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Chapter 78: Hydro-Man!

Yesterday Night- 9:30- Brooklyn

Lana entered her apartment that she shared with her foster parents. She gripped the door tightly and she made sure to slam it shut.


Lana's Foster Parents, Barbara and Ethan Habina, looked up from the television and at their foster daughter who was leaning against the door with her arms folded across her chest and a scowl across her face.

"Sweet pea?" Ethan started "What's wrong?"

Lana turned to him and pouted for a minute.

"MEN!" she shouted before storming off and towards her room that was down the hall.

Barbara and Ethan looked at each other for a second before turning back to their television set.

"Teenagers" they grumbled to themselves.

Lana's Room

Lana burst into her very messy bedroom and she slammed the door shut. She kicked a pile of clothes and let out a few curses but her tirade was cut off by her bathroom door opening and a half dressed Tabitha Smith dancing out. She had her headsets on with the volume turned up to the maximum.

Lana stared at her best friend for a long minute just shaking her head as she danced across the floor.

"PARTY IN THE USA!" Tabitha sang out loud.

Lana covered her eyes and stormed up to her and took the earplugs out of her ears. Tabitha whipped around and she looked at Lana.

"Hey" Tabitha greeted cheerily.

Lana snatched the ipod out of her hands and took the earbuds out of the socket and tossed them onto her bed. Tabitha smirked and shifted in her spot.

"What's the problem?" Tabitha asked innocently.

"There is a firm Miley Cyrus ban in this home" Lana stated sternly which only earned a laugh from Tabitha. The free spirited girl moved away from her best friend and towards the single bed that was on the far side of the room. She plopped down on the mattress and released a sigh.

"Where have you been since this morning?" Tabitha asked.

"I went to our new school" she responded.

"And?" Tabitha asked carefully looking at her.

"And nothing…we're….in clear nobody knows that it was us that accidentally blew up the school."

"That's a relief….that's a huge weight off of our shoulders, but even if someone did know that it was us…I'm sure if we explained that it wasn't really our fault"

"They wouldn't believe you or care." Lana replied, "Today I ran into another mutant…her name is Sarah and she was getting picked on in the restroom by these stupid b****, and one of them said that she is holding Sarah responsible for blowing up the school because she's a mutant"

"That's….stupid, that's soo incredibly STUPID!" Tabitha shouted "Did you kick their asses?"

"Didn't have to once I told them I was a mutant too, they backed down" Lana replied

Tabitha pursed her lips together and she looked to the side and out of the window.

"Are you going back?" she asked.

"To what?"

"The new school?"

"Maybe not tomorrow but in general…yeah we have to I…." she started before being interrupted.

"No we don't" said Tabitha turning back to her, "We don't have to go back to that school or any school….what can they teach us. Can they teach us how to be mutant or live in a place that hates our guts?"

"We don't tell them…we…we just blend in" Lana offered.

"How…you already told some girls you're a mutant and that Sarah girl…if she gets picked on again can you honestly say you'll stand on the side lines and watch."

Lana threw up her hands and she began to pace the floor.

"So what, we quit school and do what and go where?"

Tabitha stood up from her spot on the bed.

"While you've been gone I've been thinking and I'm gonna take that guy up on his offer." She answered.

"Guy?" Lana questioned before realization hit her "Not the crazy hat guy…what's his name…uh…uh, oh yeah Mr. M."

Tabitha folded her arms across her chest.

"Yeah him."

"Tabby you can't be seriously thinking about going to that guy's place."

"And why not…it's time for us to be with our own kind anyway, what you and that girl Sarah went through today is proof of that. And I kinda like the sound of a place just for us….what did he call it…Mutant Town."

"I get what you're saying Tabby but that guy just gives me the creeps…just like Morrie gave me the creeps."

Tabitha's face contorted into a scowl at the mention of Morrie.

"God, how long are going to keep throwing that in my face. I made one bad decision alright."

"I'll keep bringing it up until you learn from your mistakes Tabby. I mean look you're living at my house because of that one bad decision and now you're about to make another one by running to some guy who has a place called Mutant Town."

"Whatever" Tabitha replied flippantly, "So I make mistakes…it's called living Lana…you should try it some time instead of being a sheltered little BORE!"

Lana gritted her teeth and was about to respond but she stopped herself and then swiftly turned and stormed towards her bathroom.

"SCREW YOU TABITHA!" she shouted before slamming the door shut.

Tabitha stared at the closed door for a long minute with a confused look before slowly walking towards it and knocking on it lightly.

"Hey….Hey what's wrong with you?" she asked in a concerned voice.


"Come on Lana, don't be like that…I-I didn't mean what I said. It's just, you know that Morrie is a sore spot and I hate it when you bring it up and…."

"I GOT STOOD UP!" Lana shouted through the door.


"…..I got stood up" she said after a second.

"You had a date tonight…with who?"

"Peter. The guy from the restaurant we used to work at."

Tabitha scrunched her face up for a second before realization hit.

"Oh….the cute geek, I remember him."

"He's not a geek."

"But he is cute, but I guess he's also an idiot now. So he stood you up." Tabitha asked.

The door to the bathroom opened.

"Yeah, but I think I might know why" she responded.


"He asked me out but he said he had something to do after school so either it ran over…..or"

"Or what?"

"Or he stood me up because I told him I was a mutant"

Tabitha shook her head and turned away form Lana.

"There's your answer right there Lana. Why would you do something so stupid like that?"

"To prove that they are not all the same"

"Congratulations" Tabitha responded.

"I don't know if that's the real reason Tabby."

"Trust me girl…it is. Open your eyes Lana, it's a new world out there and in the new world you're either a Mutant or….or you're just like everyone else. There is no mingling of the species, and there is no in-between, the quicker you learn that the better off you'll be and you won't get stood up."

"You're wrong Tabitha…you're so F****** wrong!" she exclaimed.

Tabitha turned and she slowly made her way over to Lana, she stood before her looking down slightly because she was a bit taller. The blonde beauty put a slight smile on her face and leaned a little closer.

"If I'm so wrong Lana….how come you're not on your date."



Tabitha turned and she went towards the bed where she plopped down comfortably, she grabbed her ear-buds put them in her ears and then her ipod and she turned her music up loud. Lana stared at her best friend and she couldn't help but shake her head, but after a minute she let out a sigh and turned and went towards the bathroom making sure to slam it loudly again.

