boy: *holding Silkie* You know, now that nobody's making them all mutated, these little guys might actually make good pets.

Silkie: *jumps out of lap and into water*

Raven: Great. Now you made him commit suicide.

BB: Silkie!

Director: *sighs* Bring in the replacement Silkie.

Random crew member: That was our last one, sir.

Director: GOD DAMMIT!

#6 – Aftershock (Part 1)

Slade: Will you obey my every command?

Terra: *glares, hands on hips* Sex slave was not in the job description! I'm out! *walks off set*

Slade: *sighs and shakes head* At least Robin was more willing.

Everyone (except Robin): O_O

Robin: *laughs nervously* He promised muffins.

#7 – Birthmark

*Rae's clothes rip and show the markings on her body*

Raven: Wait, wait, wait! I am NOT comfortable with this!

Director: What now?

Raven: I'm not going to stand here alone on this roof with that rapist over there, half-naked!

Slade: Rapist?

Director: Nothing is going to happen to you.

Ashleigh: *gasps* You're his accompliance!

Director: What?


Director: Wrong set.

Sokka: *makes waving arm motions* Caaaaaactus Juuuuuice!

Raven: *sneaks away*

Slade: NO! *tackles*



Author's Comments:

I don't know what I was thinking. I got really random. I might make more if I get more ideas. And if you want to have some more.

Raven: o.e *disturbed*

Ashleigh: Oops! No one helped you did they?

Raven: *whimpers and curls up into a fetal position*

Ashleigh: Soooooooooorryyyyyyy.

Until next time~!