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Interlude: Marvel Knights

Brooklyn- Night

Spider-Man sat perched on the edge of a building that was across the street from the Brooklyn Police Department. The Brooklyn PD currently held Lana Baumgartner and she was being un-rightfully imprisoned for something that wasn't entirely her fault or under her control.

Spider-Man gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes as he continued to stare at the PD and the officers that came in and out of the side entrance.

"Hydro-Man" He growled slightly. He wanted to break her out of the prison because he knew that she didn't deserve to be locked up but he couldn't do that, the first reason being because as far as everyone else knew she was a mutant that attacked the police and civilians and so without Hydro-Man in his custody to show that Lana was only defending herself she wouldn't be vindicated and the second reason he couldn't break her out was because he didn't know where they would go. Lana's home was destroyed and her parents were murdered by Hydro-Man. For a split second he thought about stashing her at his place for a while but he quickly threw that option out of the door.

'I could see that going over so well with Aunt May. Uh yeah Aunt May you see…she's a mutant and well I kinda sorta broke her out of prison and hey by the way I'm Spider-Man…yeah right' he thought to himself.

Spider-Man was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn't hear the figure that was creeping up behind him. The figure grew closer and closer until he was right behind the unsuspecting wall-crawler.

Spider-Man suddenly raised his head as his spider-sense came to life. He instantly sprung high in the air just as a pair of red clad arms tried to wrap around him. The web-slinger flew backwards and landed on the ground in a crouch and raised both of his hands; his finger tips at the ready on his web-shooter pressure triggers. He stared ahead and at his supposed 'attacker' and upon seeing who it was he quickly relaxed.

"What the hell DD! Why are you sneaking up on me?"

The red clad arms belonged to Daredevil who slowly turned around to face his protégé of sorts and one of his most trusted allies.

"Just testing you and it seems you're still over-reliant on that…spider-sense of yours" Daredevil replied, "You have other senses you know try using them"

"Thanks, but I think I'll stick with the spider-sense for now if you don't mind" he replied walking over to him, "What are you doing in Brooklyn, I thought you were strictly a Hell's kitchen kinda guy."

"I'm here looking for you."


"There's something brewing, evil is afoot." Daredevil said seriously.

"...…Okay tone it down some Mermaid Man." Spidery replied flippantly "What are you talking about?"

"Well Barnacle Boy I'm talking about…." Daredevil started but he quickly whipped around towards the Brooklyn PD, "Oh No." he whispered

KABOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Came the loud explosion rattling his heightened senses.

"ARGH!" Daredevil growled covering his ears.

Spider-Man ran towards the edge of the building they were on and he looked over to see a giant hole in the side of the Police Department. He narrowed his eyes as he saw two familiar looking teens rushing out of the blown hole and towards an awaiting jeep.

"WHOOOO! LET'S GO AVALANCHE!" Tabitha's voice echoed as she and Lana jumped into the jeep.

The Jeep started up and then zoomed away.

"Holy crap!" Spider-Man exclaimed watching them tear down the road.

Daredevil shook his head as everything stopped ringing around him, his radar sense cleared up and he was able to 'see' the jeep speeding down the road and the destruction the people inside the vehicle caused. He grabbed his Billy Club and he put a foot on the edge.

"Let's go we can still catch up." He said.

Spider-Man laid a hand on his shoulder and stopped him.

"No, let'em go." He said

"Excuse me?" Daredevil questioned

"Look it's a long story but I know those two that just busted out of that jail. One of them didn't belong there to begin with."

"They could've harmed cops"

"Did they?" Spider-Man asked.

Daredevil tilted his head and he listened carefully.

"No…no one was injured, they're just a bit rattled." he responded after a minute.

"See no harm no foul, just trust me."

Daredevil straightened up.

"Fine…I'll let them go but I'd like to hear this long story."

"Right now?" Spidey questioned.

"Well it is a long way back to the dojo" The scarlet clad warrior said as he moved passed his protégé.