Next Day- Afternoon- 12:30 pm

Lana cracked open her eyes and she quickly raised her hand to block the partial sunlight that was shinning in her eyes. She glanced up to her night stand and she looked at the clock but attached to the clock was a letter. Lana leaned over and grabbed the note off the clock and she quickly opened the letter.


I'm gone. You'll know where to find me once you realize where you stand.

Boom Boom

Lana crumpled the letter into a ball and she threw it across the room. She looked around to see that most of Tabitha's stuff that had been scattered across the room was gone. The blue haired teen, reached towards her nightstand again and she opened the second drawer and she pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Lana took out a single cigarette put it in her mouth and lit it. The blue haired girl took a long drag and she blew out the smoke, savoring the calm feeling the nicotine instilled in her, a stark contrast to the rollcoaster of emotions she felt. She fell back on her bed and she took another drag from the cigarette and blew out the smoke.

"Damn you Tabitha. DAMN YOU!"


"DAMN YOU!" Lana's voice echoed.

Barbara and Ethan Habina glanced from their meals at the kitchen counter top and towards the direction of their daughter's room.

"Uh Oh…I think she's upset about something." Said Ethan.

"What was your first clue Ethan?" Barbara replied sarcastically "I swear, there is something going on with her and I want to know what it is but she's just not talking. And I think I'm reaching the end of my rope. I don't know what to do with her either…she won't talk to us…she won't talk to her school's counselor and she won't talk to a therapist. And I know that blonde hair little girl that sauntered out of here earlier this morning is a bad influence on her."

"Barbara, what our little girl is going through is normal. She's at that age…where we are the enemies, and we know less than nothing about what she's going through. We should give her time and space…she'll come to us when she's ready."

"Whatever" Barbara retorted, "So what story did she tell you for you to let her stay home this time."

"She's not feeling well"

"For the 20th time huh?" Barbara replied

Ethan could only shake his head.

Across town- Hardy Penthouse: 1:00 pm

Felicia Hardy wiped the steam away from the mirror and she stared at her reflection in the glass. She let her eyes roam over her features and her eyes zeroed in on the large smile that was still plastered on her face. A true smile that only meant one thing...that she was happy, and there was only one reason that stood out to her for her current state of happiness.

"Naughty little Spider..." She chuckled to herself as her mind drifted to Spider-Man.

Felicia's smile grew as she thought about him and the time they had spent together last night but she chuckled to herself again as her mind went from that and to just a few hours ago when he and her were making their getaway from the penthouse, there was a moment that had happened that stuck in her mind.

Felicia remembered when they had leapt from the building and plummeted towards the ground. She remembered how there was a second…a split second where she looked at him while he was falling by her side, wind ruffling his costume and her hair whipping wildly by the same wind, she looked at him and time stopped. It stopped at the height of her adrenaline pumping through her veins, and at the height of her body being lit with excitement like a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. The only other time she had felt like she did a few hours ago was when she first took the leap off a building. She had been twelve years old and it was against her father's wishes but she dove off anyway and she vividly remembered that feeling…..the feeling of pure and absolute Freedom.

Felicia sucked in a slow breath and she focused on that feeling with him; even when her Father was with her she never experienced a feeling like the one she had with Spider-Man and that made her…..curious.

"Spider-Man" she whispered with a smile while leaning forward. As Felicia leaned forward she placed her had on the marble counter in front of her and that's when she felt the pearls dig into her hand. She looked at the pearls and how they sparkled. When she had stolen them she had told Spider-Man that she had liked them but that was only half of the true reason she took them.

Felicia picked up the pearls and she closed one eye and then inspected them very very closely.

"That crusty old lady said that these are 30,000 dollar pearls. I bet I can up the price to about 70,000 but I bet the guy I fence this to will try to talk me down to at least 60 or 55,000 which is still a profit." She whispered to herself putting the pearls down. While her father was in the hospital she knew that it fell onto her shoulders to take care of the people trying to steal their company and it also fell onto her shoulders to keep the family afloat financially. She didn't know how far in the red the family was but it didn't matter she'd keep stealing until she knew that they had enough to survive on. Felicia released a sigh and tilted her head up to the ceiling.

"Happy time is over I guess. You had a good night Felicia but now it's time to get down to business. And the first order of business is to find a place to fence this necklace." She finished while looking down at the sparkling pearl necklace.

Later- Hell's Kitchen 2:20pm

Daredevil perched himself on the edge of a building that had an incredible view of Hell's Kitchen. It was a spot that he often visited because it was situated in such a way that if he concentrated hard enough if he pushed himself he could hear almost all of Hell's kitchen. The scarlet clad vigilante focused intently and he stretched far and wide with his enhanced senses. It only took him a few seconds before he was in tune with his city. He could hear everything but he zeroed in on all of the police dispatches. He could hear that there were several robberies going on in the immediate area that he would tend to but as he was listening to the dispatches a conversation between two officers caught his attention. He could hear them talking about how there have been several high profile incidents across the city. A police precinct in Midtown was attacked…explosions rocked the Upper East Side and that a black woman with an afro and an Asian woman with a sword were in the middle of the action.

"Misty and Colleen" Daredevil whispered.

He continued to listen and he heard there was a brawl going on in Harlem and that Man-Mountain Marko was spotted.

"Man Mountain Marko…Big Brawl…no way Luke and Danny aren't involved in that…..there is something going on. First I get attacked by Jigsaw and…." He started before his hearing picked up on the sound of a motorcycle and a loud flap of the wind.

Daredevil gasped and turned to the right and narrowly avoiding a playing card that was aimed for his neck. Daredevil looked up to 'see' an outline of Bullseye on a motorcycle.

"BLIND BASTARD!" came Bullseye's voice. Daredevil dove to the out of the way just as the motorcycle came down.

VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! SCREEEEEEEECH! Went the sound of the motorcycle coming to a halt on the roof. Bullseye looked at Daredevil and he let a smirk grace his lips.

"Doing your little eavesdropping thing eh."


"Heh. Time for listening is over…..time fighting is now." he stated right before throwing five more playing cards.

Daredevil grabbed his escrima sticks and held them at the ready.


A haggard looking Wolverine walked down the street puffing on his cigar. The clothes that hung from his body were riddled with holes and slashes but he wasn't bothered by it in the slightest nor was he bothered by looks people threw at him because of his appearance.

After dealing with the first couple of thugs that tried to rob one of the better bars he's visited in a while several more attempts were made and he stuck around and dealt with each of them saving the life of the bartender in the process each time and because of that act it had earned him free beers for life. The Canadian Mutant heaved a breath and he turned a corner and walked past a grocery bodega but right as reached the middle, the glass to his left shattered and he caught a slug to the head.

