#41 – For Real

Bumble Bee: *uses stingers to stop the timer on the bomb but gets electrocuted*

Ashleigh: Is she dead?

Director: Nope. She's twitching, see?

Ashleigh: She stopped.

Director: Looks like Titans East are no longer going to be in the series.

#42 – Go!

Cyborg: Look at this view. Someone should build a house out here.

Beast Boy: Yeah. If you like sunshine and beaches.

Raven: *laughs softly* You know, you're kind of funny.

Beast Boy: *sparkles in eyes* I've got a ton of jokes!

Raven: *twitch* Uhhh. *jumps in water*

Cyborg: *jumps in after her*

Beast Boy: That's exactly what my parents did too. :(

Ashleigh: I thought they died after their boat went over a waterfall.

Beast Boy: Nah. They jumped over the waterfall on purpose. The producers said they accidentally went over to make my background more dramatic.

Ashleigh: o_o

#43 – Nevermore

Rage: *zaps herself back into Raven*

Raven: *laughs*

Director: Cut! Why are you laughing?

Raven: It tickles!

#44 – Calling All Titans Pt 1

The Brain: *shocked by exploding communicator*

Monsieur Mallah: *removes communicator from Brain* They have cut off the communications.

Brain: That's okay! I still get cotton candy if I'm a good boy!

Director: Maybe we should make a fake electrocution next time.

Monsieur Mallah: Ya think?

Brain: Don't let the platypus run away! He's afraid of rope!

#45 – Things Change

Starfire: We could've used your assistance.

Ashleigh: Nowai! You used a contraction! Congratulations!

Starfire: This is the last episode in the season. I think I've learned a little more about the English language.

Ashleigh: =_= Stop being such a kill joy. That's Raven's job.

Raven: Shut up!

#46 – Revved Up (Thanks to yuugi arry)

Robin: *opens suitcase and giant squid attacks him* GAH!

Cyborg: We chased after a bunch of villains who were also after the suitcase just to have him attacked?

Raven: Best. Mission. Ever.

#47 – The Beast Within (Thanks to TeenTitanMirra)

Beast Boy: *about to eat Robin's ham* Wait!

Director: *sigh* Yes, Beast Boy?

Beast Boy: You're sure this is tofu? I mean, like, absolutely sure? I'm not about to eat five pounds of meat?

Director: Yes. We've checked. It's 100% tofu. No meat add-ins or anything.

Beast Boy: Okay.

Director: And. . .action!

Beast Boy: *eats ham then starts gagging* You lied! YOU LIED TO ME! *clutches throat*

Director: What?

Beast Boy: That wasn't tofu! It was pure ham! *gagging* I just ate a dead pig! *eyes water* GAH!

Raven: That's for that little mouse prank you pulled!

Ashleigh: *goes to high 5 Raven* Good one!

Raven: *crosses arms* No.

Ashleigh: :(

Beast Boy: *writhing and gagging on the floor*

Director: *gets out walkie talkie* Could someone check on the food prop room?

Person on other end: Why?

Director: Raven was alone in there and Terra's prop food is in there, too. Test for any toxins you can think of.

Person on other end: Yes, sir.

Author's Comments:

XD The last one was my favorite. Thanks a bunch for the ideas guys!