Spider-Man stood there for a second before cocking his head to the side.

"Wait…you want me to go back to the city with you. Why?"

"Long Story" Daredevil shot back, using Spidey's own words.

"Funny" he replied.

"Come on Pete" Daredevil said before running jumping over the edge of the building and to the next building. Spidey heaved a sigh and quickly followed after him.

"Hey, wait up!"

Elsewhere- Across Town

The Black Cat carefully looked around the rundown alley she was standing in and she eyed the metal door in front of her, specifically the small slide away viewing slot for where the person behind the door could see her. She sighed to herself and stepped towards the door and knocked on it three times.

The viewing slot slid away and a pair of blue eyes replaced it.

"Who are you?" Came the thick Russian accented voice from behind the door.

The Black Cat sighed and put an innocent smile upon her face.

"I'm here to talk to Bogdan"

"Go away little girl there is no one by that name here" the voice replied before shutting the slot.

The Black Cat growled for a second.

"Money is God!" she shouted.

A long silence passed before the locks on the door could be heard unlocking. The metal door creaked open and the Black Cat took the invitation to step inside.

The smile on Black Cat's face vanished as she entered in the back room. She saw two men step forward and point their 9mm pistols directly in her face.

"Hey…I said the password." She said.

"SHUT UP!" the Russian voice behind her shouted.

Black Cat turned her head to see the metal door close and a semi-good looking dark haired man with a five o'clock shadow apply all of the locks back to the door. Once it was locked he turned back to her and narrowed his eyes. He looked at her and he quickly noticed not only how young she was, but how she was dressed.

"Who are you?" he demanded

"Call me Black Cat. And who are you?"

"Your executioner if you don't tell me where and how you got the password little girl."

Black Cat shook her head.

"I got it from a guy named Julian. I tried to pay him to tell me the name of a good fencer in New York but he didn't want my money…he wanted something else and so I had to beat him within an inch of his life. And right around the time I dislocated his shoulder he told me where to find a guy named Bogdan. Is he here?"

"What are you fencing little girl?" the man asked.

Black Cat reached towards the front of her costume and pulled down the zipper a little before reaching down her shirt.

"Careful little girl." The man warned grabbing at his waist for his gun.

Black Cat smirked again.

"Please…if I was hiding a weapon in this skin tight practically painted on costume. I think you would've noticed it by now" she responded while pulling out the sparkling pearl necklace.

The man's eyes widen at the necklace.

"That's a mighty nice necklace." He said with a smile, "And it looks very expensive too."

The man moved away from the door and he reached for the necklace but the Black Cat pulled it from his reach.

"I know it looks nice and it is very expensive….Bogdan" she stated deducing the man's identity.

The man now known as Bogdan pursed his lips together and folded his arms across his chest.

"How much are you looking to get for it little girl?" Bogdan asked with narrowed eyes.

"At least 60,000"

"I'll give you 30"



"50 and that's as low as I'm going. Do you have any idea what I had to do to steal this?" Black Cat demanded, "Do you?"

"No, but then again I don't care." Bogdan replied.

"Well the price is now 55 again, for being an ass."

Bogdan looked away from her and then towards the men behind her and he nodded his head. The two burly Russian gangsters cocked their pistols back and started to advance a little.

"I guess I'll have to take it then little girl."

Black Cat glanced over her shoulders and shook her head.

"Okay we tried it the easy way I guess….time for the hard way."

Black Cat crouched and then sprung up and over men behind her, she landed behind them and she kicked one in the back of the leg causing it to buckle. Black Cat then chopped him in the side of the neck and then delivered a hard hook punch to his jaw which knocked him out. The platinum haired beauty glanced to her right to see the second gangster swinging his gun towards her; she stepped to him and grabbed his arm. She directed his arm towards Bogdan, he struggled, but she was stronger than him. Cat made him fire at his employer and the bullet ripped through Bogdan's shoulder.

"GAHHH!" Bogdan shouted in pain.