"OooF!" he grunted when he felt the impact but the bullet ricochet off his metal skull.

He grumbled to himself and he turned to see a crook wildly shooting his weapon at the store clerk who was firing buck shots of his own at the crook who was hiding behind a frosty machine.

KAPOWWW! Went the sound of a shotgun

Wolverine boredly looked at the situation and was about to be on his way when he caught sight of a mother and her son huddled on the ground. He looked at them and he could smell the fear rolling off of them. He shifted the cigar in his mouth but then another stray bullet let out and it hit his cigar and knocked it out of his mouth and to the ground.

He glanced down and his ruined cigar and he let a growl escape his lips followed by his claws popping from the back of his hands.


Wolverine entered the bodega and he swiftly walked towards the clerk who caught sight of him out of the corner of his eyes. He turned to Wolverine but the Canadian was much faster. He closed the distance and he sliced the shotgun in half with his claws.


Wolverine turned to the crook and he started for him.

The crook saw Wolverine coming and he held his gun up and shot at him

POW! POW! POW! Every shot that came out hit their mark but Wolverine didn't go down he kept coming and coming until he reached the crook; with a flash of his wrist Wolverine sliced the gun in half along with the crooks trigger finger.

"GAHHHHHHHH!" the crook yelled in agony before Wolverine grabbed him and pulled him in for a hard metal headbutt that knocked him out upon impact.

"That was my last cigar punk" he stated before tossing him away.

He heaved in a breath and turned around and glanced at the mother and child who stared back at him.

WHOOO! WHOO! Wolverine's attention was drawn from them and to the cop cars that had pulled up out front. The short Canadian backed up a few steps and he turned towards the small hallway that led to a back-door that read exit.

Midtown High- 2:55- Principle's Office

"ERGH!" grunted Principle Coulson as he hit the ground clutching his bleeding belly that had a .38 slug inside of it. His face grimaced in agony and his vision blurred so badly that he barely registered the man that shot him was rummaging through is pockets for his money.

Davis grabbed Coulson's wallet and he opened and retrieved the bills inside before he ran towards the window and opened it. He took one last look at Principle Coulson before he stepped out the window and ran away.

Coulson gritted his teeth and through sheer willpower he managed to roll himself over onto his profusely bleeding belly. It was painful but he was a solider and he pushed through the pain and began to crawl towards his desk. He reached a bloody hand to the edge of his desk and he pulled himself up a little. Coulson muttered a few curses before reaching towards the center of the desk and the silver circular object laying in the middle. He reached and reached and finally he managed to grab the device. Once it was in his hand he collapsed onto the ground.

"C-C-Call….B-Base…" he groaned out.

The circular object hummed and then a blue image of Colonel Nick Fury pulled up.

"Coul…" The Colonel started before seeing him on the ground "PHIL! WHAT HAPPENED!?"

"Shot…..G-Gob..lin….." he managed to get out before he passed out.

"Hold on Coulson I'm sending out an emergency signal in your area. Paramedics and police should be there soon and I'll get an extraction team to you immediately"

Midtown- Police Precinct- Few minutes later

"So what do you think is going on?" Lieutenant Lee asked

"I don't know" Captain Stacy responded with a hand to his chin.

"Do you think it's another Gang War?"

"God I hope not…we haven't exactly gotten over the last one. This doesn't feel like a Gang War…this is something else….this feels a bit more sinister than the Gang War"

Captain Stacy and Lieutenant Lee were startled out of their conversation by an officer bursting through the door.


"What is it!?" he asked frantically.

"Sir we just got a call about a shooting at Midtown High School!"

"OH MY GOD!" Captain Stacy shouted shooting up from his seat and running around the desk, "LET'S GO TERRI!" he yelled over his shoulder and he ran out of the room with the thoughts of his daughter Gwen on his mind.

Brooklyn- Lana's Apartment- Living room- 2:55pm

The faucet to the kitchen sink in the medium sized apartment was still and dry but as the seconds ticked by the innocent faucet began to shake ever so lightly. The faucet shook and shook until it started to suddenly leak drops of water into the sink. The leaky drops started out skinny and small but soon they grew bigger and bigger until they quickly went from skinny to fat heavy drops.

The dripping water formed into a pool in the bottom of the sink and even though the drops hit the drain they didn't go down.

From the pool of water a hand composed of water began rise. The hand rose up until it was just over the edge of the sink; the hand opened and on each of the finger tips an eye made of water formed on the digits and zeroed in on the empty kitchen. The eyes receded back into the hand of water and the hand moved across the ever growing pool of water until it reached the faucet handle. The hand made of water gripped the handle and slowly turned it to the left, opening, the faucet and allowing a thin flowing column of water to flow through the faucet and fill the sink.

Hydro-Man stood within the kitchen and he carefully looked around the modest apartment. He saw the cabinets and he quickly and quietly began to look through them searching each of them for some type of fire extinguisher. When he didn't see one in the cabinet he saw a pantry over by what looked like a hallway that led further into the apartment. He scoffed a bit and turned his legs to water and slithered over to the pantry where he turned his legs back to normal and opened the pantry only to see more cans food.

RING! Went the sound of the phone.

Hydro-Man turned his head all the way around to see the phone that was mounted on the kitchen. He scrunched his face.


Hydro-Man turned his head to the hallway just as Ethan stepped out of one of the rooms, but before the man could see him he turned himself to a puddle of water on the wooden floor.

Ethan walked down the hallway oblivious to the puddle of water and he turned towards the kitchen but before he reached the phone he saw a shadow form over him. Ethan turned just in time to reactive a large fist made of water to the stomach that crushed him against the wall with immense force. Ethan slid down the wall clutching his chest and gasping for air. Hydro-Man looked at him with slight satisfaction but he couldn't dwell on it because he heard the sound of footsteps and he also heard the sound of the door opening at the same time. The villain whipped around just in time to see Lana walking into the kitchen and Barbara walking in through the front door with a stack of mail in her hands. Both women looked up at him and their eyes widen.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" Barbara yelled seeing Hydro-Man in the kitchen but her question was soon answered by Lana.

"MORRIE!" she screamed in terror.

Hydro-Man formed into a wave of water slid over to her. Lana barely had time to register what had happened before he was in front of her, he growled and pushed her against the pantry door while forming his left hand into a spear made of water. He held it close to right eyeball and he turned to Barbara.

