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Chapter 1: Kingpin

Parker House 7:38 am

"PETER PARKER WAKE UP! You're gonna be late for school…. again" yelled Aunt May from outside Peter's room.

"ALRIGHT I'M UP...jeez Aunt May" replied Peter rubbing his eyes as he sat up from the desk in his room. After his chat with Daredevil yesterday Peter realized that he was about to step into a world where danger was around every corner and if he was gonna fight crime and defend the city, he needed something better than his wrestling gear that he's been wearing for the past year, so for most of the night and into most of early morning Peter was finishing up his work on his side project; a new costume one that would suit him much better in the crime fighting business.

'It's been one year since I've started this mission of mine…..damn that passed by quick' thought Peter while he was putting on his clothes that he was gonna wear for school. Once he was dressed Peter put the new costume he was working on under his bed and went downstairs to greet his Aunt who had made him breakfast.

"Morning Aunt May"

"Morning Dear, hurry and eat or you'll miss the bus again…..Peter dear you're a sophomore in high school now, a new year means new responsibilities and the first responsibility you need to learn is to wake up on time….I swear lately you've been sleeping late…what do you do that makes you so tired" asked his Aunt

"Ummm…..sory…c'n't t..alk Aun May gonna be l-ate" replied Peter quickly stuffing half his breakfast into his mouth and heading for the door.

"See you later Aunt May" he said leaving his house and heading for the bus stop.

"Have a good day Dear" said Aunt May just as the door to their house closed.

Bus Stop

'That was a close one, I really hate Lying to Aunt May' thought Peter while he was running up to the bus stop and waiting for the bus. Peter didn't have to wait long because when he got to the bus stop he looked up just in time to see the bus pass him by and the bus driver give him the finger and honk the horn.

"YOU FAT BASTARD!" yelled Peter as the bus speed down the street, "Oh yeah I see how this day is gonna go….joy" he said as he started the long the walk to his school: Midtown High.


RING!. Went the late bell when Peter finally arrived at Midtown high. Running through the halls Peter found his first period class. Opening the door peter was greeted by his teacher.

"Ah Mr. Parker late again I see…..Mr. Parker I know you have the highest average in the school but do try to be on time I do hate interruptions….now take your seat please"

"Yes Dr. McCoy" replied Peter going to the back of the class and sitting in his seat, which was luckily next to his girlfriend Gwen Stacy.

"Was it the bus driver again" she whispered to him

"Yeah…he didn't even stop this time" peter whispered back

"That Fat Bastard" she said balling up her fist

"That's what I said" peter replied taking out his book.

"Um... Mr. Parker and Ms. Stacy please see me after class" said Dr. McCoy from in front of the class.

"Yes sir" they both replied glancing at each other

'Yep it's gonna be one of those days' thought Peter leaning back in his chair.

After Class

"You um...you wanted to see us Dr. McCoy" said Gwen as she and Peter went to his desk as the other students started to leave the class.

"Yes I did for two reasons…the first reason; please keep the whispering for after class and not during because as I stated earlier I rather dislike interruptions"

"We can do that and the second" said Peter

"If you recall last year I admistered a test in this class to identify you scientific standings….correct"

"Yeah we remember" said Peter

"Well that was a little white lie on my part….that test was actually an IQ test"

"An IQ test" repeated Gwen.

"Yes and the test was given across the country, which was why it took a year for the results to come in and I have some good news….the two of you scored the highest across the bored….I mean no one has seen scores like these for a while" said Dr. McCoy with a smile.

"Cool" said Gwen

"What were our scores" asked Peter

"Ms. Stacy you scored a 197 on the test you tied with Susan Storm the only other female from New York to score that high and you Mr. Parker scored a 199, you tied with Tony Stark, and Victor Von Doom, which is astounding because the only person in history to ever score a 200 was Reed Richards" said Dr. McCoy.

"Look at that I have a genius boyfriend" said Gwen

"And I have a genius for a girlfriend" replied Peter

"You both should be proud of yourselves…to achieve these scores at your age is most impressive"

"Which means that because of our scores and our ages we've raised a few…..eyebrows so to speak" said Peter

"Excellent deductive skills Mr. Parker, yes the two of you have raised several eyebrows in the scientific community and they want to meet with the both of you….the school has already signed off on it and I will be your escort seeing as how I have a bit of history with the government and this program" said Dr. McCoy.