Black Cat then broke the arm of her attacker and then kicked him in the knee-cap before delivered a jaw rattling uppercut that lifted him off of his feet for a second before he fell to the ground in a heap.

Bogdan freely cursed in Russian but his attention was briefly taken away from the pain in his shoulder to the Black Cat picking up one of the pistols and sauntering over to him. She squatted down and placed the pistol next to his head.

"Really" she said "This could've gone so differently."

"W-What can I say little girl…you wandered in so willingly. How could I resist a free lunch?"

"Haven't you heard, there's no such thing."

"Oh, but there is, now that the Kingpin has declared that everything is up for grabs. I need all the money or pearls I can get. More money means more men more moves I can make."

Black Cat raised an eyebrow and glanced over her shoulder and at the two men she easily took down.

"Well it looks like you've got neither. Your men are going to be sipping through straws for a while and I'm going to take all of your money. I'm pretty sure you have it hidden in here somewhere, I'll find it though. I always do."

Bogdan opened his mouth to respond but Black Cat quickly raised the pistol and roughly brought it across his face and he knew nothing but darkness.

Brooklyn- Brownsville

The hooded Harold Osborn stepped off of the rickety elevator and he made his way down the hallway that smell of old socks and urine. He made sure to keep his hood pulled over his face just in case anyone decided to step out of one of the apartment rooms. He briskly made his way to his destination and he eyed the door that led to apartment thirty-four.

Harold looked to his left and then to his right, he didn't see anyone, so he curled his black gloved hands and then he lifted his foot and he kicked the door off of its hinges.

Inside the Apartment 34

Davis Harmon jumped up off of the couch at the sound of his door being kicked off of its hinges. He quickly grabbed the gun that was on his table right next to his pile of cocaine and he turned towards the door.

He saw who stormed inside and he shook his head.

"Don't you know how to knock like a normal person?" he asked, "You got the other half of the money….I did what you asked."


Harold didn't reply he simply kept walking towards Davis; Davis saw him walking towards him and he saw his posture and how the hood was pulled over his head and his gloved hands. Davis instantly knew what was about to happen; he knew that Harold was there to kill him, he took aim and he fired his gun.


Harold, with reflex's beyond normal jumped to the side and the bullet that was meant for his heart continued on and hit the wall.

Davis fired his gun several more times and each time Harold dodged the bullet and once he was in range he cocked his fist back and delivered a hard punch directly over Davis's heart, stopping the powerful muscle in it's tracks.

Davis gasped because of the pain and suddenness of his heart stopping; his eyes widen for a split second before he slumped over Harold's shoulder and then fell to the ground dead.

Harold turned his hard eyes towards the dead man at his feet and a smile graced his lips.

"You did a wonderful job Davis. And now you have your reward." He said before he pulled his hood over his head a little bit more and swiftly turned and exited the apartment, leaving no trace behind.

Manhattan Bridge

"WHOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!" Tabitha screamed at the top of her lungs while she stood up in the jeep with her arms out wide, enjoying the brisk night-time breeze blowing through her blonde hair, "THIS IS AWESOME!"

"Boom Boom sit down you're gonna get us pinched" came the voice of man driving the jeep.

He was a handsome young man of about twenty-two, with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and bits of stubble around his cheeks and chin. He had a lean build that was covered by a brown shirt, ripped blue jeans, black boots and a ripped jean jacket. The young man's name was Lance Alvers but after finding out that he was a mutant with the ability to cause earthquakes he had been going by the name Avalanche.

"Oh shut up Avalanche and just enjoy the moment." Tabitha replied while turning towards Lana who was staring up at her, "What?"

"Did….Did you really just break me out of prison?" Lana asked.

"Bet your ass I did." Tabitha said before sitting down next to her, she glanced at Lana's bandaged arm, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'll be alright, the doctor said it's only a flesh wound. How did you find me Tabby?"

"Girl, you are all over the net."

Lana watched as Tabitha reached into her back jean pocket and pulled out a cell phone with the internet already pulled up.