"Either you shut your mouth and close the door or I shove this thing into her brain and flood it with water, giving a new meaning to the phrase wet behind the ears." He said dangerously.

Barbara closed her mouth and she slowly closed the door.

"LOCK IT!" he shouted.

CLICK! Went the sound of the lock.

Hydro-Man turned back to Lana who was glaring daggers at him.

"Hi Lana"

"You're supposed to be dead" she growled back at him.

"An explosion" he scoffed "HA! I'm a little bit harder to kill, you on the other hand…not so much. There are soo many ways I could kill you right now. I could fill your stomach with water until you explode, I can make all the fluid in your body turn into little tiny pin needles…or I could…I could fill your lungs with water…like this."

Hydro-Man used his free hand to cover her nose and mouth while turning it to water, the watery appendage began to flood water inter her nostrils and mouth.

Lana's eyes widen in terror as she gagged and choked on the water.

"GET AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!" Barbara shouted running over.

Hydro-Man glanced to the left and made one of his legs turn to water; from the leg a trail of water made its way to the rushing Barbara. A fist from the water rose up and socked her in the jaw sending her flying back and crashing into the coffee table in the living room.

Lana began to fall and that's when Hydro-Man took his hand away from her mouth and let her fall to the ground.

"AHHHH!" Lana gagged as she vomited water all over the ground.

Hydro-Man gritted his teeth and turned his leg back to normal and then he crouched down.

"I could've killed you like that Lana, it would've been sooo easy."

"….ahh….ahh…..t-then…d-d-do it" she responded still gagging and gasping a bit.

"I will, but first I want to know where Tabitha is."

"A…long way, away from you Psycho" Lana replied defiantly

Hydro-Man enlarged his fist and then slammed it down in the spot next to Lana scarring her.

"That's strike one….you really don't want to see what happens at strike three."

"GAAAAAH!" came a loud and painful gasp.

Hydro-Man and Lana looked to see her adoptive father Ethan gasping for air. Hydro-Man shook his head.

"Uh-Oh, I crushed his ribs, and I think one or all of his ribs might've punctured his lungs."

"BASTARD!" she shouted

Hydro-Man grabbed her with his enlarged hand and picked her up.



"Who is that?" Hydro-Man asked in a hushed whisper.

"F*** YOU!" Lana shouted tears rolling down her face as she glanced at Ethan and then at Barbara.

Hydro-Man huffed and with Lana in tow he walked towards the door.

"Barb…" Lana started.

"SHUT UP!" he snapped in another harsh whisper as he reached the door and looked through the peep-hole. He saw who was at the door and he narrowed his eyes for a second.


"You look familiar" Hydro-Man said while setting Lana down "Whoever he is get rid of him before I do" he said seriously to her. Lana dried her face and she glared at him.

"Lana…..Lana it's me" came the voice through the door, "Lana….I came to…please open the door. I'm not leaving until you…." Peter started.

Lana hesitated for a second before she undid the locks on the door, while Hydro-Man kept looking through the peephole.

'Where have I seen you be…that party' Hydro-Man thought to himself

"Oh My God Lana….I'm….I'm so sorry…I…"

Hydro-Man's eyes widen as realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Peter you shouldn't be here" Lana said quickly before glancing to her left "…GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" She managed to yell before she was pushed to the side and the door opened wide.

Peter's eyes widen in terror because he now knew the reason for his spider-sense going off. In the door way was Morris Bench aka Hydro-Man.

"HYDRO-MAN!" Peter shouted.

"I see you remember me….good, because I remember you and there's no fire extinguisher anywhere in here, I made sure of that" he said darkly.

Peter took a step but Hydro-Man noticed it and made his right hand turned into a giant hand made of water. He thrusted his arm forward and snagged Peter by the chest, the water wrapped around him tightly. Hydro-Man then effortlessly lifted him up.

"Where ya going Peter….the party is just getting started. GET IN HERE!" he shouted yanking his arm back and pulling Peter into the apartment, and once he was inside Hydro-Man used his free hand to slam the door behind him.

Peter was thrown across the room where he hit the wall hard and fell to the ground, landing in a heap.

"Oooof..." he grunted before his spider-sense went off again but it was too slow in warning him. Hydro-Man had already drifted on a wave over and grabbed him again with a giant fist made of water.

"DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH YOU HURT ME THAT NIGHT!" he shouted in anger while shaking Peter.

"Uff…I'm..guessing a lot" Peter responded flippantly

"A F***** LOT YOU D***!" he shouted raising Peter high in the air, he extended his arm and rammed Peter into the ceiling and then released his hold and let him fall to the ground. Hydro-Man raised his foot but Peter rolled to the side and missed the attack. He got to his feet and threw a punch that only got his wrist stuck in Hydro-Man's abdomen. Hydro-Man glared at him.

"I'm a mutant made of water you idiot" Hydro-Man stated before a huge fist made of water shot out of his chest and smacked Peter in the face. He laughed as Peter hit the ground, he then stalked over to him and grabbed him again and held him up. Hydr-Man raised his left hand and formed it into a sharp spike.


Hydro-Man stopped right before he was about to skewer Peter and then whipped towards Lana who hand her hand raised glowing a bright golden yellow color.

"HAHAHA…..or what Lana, you're gonna blast me again, you remembered what happened last time…..you blew up a f**** school. Why do you think I tracked you down to your house, you're not stupid enough to blow up your own home." said Hydro-Man

Lana's arm quivered before lowering, she looked at the satisfied grin on Hydro-Man's face but her attention was quickly torn away from him by a loud gasp. She turned to the sound and saw her adoptive father Ethan slumped over on the floor with his tongue hanging out of his mouth…obviously dead. Lana gasped at the sight of him and her shock lasted but a moment before a white hot rage began to consume her.

She gritted her teeth so hard she thought she heard one of them crack, Lana turned her eyes back to Morrie who had lifted his spiked left hand again. She glanced at her unmoving mother and the rage only intensified even more; she raised her right hand once more and she concentrated as hard as she could. From her outstretched hand a powerful blast of energy rocketed forward and sliced through the arm Hydro-Man had around Peter.

"OOOOF!" a soaking wet Peter grunted as he hit the ground.

Hydro-Man looked at his missing arm with angry eyes before it slowly regenerated.

"Well….look who's been practicing"

Lana gritted her teeth and held up her other hand making it glow as well.

'SPIDER-SENSE! YEAH I KNOW' Peter thought while trying to get up.

"I doubt you can do it again Lana"

"Morrie…."Lana started slowly.