"Wait hold on government program...the school signed us over to the government" exclaimed Gwen.

"No….NO nothing like that Ms. Stacy perhaps I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, The US government, several years ago started a program for intellectually gifted people that's based here in New York….and the people at the program want to meet you, I've been there so they want me to be something like a guide for the both of you….actually this is great because I get to meet some old friends of mine"

"Where is this place at Dr. McCoy?"

"At the Baxter Building Mr. Parker…..about two months from now, we will be going there, but I will need your legal guardian to sign this permission slip saying its okay for you to go" He said handing Gwen and Peter a slip of paper. Peter and Gwen took the permission slips and then left the classroom heading for their next class.

After School: Coffee Bean

"OH My GOD peter the Baxter Building do you know what kind of science stuff is in that building that I'm just dying to get my hands on" said Gwen in excitement

"I know I've heard the rumors about the experiments that they do….and I can't wait to see it" replied peter just as excited.

"I once read that they were experimenting with interdimentional exploration, I mean just the thought of all the…what?...why are you looking at me like that" asked Gwen

"Because I just realized that I'm dating a genius with the IQ of 197 and she's gorgeous" said Peter.

"Why Mr. Parker I think you're looking for some kind of reward"

"Maybe I am" said Peter leaning in to kiss Gwen but before their lips could meet they were interrupted by the other half of their little group.

"Why Mary Jane I think we are spoiling a tender moment here" came Harry's voice as he sat down across from peter and Gwen.

"Indeed we are Harry" replied Mary Jane sitting down next to Harry.

"By all means keep interrupting" said Peter sarcastically

"Who's says they're interrupting" said Gwen kissing peter.

"Ah AHH okay…okay you guys get a room" joked Harry

"Well you two seem to be in high spirits today" said Mary Jane.

"As we should be you guys remember that test the school gave to all the advanced science classes, well guess what the test was an IQ test and according to the test both of us are geniuses to the highest degree" said Gwen

"Up there with Reed Richards" Peter chimed in

"Get out" said Mary Jane

"Really, THE…. Reed Richards…whose Reed Richards" asked Harry looking at MJ sipping on his coffee that he had bought.

"I don't know…but he sounds important" replied Mary Jane

"He's possibly the smartest Man on Earth" replied Peter looking flabbergasted that they didn't know who Reed Richards was.

"Fascinating…..NOT" laughed Harry and Mary Jane.

"These are our friends" said Gwen as she and peter shared a laugh.

Parker House 4:30pm

"Aunt May I'm Home" yelled Peter coming into his house; going to the kitchen he spotted a note his Aunt had left for him:

Peter working late dinner is in the oven be home later; Love Aunt May

Going up to his room Peter dropped his books and the note his Aunt had left him. Looking under his bed he grabbed the costume he had been designing the night before and the sowing machine that MJ had bought for him.

'This is perfect with Aunt May gone I will be able to finish my outfit and sneak out' thought peter as he started up the sowing machine.

About 5 hours later Peter had finally finished.

'It's time' he thought holding up the finished product, leaving his room peter went up the steps that lead to the attic. Opening the door he went in and locked it behind himself. Peter took off the clothes that he had on and started to dress himself in his costume, first the pants, then the boots, next was his utility belt, then the top, next he put on his web shooters, double checking to make sure that he had made enough cartridges to last him, when he was satisfied he put on the gloves, leaving only one thing left to complete his look. Picking up the mask he looked at it for a second and then he put it on his head, thus completing the costume.

'Yes…..this is the look I wanted' he thought. The costume was composed of a thin material that did not hinder his ability to cling to walls. The pants were of a navy blue color and the top was red and blue with a black spider web pattern going all over. There was a black spider emblem in the center of his chest and a red spider emblem on his back. The mask also had the black spider web patterns going over it, but it also had a big white reflective eyes that no one could see in but he could see out as clear as day. Turing out the lights in his lab Peter opened the window and looked both ways and used his spider sense to make sure no one was watching him, not sensing anything he climbed out and too the roof. Once on the roof he jumped to the next house and kept jumping until he reached the end of the block, where he shot a web line and swung into the city.