"Mutants Run Amuck in Brooklyn." Lana read out loud, she continued on and she saw a video playing of her blowing up a car, "Oh no"

"Oh yes is right. This is crazy awesome"

"No Tabitha this is terrible. I got jumped by MORRIE!" she shouted.

Tabitha closed her mouth and hung her head.

"Yeah….I know I saw. If you keep reading there's something in there about a man made of water with some video footage too. Why was…"

"He came to my house looking for you but he found me instead. He….He killed my parents and now because him and because of you I have no family and no home!" she shouted in anger.

"I'm sorry about your folks Lana but….but…..you're wrong. You do have family you got me and you do have a home."

Lana scrunched her eyes.

"Are you talking about Mutant Town?"

"Hell yeah she is" said Avalanche over his shoulder "It's a place built just for us by people like us."

"He means it was created by a mutant."

"I gathered that Tabitha but it still doesn't make me feel any better about my situation."

Tabitha released a sigh and leaned back in the seat.

"I'm sorry Lana, I am. I know I….I can be a bit much but I never wanted any of this to happen."

"Whatever" Lana replied turning away from Tabitha and looking out of the window that was rolled down; she saw all of the people out on the street and as each of the faces passed her by only one face stood out and it brought a slight smile to her face, "Paris" she whispered.

"What?" said Tabitha.

Lana turned back to her.

"I said Paris. Look, I….I blame you for this entire clusterf*** of a situation I'm in, but I know that you didn't do this intentionally. You're like a f***ing force of nature you know that."

"I know, but I think I sense a but coming."

"But…and I think this is the only silver lining in this whole situation. I actually met Spider-Man, and not only that I know who he is."

"WHAT!" Tabitha shouted.


"Well who is he?" Tabitha asked with a wide smile on her face.

"He's Peter, the guy I've been sorta dating." Lana stated.

Tabitha sat there with her wide smile but an eerily blank expression on her face. Lana looked at her with a curious look.

"Tabby did you hear what I said….I said that Spider-Man is….."

"She can't hear you child" came a voice that originated from everywhere, "But I can."

Lana jumped a bit as a mysterious red mist drifted from Tabitha's mouth and flowed directly towards her. The teen had just enough time to tense up and close her eyes.

The Lair

Lana opened her eyes and when she did she found herself sitting in front of an elderly woman dressed in a blood red costume with a white spider-pattern going across the front. She was sitting in a throne that was made of thousands of moving spiders who were weaving webs behind her.

"Who are you?" Lana asked fear evident in her voice as she stared upon the mysterious woman before her.

The woman raised her hands and disappeared in a puff of red mist and appeared in front of Lana.

"I am Madame Web, and you child are privy to information that you should not have just yet. I'm afraid my…..ward…..of sorts was rather hasty and reckless in revealing his most sacred of possessions."

"W-What…I-I don't understand."

"It's alright child, everything will be made clear just look into my eyes." Madame Web said gently. She reached up to her face and removed the red cloth covering on her eyes.

Lana gasped as she stared into the eyes of Madame Web.

Manhattan Bridge

"LANA!" Tabitha shouted.

Lana jumped, and shook her head in confusion.

"Huh" she whispered.

"You said you knew Spider-Man"

"I-I did…" she stuttered completely confused.

"So come on don't keep me in suspense who is he?" Tabitha asked.

"He's….He's…..a great guy" Lana responded.



"WHAT!" Daredevil shouted.

"Yeah, I told her who I was." Spider-Man replied as he back-flipped and then sprung off his hands and balanced himself onto a clothes line.

Daredevil rolled along the roof and he came to a stop and he looked up at Spider-Man who was above him.

"Why would you do that!?" Daredevil snapped at him.

"Because I wanted to that's why" Spider-Man snapped back; he hopped off the clothes line and landed next to his scarlet clad ally, "I really liked her. I did, and maybe something could have happened between us. And, she revealed a secret to me…an intimate secret and I…accidentally blew her off so the least I could do was tell her an intimate secret of my own."