He grimaced at the name and he took a step forward.

"For the last time my name is Hydro…."

"F*** YOU!" Lana screamed holding up both of her hands unleashing an uncontrollable wave of golden energy that engulfed and blew out an entire section of the apartment.


Lana was unprepared for her own power and she was sent flying backwards as more energy poured from her hands destroying everything in its path; everything that the golden energy touch released a massive mini explosions. The mini-explosions erupted together and at the same time to create a giant explosion.

Peter watched as Hydro-Man bubbled and then exploded in the spot he was standing and the entire brick wall behind him was rippled and then was blown out in an incredible display of intense power.


"JEEZ!" he shouted rolling out of the way of the ever increasing wave energy and explosions coming from Lana's powers.


Peter felt the floor beneath him shudder and groan right before it dipped and sent him and Lana's unconscious mother sliding towards the massive hole in the apartment. Peter gritted his teeth and they slid towards the opening but right before they fell out and to the street below he grabbed her by the wrist and then slammed his other hand against the wooden floor sticking to it. He and Lana's mother dangled out of the hole.

'Well…this went bad pretty quick' he thought to himself as he saw people down below pointing up.


The steep incline that Peter was sticking to gave a shudder as another golden blast of energy tore through the building, 'Uh oh I think Lana has lost control of her powers…I have to help her' he thought. Peter placed his feet against the outside brick wall to stable himself and he pulled Lana's mother up and draped her over his shoulder. Peter slammed his other hand on the incline and he began to pull himself up into the destroyed apartment.

Lana gritted her teeth as the explosive energy continued to pour from her hands.

"ERGHHH!" she grunted against the powerful and explosive energy. She concentrated and the energy slowly began to stop but the damage had already been done. Lana felt the floor beneath her rumble, and shake right before the floor dipped even more and then gave away.

"AHHH!" Lana screamed as she and everything that wasn't tied down began to roll down the steep incline and towards the massive opening.

Peter heard he screaming and he looked up to see Lana rolling down the incline, he pursed his lips and jumped to the right and directly into her oncoming path. He stuck to the floor and he caught her with his free hand right as the section of the floor he was sticking to slipped out of the building.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Lana screamed.

'That's right in my ear!' Peter thought to himself while looking over his shoulder and through Barbara's wind whipped hair to see the ground coming closer and closer but along with that he saw a van that was to the right and seemed to be out of the path of the falling debris. Peter sucked in a breath and pushed off the falling floor and in the direction of the parked van. While they were falling he quickly shifted Barbara so she and Lana where in his arms and he would take the brunt of the fall.

'This might hurt!'

BAMMM! Came the sound of them hitting the roof of the van and it was followed by the sound of the falling debris and furniture from Lana's apartment and another explosion.


Parked Van

'Ufff…I was right' Peter thought before he closed his eyes and blacked out.

Lana opened her eyes and she took in a few deep breaths, she could feel her heart beating rapidly almost as if it was going to explode from her chest. She looked around and then put a hand to her head, one minute she was rolling, the next she felt someone catch her before she felt herself falling and then finally she felt a small amount of force from her sudden stop. She let out a few more breaths before she realized that her mother was next to her and that both of them were on top of someone. Lana looked to see an unconscious Peter beneath her which told her that he must have cushioned their fall.

"P-Peter….P-Peter can you hear me?" she asked frantically while reaching towards his face and tapping him, "Please don't be dead….please…..please….Oh God….you're dead aren't you." She said in despair. Lana knew that he was dead because there was no way anyone could have survived a fall from that height with two people on top of them; her eyes began to well up and the tears began to fall when she looked at her adoptive mother Barbara who was still unconscious as well.

"Mom!" she exclaimed rising up and looking at her. Lana grabbed her adoptive mother by the head and that's when she felt the warm liquid. She took her hands away and they were covered with blood.



Lana heard the scream and she looked to see that from the falling debris water was slithering through it and it was forming into a puddle that was rising upwards. People were standing all around with their ipods, ipads and other electronics recording every single second.

Lana paid them no attention though because her sole focus was on the forming Hydro-Man. She gritted her teeth and she gingerly pushed off of the roof of the van and to the ground.

Hydro-Man concentrated hard to pull himself together but it was proving to be very difficult. He knew some of the limitations and weaknesses of his powers and one of them was heat. Lana's blast felt and acted like pure heat and when it hit him he had felt some of his water molecules evaporate on the spot. He was completely unprepared for a direct attack and the raw power behind it.

'Stupid Bi…' he started weakly before he had to drop to a knee. He wanted to form into his human state but the most he could manage was a thin watery humanoid outline, "Water….n-need….w-water." He gasped looking around at all of the people with their cameras on him, he reached out for one of them but his hand was suddenly blown off by golden energy.

"ARGHHHHHHHH!" he yelled in agony but he couldn't dwell on it because another energy blast hit him.

Lana took a deep breath and she slowly began to stalk towards him. She saw him turn to her and try to get up and so she stopped and braced herself and held up her hand allowing another golden blast of energy to erupt from her hand and hit him in the leg blowing it off.

Parked Van

Peter's consciousness slowly returned to him and the first thing he saw was the building that he had fallen from was now on fire.

'F-Fire...w-when, oh no…..d-did I black out….yeah…I think I did' he groaned in his mind while rising to a sitting position despite his body protesting. He looked at the fire for a split second before turning to Barbara and putting a hand to neck to check her pulse, after a second he closed his eyes and shook his head "Dead" he whispered.

"DIE!" came a yell.

Peter averted his eyes away from Lana's dead adoptive mother and to Lana who was blasting a very weakened Hydro-Man. He bit his lip and he pushed off of the van.

"Lan…." He started however right as he opened his mouth the sound of several police cars and fire trucks pulling up on the scene interrupted him.

The Firemen jumped out of there red trucks and grabbed the hose from off the side of the vehicle and ran towards the burning building; and while they were doing that the cops got out of their cars and turned their attention towards Lana and Hydro-Man.

"Good Lord….we got mutants" one of the officers whispered before grabbing his radio "ALL UNITS! ALL UNITS WE GOT MUTANT SIGHTINGS MUTANT SIGHTINGS!" he yelled while pulling out his weapon.

The other officers did the same thing.

Peter saw the officers slowly approaching Lana and he saw the Firemen approaching the burning building.

'What do I do….what do I do!?' he thought frantically, but he was only frantic for a moment before he grabbed his book-bag off of his back and started to slowly back away from the scene.