'I am no longer just Peter Parker, the life of being ordinary no longer applies,….All of my training with Daredevil has led me to this point..….Uncle Ben I swore on your grave that I will always use my power for good and that's exactly what I'm going to do as The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and KINGPIN I'm coming for You' thought Spider-man with determination as he swung through the city and towards the meeting point with Daredevil.

Meeting Point

"Daredevil enough of this waiting the Kingpin is waiting for me" came the irritated voice of a man, that was about 6'2 , dressed in all white, with a white hood, cloak, and a moon emblem in the center of his chest.

"Moon Knight relax we are waiting on our last member" replied Daredevil

"You know Daredevil you haven't told us much about this mystery apprentice of yours" said a man in a thick Chinese accent, dressed in a dark blue and black karate outfit with a red headband on his head.

"Is he skilled is all that I care about, The Kingpin is crafty and unpredictable we need skilled warriors" said Moon Knight forcefully

"I'll let his skills speak for themselves….show yourself Spider-Man"

Stepping from the shadows Spider-Man revealed himself to the other occupants on the roof.

"Interesting….a new costume" said Daredevil using his radar to detect a change in the fabric of the clothing spider-man was wearing.

"My old one didn't match my name …..What do you think now" replied Spider-Man

"It suits you"

"I think this is some kind of joke…are you serious Daredevil we're recruiting kids now to fight murders" Moon Knight interjected.

"Moon Knight I vouch for him now we're wasting time arguing" replied Daredevil raising his voice slightly.

"Excuse me Spider-Man….I am Shang-Chi and I am curious to know how did you sneak up on us"

"Easy the three of you were arguing so loud you just didn't notice my presence" he said while sticking to the wall, "So DD I'm here mind explaining everything to me now" said Spider-man

"First things first Spider-Man, this is Shang-Chi, a master of Kung Fu, and this is Moon Knight another Master Martial artist, and we are all gathered here because we each have a vendetta against the Kingpin and tonight he going down for good. Now Spider-Man the reason why I specifically chose a year to attack is because that's how long it took for Moon Knight to infiltrate into the Kingpin's organization"

"And it wasn't easy" replied Moon Knight with his arms crossed

"Noted….but it took Moon Knight a year to work his way up to the Kingpin's upper level, and collect enough evidence on Fisk to put him away forever" said Daredevil

"That's right tonight the Kingpin is expecting a large shipment of Drugs and he's meeting a secret guest….he didn't say much but I do know that he is going to be there personally" said Moon Knight

"Which is something Fisk never does; If we can get proof connecting him and the drugs we can put him away" Daredevil stated.

"Listen up this the lay out…." Started Moon Knight, but Spider-man wasn't paying attention, because at that moment his spider sense started to buzz slightly.

'Why is my spider sense going off…..there it is again…..it doesn't feel like danger….but it's directed at…..this Moon knight guy' he thought

"SPIDER-MAN!" yelled Daredevil "Are you listening it's time to move get your head in the game or get out…..now let's go" said Daredevil jumping off the top of the roof, he was quickly followed by Shang-Chi, and right before Moon Knight jumped off, Spider-Man grabbed his arm.

"What Boy" growled Moon Knight.

"When you were working for Fisk did you hurt innocent people" asked Spider-Man. Moon Knight took a step forward, which made Spider-Man instinctively take a step back mostly because his spider sense was buzzing slightly again.

"Kid don't EVER FUCKING TOUCH ME AGAIN…..Now come on we are falling behind" said Moon Knight jumping over the edge with his cape billowing behind him.

"Well he didn't say No' thought Spider-Man jumping over the edge and firing a web line in the direction of his companions.

Landing on the roof of the building across from the warehouse and docking bay, the four warriors had a partial view of where the boat with the drugs were supposed to be coming in.

"Alright we're here remember wait for Moon Knight's signal and then we divide and conquer" said Daredevil, "Moon Knight go ahead" he continued. Moon Knight jumped over the edge and made his way over to the warehouse.

"How well do you know this Moon Knight guy" asked Spider-Man

"Well enough to know he hates Fisk with a passion, Fisk had his brother murdered…why" replied Daredevil

"I don't trust him" said Spider-Man.

Inside the Warehouse

"You're Late ya Moon Bastard" came the voice of Bullseye who was sitting on a stack of crates twirling a knife.