Daredevil shook his head and he released a sigh.

"God, you are making the same mistakes that I made. If I ever get the chance I really need to tell you the story about me and Typhoid Mary."

"Don't bother if it's just a drawn out story of how revealing my identity to someone I like is a mistake."

"It's a really good story. It really nails home the reason why you shouldn't give out your identity…especially when you're only doing it out of guilt" said Daredevil.

"Guilt, I didn't tell her because of guilt."

"Yes you did. Your own words…you only did it because you accidentally blew her off. And how do you accidentally blow someone off?"

"You get seduced." Spider-man replied flatly.

Daredevil looked at him weirdly.

"Seduce" he repeated "What the hell are you talking about."

Spider-Man hung his head for a second before he ran forward and jumped off of the edge of the building he was on.

Spidey fell through the air and he could see the ground down below, he took his eyes off of the quickly approaching ground and he looked to see Daredevil right behind him.

"I met a girl" Spider-Man said knowing that Daredevil could hear him.

At the thought of Black Cat Spider-Man's heart began to beat a little faster and Daredevil instantly heard the change thanks to his hearing. The scarlet clad warrior smirked a little.

"Some girl!" he shouted as he readied his billy club.

The two vigilantes fired their lines and they both dipped low towards the ground and then arced back into the air.

The two of them rolled in the air and then simultaneously sprung off a flag pole and then landed on the top of a roof-top water tower.

"Who is this mysterious girl then?" DD asked.

"I think she's my Elektra." Spider-Man replied honestly.

"She's an Assassin!" DD exclaimed.

"A thief" Spidey corrected "But she's a total bad girl."

Daredevil scoffed.

"Bad girl?" he said before shaking his head "Elektra transcends that term all together, she's in a league of her own. But if she is a thief you probably might want to stay away. Thieves can't be trusted."

"Let me guess you dated a thief before"

"A spy actually, which is sorta the same thing in a sense" Daredevil corrected.


"Yeah, and again it's another story you probably need to hear just so you get the idea of not revealing your identity to just anyone. But the point of the matter is this…you picked the wrong time to be telling people your secret."

"And why is that?" Spidey asked.

Daredevil flipped off of the water tower and he landed down below. Spider-Man hopped off the tower as well and landed with a slight thud.

Spider-Man looked around and he instantly knew that they were at their training dojo. Daredevil holstered his escrima stick and he walked towards the skylight where he opened it and dropped down.

Inside the Dojo

Spider-man landed in a crouch within the semi-lit training room that he had spent many nights secluded in with his mentor and friend. He could remember some of the sweat and blood that he left on the wood beneath his feet. He smiled a bit to himself but his attention was drawn away from his memories of training and to the people that were inside the dojo. He recoiled a little at the sight of the colorful individuals in front of him. He saw Iron fist standing to the side talking to a tall black man wearing a tight black tank top that showed off his powerful broad build and next to the man he saw several very attractive women standing off to the side talking; one was a statuesque brown skinned women with a large Afro and a bionic metal right arm, the other was semi-short curvy Asian women that had a sword strapped to her back and the next one was a bubbly young woman with pink hair that was average height but had a slim curvy build and lastly to his surprise he saw Wolverine sitting a chair with three cans of beer on the table in front of him.

"What is this DD…vigilante's anonymous?" said Spidey "And Wolverine, what the heck are you doing here?"

"Free beer." the gruff mutant replied while popping one of his claws and using the sharp tip to open the can.

"I actually found him on the street chasing down some punks, anyway, I asked him to join us….Logan and I go way back." Daredevil replied.

"So you're Spider-Man" came a voice

Spidey turned his head towards the beautiful brown skinned woman as she walked over to him. The young hero swallowed hard as she approached him.

"I-I am?" He questioned his voice cracking a little; he quickly realized how he sounded and he cleared his voice "I am. Who are you?"

The woman smiled.