Hydro-Man took another hit and he could feel part of his body evaporating due to the intense heat and mini-explosions. He collapsed to the ground and his head lulled to the left where he saw several firemen prying open a fire hydrant; his eyes widen at the sight of the hydrant and the leaking water.

"Wa…."he gasped but his vision was blocked by Lana who now stood over him with her left hand glowing.

"…..I'm going to kill you" she stated darkly with tears in her eyes.

Hydro-Man laid his head down on the ground and he began to chuckle, a chuckle that irked Lana to no end.

"WHAT'S SO FUNNY!" she shouted.

Hydro-Man continued to laugh but while he was doing that he was gathering what was left of his powers and making a tendril of water leak from his leg and around Lana. The tendril slowly rose upwards until it was behind her head.

"Lana…you don't have the stones to do it" Hydro-Man baited.

Lana recoiled a bit a narrowed her eyes.

"GO TO HELL MORRIE!" she yelled

The tendril of water wrapped around her left arm and yanked it away from him right as a blast of energy erupted. The blast missed him and flew towards a car parked on the other side of the street. The wave of energy hit the car and thousands of mini-explosions happened at once and the parked car detonated.


Around the Corner

Peter looked up from his book-bag as he heard the explosion.

"That didn't sound too good" he remarked to himself as he grabbed his web shooters and mask. He put the mask over his face and he slipped his right web shooter on his wrist but when he grabbed the left he noticed that it was broken.

"No No No No No this can't be happening! I have to go out there with one web-shooter….just what I need, another challenge." He said stuffing the broken web shooter back into his book-bag.


The Officer's eyes widen as they saw the car explode and they immediately put their weapons on Lana who had a look of horror on her face.

"HEY!" one of the officers shouted getting her attention, "LIE DOWN ON THE GROUND AND PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!"

Lana heard the command and she looked at the blown car.

"No….No it wasn't my fault it was…" she started while turning back to Hydro-Man but he wasn't there. She looked around to see that he was slithering towards the Firemen who had the hose on the burning building.


"NO! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HE DID THIS!" she shouted at the officer but he wasn't listening


Lana heard the command and she glanced at the slowly approaching officers and then at Hydro-Man that was close to the fireman. She knew she couldn't let him reach the water he so desperately needed and so she ignored the officer and held her hands up and made them glow.


Lana released a blast that hit Hydro-Man in the back.


The glow intensified


"AHHH!" Lana screamed as she felt a bullet hit her in the arm.

Up Above

Spider-Man swung around the corner and he quickly scanned the scene down below. He saw the Firemen handling the fire and the people inside the building. He saw the police and he could see their weapons on Lana.


"AHHH!" Lana screamed.

"NO!" Spider-Man exclaimed as he dipped low.

Down Below

Lana fell to the ground grasping her bleeding arm.

The Officer who shot her looked at her and then to his fellow officers.

"Y-You saw her…she….she wouldn't put her hand down, i-t was glowing" he said.


The Officer looked up in time for a red boot to greet his face; the force behind the kicked knocked him down to the ground. Spider-Man landed and he grabbed the officer by the front of his uniform and hoisted him up.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT!" he shouted at him angrily while shaking him.

"SPIDER-MAN!" came a shout from behind by one of the officers, "P-PUT HIM DOWN NOW!"

Spider-Man glanced over his shoulder to see several guns pointed at him.



Spider-Man followed the tingling and it directed him towards the Firemen putting out the fire. He narrowed his eyes and they suddenly widened when he saw a weakened Hydro-Man jump towards the spraying water. He inserted himself into the hose stopping the water and making the Firemen drop it in the process. A giant bubble formed in the hose and it quickly traveled all the way towards the fire hydrant.

"Oh No" Spider-Man whispered while dropping the Officer in his hand.

Fire Hydrant

RUMBBBLE! Came the sound and the feeling of the ground around them shaking; the top of the Fire hydrant popped off but no water spewed out. The earth beneath them continued to quake until the ground suddenly separated and dozens of underground pipes jutted up from the ground spewing water up into the air. The flowing water joined together to form a giant column of water that towered over all of them while casting a large shadow. At the top of the column of water a face formed and the eyes opened and looked down at all of them and smiling.

"AH crap….EVERYONE GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" Spider-Man shouted still looking at the giant column of water.

Hydro-Man glared at Lana who was looking up at him however he reluctantly took his eyes away from her and he looked at Spider-Man.

"Spider-Man!" his voice rumbled loudly before smirking a little "Heh, I can kill two birds…" he started while reaching out with a hand made of water and grabbing the large fire-truck "WITH ONE STONE!" he yelled right before swinging the fire-truck at him.

Spider-Man dropped to the ground avoiding the swing, he rose up a bit and fired a web at the fire-truck and was pulled along upwards. He pulled himself to the fire-truck and he ran upside down along the side and he took aim at Hydro-Man's face. He lifted his right and fired dozens of web-balls directly into the eyes.

The web-balls passed through the eye sockets and Hydro-Man only smiled. He brought the fire-truck around and raised it high and slammed it down to the ground.

Spider-Man landed on the ground safely and he looked at Hydro-Man.

"How the heck do a beat a guy if I can't touch him." He said to himself right as his spider-sense blared again.

The wall-crawler sprung out of the way of a dozen spikes made of water erupted from the wave of water that was shadowed over him. He pushed off his hands and he landed next to Lana who was still clutching her bleeding arm.

"Can you move!" he asked hurriedly

Lana gritted her teeth and then sat up.

"It's not like I have a choice!"

"You don't, he's after the both of us we have to get out of here before any other civilians get hurt" he said quickly before grabbing her and hoisting her up.

"AH!" she exclaimed.

Spider-Man had her by the waist when his spider-sense blared to life; he looked to see Hydro-Man rearing his arm back and then throwing the fire-truck at them. Spider-Man gritted his teeth and jumped at the last second avoiding the thrown fire-truck that bounced and scraped along the ground and into a crowd of civilians who narrowly managed to escape in time.

Spider-Man swung away with Lana in his arm.

Hydro-Man saw them fleeing and so he leaned his face forward and hit the ground shaking it a little. The column of water moved along the ground like an unstoppable train and after the swinging hero.

Spider-Man let go of his web and then ran along the side of a small apartment building; he looked down to see Hydro-Man's face attached to the giant column of water. He was knocking cars and people left and right with his water all the while following them.

"WHERE ARE WE GOING!?" Lana yelled thrashing a bit in fright.