"I'm here ain't I" replied Moon Knight walking up to Bullseye; "They're outside waiting….Daredevil and the Kung Fu guy"

"Perfect…..Let's get this show on the road" said Bullseye pulling out a radio "Hey you idiots start bringing em in"

"Gotcha" came a gruff reply over the radio.

"Alright I held up my end now where's my money the Kingpin promised" said Moon Knight

"Don't worry you'll get your reward, but first it's time to give the devil his due" replied Bullseye smiling a sick smile.


"But you just met him Spider-Man" said Shang-Chi

"I know but….he seems a bit off" replied Spider-Man cryptically

"Look I know he's a bit rough around the edges but….wait over there the water" said Daredevil.

Across the way, in the water a boat started to become visible, and it wasn't a very big boat, but it was a decent carrier size, perfect for smuggling things in and out of places undetected. The boat pulled up at the dock and stopped; five men armed with automatic weapons climbed out and stood by the boat. Moon Knight then walked out of the warehouse and onto the boat. After a few minutes he exited the boat, but in his hands were two crescent shaped daggers he tossed both of them in the air and caught them, before he went back into the warehouse.

"There it is the signal…the drugs are on the boat and Fisk is in the Warehouse…..alright here's how we do this, Spider-Man secure the drugs and take out the muscle while me and Shang-Chi handle Fisk and his bodyguards" said Daredevil

"Alright…good luck" replied Spider-Man stepping towards the edge, but right before he jumped off he heard Shang-Chi say something

"Yes….we shall all need luck" is what he said, but the thing that shocked Spider-man was that his spider sense was buzzing but this time it was surrounding Shang Chi.

'The hell is going on' he thought to himself turning around, but Daredevil and Shang Chi had already disappeared 'This doesn't feel right maybe I…No…No…. DD can take care of himself stick to the plan…secure the boat' Looking towards his destination he shot a web and swung over towards the docks. Landing on a crane that was hanging over the docks, Spider-man saw the 5 armed men. Hanging upside down on a web he slowly lowered himself down behind one of the men. Silently creeping up behind the first armed man Spider-man kicked his back leg and then wrapped his arms around the guys throat silently choking him into unconsciousness, just like Daredevil taught him. Letting the guy drop Spider-man fired two web lines and pulled the next two armed men towards him; jumping in the air Spider-man spun around and kicked both in the head. The last two turned and attempted to fire but, Spider-man was faster. Dashing towards them Spider-man grabbed the first guys gun and yanked it out of his hands and then swept the mans legs, while throwing his gun and the other man's head distracting him long enough so he could punch him the stomach then deliver a knee to the man's face, knocking him out cold. Walking back over to the down man who was searching for a gun Spider-man leaned down and hit a pressure point in his neck knocking him out. Standing up he started towards the boat but his spider sense alerted him to an attack. Acting on his instincts Spider-man back flipped and avoided two crescent shaped daggers. Landing in a crouch Spider-Man looked to see his attacker, and he was shocked to see who it was.

'I had a feeling today was gonna be one of those days' he thought while staring at Moon Knight who pulled out two more crescent shaped daggers and got into a fighting stance.

"Kid I'll say this you're good, but I'm better, now I promise since you're a kid I'll make this quick, but for Daredevil…... well that's another story" said Moon Knight in a low threatening tone.

"You do know that the deepest pits in hell are reserved for traitors" replied Spider-man readying himself for an intense fight.

"Kid if you have lived the life I have lived…you'd know that Hell is here on earth" said Moon Knight charging at Spider-Man with the intent to Kill.

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Ps: starting with this chapter I'm starting a character bio, so you readers out there can get an idea of the characters I'm creating.

Character Bio: Daredevil

Name: Matt Murdock

Age: 29-30

Skills: Expert Martial artists to the highest degree; trained by stick at age 12 to be a Ninja.

Personality: at a young age Matt's father was brutally murdered and as a result Matt grew up with a deep rage that only got worse as each day passed, it wasn't until he met stick that he learned how to channel that anger into something positive, he became a lawyer to punish the wicked and help the innocent. At Night Matt continues to protect the innocent as the scarlet Vigilante Daredevil. Through various circumstances Matt found out that Wilson Fisk was the Kingpin and that Fisk was the one that murdered his father, and from that moment on Daredevil has waged a personal war against his nemesis. During one night he comes across Peter and he sees a bit of himself in Peter, which is why he chose to train him in the arts of being a ninja.

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