"I'm Misty Knight. I'm a big fan" she said holding out her right hand.

Spider-Man slowly rose up and he shook her cool to the touch bionic hand.

"Nice to meet you Misty." He replied

"I'm a fan too!" came a loud voice.

Spider-Man and Misty turned to see the pink haired young woman briskly walking over to them. She stood in front of Spider-Man with a huge smile on her face.

"I'm Jewel. You are my inspiration you know that…I got these powers and I read this amazing news article on you and I was like…this guy is the real deal, how could I be like him and use my great power responsibly."

"Wait what?" Spider-Man questioned as he heard the words leave her mouth.

"Everyone listen up" came Daredevil's voice interrupting every conversation.

DD looked over everyone gathered and he cleared his throat.

"Everyone I'd like you all to meet a friend of mine. Spider-Man. Spider-Man this is everyone. You already know Iron Fist"

"Hey kid, still practicing the stuff I showed you?" Danny asked.

"Everyday, that stuff saved my life." Spidey replied.

"I guess you already know Wolverine."

"We've met" Spider-Man and Wolverine replied at the same time.

Daredevil raised an eyebrow but he quickly shook his head and turned to the other members that were gathered.

"Spidey, I'd like you to meet Luke Cage, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, and Jewel."

Spider-Man nodded to each of them and they nodded back.

"Nice spandex" said Luke, smiling to himself at the shot.

"Uh thanks Luke, you know, the same place I get my spandex from, I think they sell tighter shirts for you to wear." He quipped back.

Luke's smile fell but Danny chuckled.

"If the two of you are done, I'd like to get to the point of this meeting." Said Daredevil seriously, "I want to talk about what's happening right under our noses. Earlier I fought Bullseye and he told me that Vanessa Fisk, the current Kingpin of Crime…has declared Anarchy on the streets of the New York."

The mood in the room dropped a little because the seasoned street protectors like Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Misty Knight and Colleen knew the weight that that statement held and the ramifications behind what was happening; however Jewel and Spider-Man were a bit at a lost.

"Okay, she's declared Anarchy, this is just another bad plan in a long list of bad plans she's come up with" Spider-Man replied.

"Maybe" Daredevil stated "But her declaring Anarchy is move of desperation."

"What does that mean she's declared Anarchy on the streets?" Jewel asked.

Luke pushed off the wall he was leaning on and straightened up a bit.

"It means the levees are broken and the crap is gonna flow freely." He surmised.

"Nice imagery" Spider-Man commented.

"The balance has been tipped." Danny added.

Daredevil hung his head.

"I underestimated her vindictiveness. When Wilson Fisk took control of everything he instilled several rules, which kept a lot of crazy and disturbed lunatics off the streets. And even when you took him down and put him in jail the rules were still in place. Anyone buck the rules and they saw quick retaliation from the three families or Bullseye. Now enter Vanessa Fisk, she's alienated the families and they're breaking away from her, Bullseye has orders not to retaliate and now she has declared open season for everyone…and she's put a hit out us specifically you and I Spider-Man and anyone else that gets in the way."

"I'm still not getting what the big deal is DD. We've taken everything that this woman has thrown our way, and this is no different" Spider-Man responded.

"There are worse things out there Spidey" came Misty Knight's voice from beside him, "Trust me…I've seen it, I used to be a cop." She finished.

"Everything will burn" said Colleen

Suddenly a loud belch caught all of their attention. Wolverine stood from his seat and tossed the last can of beer in the trash.

"All the beer is gone and so am I" he said.

"Logan this is serious." Said Daredevil

Logan looked at him and raised his hands.

SKINT! SKINT! Came the sounds of his blades popping through his flesh.

"So are these. Let'em come." He said before retracting his claws. The short mutant cracked his neck and he headed for the door, but before he left he glanced over his shoulder and he looked at the three women in the room "Misty, Colleen…you two got my number."

"I do, but I won't be calling for that Logan" Misty said strongly

"Neither will I" Colleen added.