Spider-Man jump to the right just in time to miss a giant fist made of water slamming into the side of the apartment he was running across. The wall-crawler sailed through the air and he stuck to the building across the building and continued to run but he couldn't stay there too long because his spider-sense alerted him to another fist made of water.

'No buildings….no swinging…..this is why I don't go to Brooklyn'

The fist smacked into the apartment siding again making a giant hole but along with that some of the water splashed away and landed on the roof. The water that was separated formed into a miniature Hydro-Man who took aim and fired globs of water at Spider-Man.

Spider-Man sensed the attack and he dodged it as best as he could with Lana in his arms; he jumped up and avoided a column of water from the larger Hydro-Man but he was hit hard in the back by an impact glob of water from the one on the roof. Spider-Man was knocked for a loop and he started to fall however before he hit the ground he managed to throw Lana out of his arms and shot a web net in which she safely landed inside but he fell to the pavement sliding against the asphalt a little and ripping his costume.

"Ow" Spider-Man grunted and suddenly rolling out of the way of a spike made of water that was aimed for the back of his heart. He rolled on to his back just as the wave of water with Hydro-Man's face lowered down and hovered over him.

"THAT BOUNTY IS MINE!" Hydro-Man yelled

Spider-Man fired a web to his right and he pulled himself out of the way of Hydro-Man headbutting the ground and leaving a giant hole in the ground.

Spider-Man sprung up and looked at the wave but then his spider sense went off as he was hit in the chest by a ball of water. He growled to himself and then looked up to the roof of the building across the street to see the smaller human sized Hydro-Man standing there with his hands raised.

Another ball of water came flying at him and jumped to the side while the ball of water hit and dent the car behind him. He rose up and fired three web balls at the copy on the roof but he formed a shield made of water. The wave of water turned towards him and a face formed and it opened its mouth, a column of water shot out and hit Spider-Man in the chest carrying him back and through the door of the brownstone behind him.


BAM! came the sound of Spider-Man bursting through the door and sliding across the hallway. The column of water that hit him turned into Hydro-Man who stood over him with a satisfied smile on his face.

"How I've long for this day freak" he said while forming his left arm into a tendril of water, it extended from his arm and wrapped around Spidey's throat and easily hoisted him up. He slammed him into the wall knocking a painting to the ground.

"Ever since I got these powers, I've been wondering if I could take you on. You're something of a legend in the….seedier side of things" he said before whipping around and slamming him into the opposite wall "I've thought about finding you on my own and taking you out but…..but my, I guess you can call him my employer advised against it seeing as how there was no upside. But with the bounty that's on you now, there's the upside. I kill you then not only do I get bragging rights but I get an insane amount of money; enough so me and Tabitha live comfortably forever."

Hydro-Man reared him back and threw him into the other side of the wall where he burst through the other side and into the living room.

Spider-Man groaned and gritted his teeth as he tried to breath; he only vaguely heard Hydro-Man's threats and taunts. He was more concerned with how he was going to get out of his current situation; his eyes darted around the living room and he spotted several items; a television, a computer, and a lamp.

'Electronics…..electricity…..water…..plan' he thought to himself right as his spider-sense came to life. He gathered his strength and he sprung out of the way.

Hydro-Man smirked and retrieved his fist from the ground and he looked at the wall where he saw Spider-Man sticking.

Spider-Man fired a web at the lamp to the left of him and he pulled it to his awaiting left hand. He then ripped the top off and he turned the lamp on as he eyed Hydro-Man who didn't look concerned at all.

"Say goodnight bug"

"Tell me something Hydrant Man"

"HYDRO-MAN!" he shouted in anger while expanding his body into a wave of water.

"Do water and electricity mix?"

Hydro-Man started forward. Spider-Man jumped at him and threw the lamp right into the center of the wave which caused an instantaneous reaction. Electricity erupted through Hydro-Man and electrocuted him.

Spider-Man landed next to the TV that he had seen and he grabbed it, turned it on and threw it into the wave that Hydro-Man and sent another surge of electricity through him followed by dozens of electric sparks. The wall crawler then dashed over to the computer and he grabbed the monitor and the unit both of which were still powered on and tossed them into Hydro-Man tripling the electrical surge.

Spider-Man had to hop backwards as electric sparks flashed wildly everywhere.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hydro-Man screamed at the top of his lungs as pain of the electricity ran through his watery body. Several of the sparks flying from his body landed on the plush carpet and it caught fire and in a matter of seconds everything in the living room was on fire.

Hydro-Man fought through the intense electricity and he stared at Spider-Man.

"AHHHH!" he yelled in a mixture of pain and anger. He managed to enlarge one of his arms and swing it at the wall-crawler.

Spider-Man was hit and along with the force he felt some of the electricity. He went flying back and into the kitchen where he hit and dented the refrigerator.

Spider-Man let out several deep breaths.

"Jeez….he…just won't go down will he" he said to himself

"D-Damn….you…" growled Hydro-Man

Spider-Man saw that he was stalking towards him despite the water that was his body was evaporating a little form the fire that that was raging through the living room. The wall-crawler pursed his lips together and looked around the kitchen for something he could use to defeat his enemy and his eyes landed on a gas line that was attached to the stove in the kitchen.

He looked at the line and then at Hydro-Man who had sparks of electricity flying off of his watery body.

'I hope whoever lives here has insurance' he thought firing a web at the gas line, he tugged on the line and ripped the gas pipe from out of the stove and releasing gas into the kitchen.

Spider-Man stood to his feet and he balled his fist staring at his formidable enemy.

"Hydrant Man, the dogs must love you am I right."


"I mean come on you couldn't ask for a more ridiculous name than Hydrant Man…seriously…what was...was Aquaman taken." Spider-Man taunted.

"MY….NAME…..IS…HYDRO-MAN!" he roared using his strengthen to lunge at Spider-Man.

Spider-Man calmed himself and he followed his spider-sense as it took over. He deftly jumped upwards and over the lunge. Hydro-Man hit the refrigerator and from his body several sparks of electricity flashed out and because of the gas that was filling the kitchen the reaction happened in seconds.

The spark ignited the gas and the entire kitchen erupted in an explosion.

Spider-Man could feel the heat spreading as hit the side of the wall and ran along the side, his spider-sense slowed everything down for a second allowing him to see fire everywhere and over everything. The wall-crawler searched and he spotted an exit, the window across the room.

He sprung off the quickly burning wall and he sailed through the air for a moment, he shot a web and a small spot of the ceiling that wasn't on fire and he propelled himself forward and towards the window.


CRASHHHHHHHHHH! Went the sound of Spider-Man bursting through the window just before an explosion rocked the brownstone.


"Uff…" The wall crawler groaned as he sat up and looked at the burning brownstone "Now that I think about it Aquaman is taken...and it's awesome. Uh...I gotta work on my jokes" he said before turning and looking at the giant wave of water behind him, the face that was in the water looked like it was in pain and suddenly it dropped into a puddle of water in the street. The miniature Hydro-man on the roof turned into a puddle as well.

Spider-Man collapsed on the ground and released a sigh.

"Well….that was…interesting" he said to himself.


Spidey turned his head to see Lana walking over to him, upon seeing her he immediately pushed himself up and went to her.

"Oh My God Lana are you alright….how's your arm?" he asked.

"It f****** hurts, but….a better question is how do you know my name?"

"…you told me your secret….I think it's only fair that I tell you mine…"

Spider-Man felt his heart beating a mile a minute and he lowered his head a second just to gather his courage and once he did he looked up and locked eyes with her.

"It's me Lana…..it's Peter"

"Wha…." Lana started.


Lana was interrupted by the timely arrival of the NYPD, dozens of cars pulled up to the scene and the officers got out of the car with their weapons trained on both of the teens.


"Whoah." Spider-Man said getting in front of Lana and the cops, "This is a misunderstand…."


Spider-Man gritted his teeth and he looked at all of the officers and he could tell from his lightly buzzing spider-sense that they all had itchy trigger fingers.

SCREEEEEEECHHHH! Came the sound of another police car pulling up to the scene. The door opened and out stepped Detective Jean DeWolff

"EVERYONE CALM DOWN CALM DOWN LOWER YOUR WEAPONS!" she shouted to the officers but they didn't listen.


Jean quickly moved in-between the officers and the two teens. She looked at them and then over her shoulder.

"I can't keep the lid on this for too much longer. Did you really attack officers Spider-Man?" she asked.

He heaved a sigh.

"It was only one officer…but they shot her and it wasn't her fault." He responded.

Jean shook her head.

"This is turning out to be the longest day of my life. Spidey both of you are going to have to come downtown and explain this."

"No can do Detective…I'll have to reveal myself and she's innocent"

"This is serious" Jean replied.

Spider-Man locked eyes with her.

"Does it look or sound like I'm joking?"

Jean pursed her lips.

"Swing away then." She whispered.

"Not enough high rises….I can't get airborne, I could probably make it to the roof but it's a long shot especially considering I'd have Lana on my back."

Jean then shook her head.

"Well then we're out of options."

Lana looked at all of the flashing lights, and the weapons.

"MUTANT!" she heard one of them say.

The word itself sent a wave of sadness through her. She could hear what Jean was saying to Spider-Man and now knowing that he was Peter Parker she knew he would never willing hand her over.


"JUST GIVE ME A SECOND!" Jean shouted.

Lana leaned in towards Spidey's ear.

"Let me go Peter" she whispered.

"WHAT!" he responded glancing over his shoulder at her. "Hell No, they'll have to come and get you from me."

"I know"

"But you're innocent; if you go with them they'll throw you in jail, it's kinda hard prove innocence without Hydro-Man but I think he's…."

"He's not dead…you can't kill him. I blew him before and he just keeps coming back." She replied back to him, "Pete, what can you do…even if you get me out of here my arm is still shot, I have no home, no parents…where would I go? And I did blow up that building…the best bet right now is for me to go with them."

Spider-Man heard the question and he let out a low growl, he knew that she was right, that the best option for her would be to go with the police. Lana leaned closer towards him and kissed him on the side of the face.

"We'll always have France" she whispered while walking past him and to Detective DeWolff.

Jean looked at the sad faced teen and she pursed her lips together.

"I'll go with you." Lana said.

"You're doing the right thing…I promise I'll help you."

"Unless you can make me not a mutant I don't think you can" she responded, "Let's go"

Jean turned to Spider-Man.

"You better get out of here"


"Spider-Man" Lana stated slowly "Please…Go"

Spider-Man heard the tone in her voice and he wanted nothing more than to just swing away with her but he knew that it would only be a temporary fix to a long term problem. The wall-Crawler crouched low and he sprung backwards and landed on a thick tree branch.

POWW! POWW! Came the sound bullets being fired but he dodged them as he jumped again and towards the Brownstone roofs across the street.

The officers continued to fire until he was out sight.


Hydro-Man laid on the cement bank in the dark, dingy and stank underground Brooklyn sewer. He was severely weakened but he was alive and that was all that mattered to him. He could feel the water around him rolling towards him and the more water that reached him the better he started to feel; while he laid there his mind replayed the fight between him and his red and blue foe over and over again, but more importantly than that he still failed to learn where the love of his life, Tabitha, was staying. And once that thought crossed his mind his face contorted in an angry expression.

"Don't worry Tabitha, I'll find you. They can't keep us apart and Spider-Man" he started his voice echoing among the pipes, "We will meet again….count on it freak."

Much Later- 8:30pm- Brooklyn PD

A bandaged Lana Baumgartner sat with her knees to her chest in her lonely dark jail cell. The events of the day playing over in her mind and she wanted to cry but she was tougher than that and so she kept her tears at bay. She looked to her left and through the small window. Lana could see the moon and for a second she swore she saw Spider-Man before he suddenly vanished.

She smiled to herself

"We'll always have France" she said.

And just as the words left her mouth an explosion rocked her jail cell.


Lana picked herself off of the ground a little and she looked at the brick wall that had been suddenly blown out. A gentle breeze blew into the cell and through the hole in stepped a figure.

Lana looked at the person that stepped through the hole and her eyes widen.

"TABITHA!" Lana shouted.

Tabitha looked at Lana and smiled.

"Boom Boom to the rescue!" she exclaimed.

"IT'S THE MUTANT'S CELL!" Came a loud yell.

Tabitha looked towards the jail cell bars and she could see several uniformed officers running towards it and so she held up her hands and in both palms, balls of pure energy formed. Tabitha reared her arms back and then rolled the balls like marbles towards the approaching officers.

"Fire in the hole" said Boom Boom before each of the balls exploded tossing the officers back.

Tabitha quickly ran towards Lana and grabbed her by the arm.

"Come on we gotta go!"


"Where else…someplace where we're wanted and we can be ourselves…Mutant Town baby."

Lana allowed Tabitha to pull her along and out of the cell and away from the Brooklyn PD.

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