Logan shrugged his shoulders and looked at Jewel.

"New girl if you…."

"Not interested" Jewel replied quickly cutting him off.

"Hmph; oh well, suit yourself" he said turning and walking out of the dojo.

Spider-Man watched him go and he scoffed.

'Matt's really worried about this Anarchy thing….I know it probably sounds bad but it's nothing that we haven't handled before. And if we can survive that gang war then I'm sure we'll be fine.' The wall crawler thought to himself, 'What time is it…it's late, I've got to get home. I'm tired, I'm beaten and I'm still worried about…..LANA!' he shouted in his mind 'I know what she needs…WOLVERINE!' he thought frantically.

Daredevil turned away from the door and he turned back to the gathered individuals.

"Look with the streets the way they are the coming days are going to be tough….we need to watch each other's back so I propose we form into a team. We're good on our own but together we can be great."

"Yeah, team, great idea, DD, but I gotta go" Spider-Man said quickly looking up towards the skylight.

"Now?" Daredevil questioned.

"Yeah, now, I gotta catch Wolverine. You know how to get in contact with me alright and I'm down for whatever you're planning, but I'm still not worried about this Anarchy…she threw Elektra and her ninjas at us and we're both still here. This is just Vanessa Fisk throwing a tantrum because she's been getting her ass kicked by you and me."

"This isn't some tantrum Spider-Man this is serious business, and Elektra works off of a code not everyone will have th…." Daredevil started but Spider-Man had already jumped towards the roof and was crawling towards the skylight. He opened the skylight and disappeared.

"Who's Elektra?" Jewel asked while looking at Daredevil.

Outside- Streets

Logan was walking down the lone sidewalk when he suddenly came to a stop. He raised his head a bit and sniffed the air.


The aged warrior popped his left claws and whipped around but he hit nothing but air. He looked around in confusion for a second before the scent filled his nose again and he turned around, coming face to face with Spider-Man who was hanging upside down on a web.

"Wolverine…or is it Logan?"

"Only my friends call me Logan"

"Oh, well Lo…."

"It's Wolverine to you kid." Logan interrupted gruffly.

"And here I thought we were friends"

"You thought wrong."

"How about we change that….you scratch my back and I'll use a back scratcher to scratch your obviously hairy back"

"What do you want?" Logan asked bluntly getting tired of the conversation.

"I need your help or the X-Men's help in tracking down a mutant. She's in trouble with the law and her parents are dead. She's in a real bad way and I think you guys might be able to help her."

Logan looked at him and he could hear the sincerity in his voice. The short gruff mutant retracted his claws and crossed his arms across his broad chest.

"What's her name kid?" he asked "I'll see what I can do"

"Her name is Lana Baumgartner."

Elsewhere: Location: The Cube

Colonel Nick Fury stormed down the long hallway of the maximum security prison known only as the Cube. He had a purpose and that purpose was to pay one inmate a visit; anger was evident on his face, in fact in rolled off of him in waves. The Colonel was flanked by SHIELD Agent and Honorary Avengers member Sharon Carter, and on the other side of him was SHIELD Cube guard Agent Catherine Mora.

The three of them continued down the hallway until they reached an electrified blue shield that enclosed the cell that housed the dangerous and highly unstable Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin.

Colonel Fury stared through the electrified shield and at Norman who was sitting on his cot staring at the wall across from him intently almost as if he was in a trance.

"OSBORN!" Fury shouted.

Norman was broken from his trance and he slowly turned his eyes towards Fury and he let a smug smile cross his lips.

"Fury. What do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

"OPEN IT!" Fury yelled.

The shield in front of Norman's cell suddenly disappeared and Fury calmly walked into the cell. The Colonel clenched his gloved hands and upon the motion both of his gloves started to spark with intense electricity.

Inside the Cell

"If I would have known you were dropping I wou….." Norman started but Colonel Fury reached him and without warning Fury lashed out with a hard cross that caught him across the jaw but not only did a punch hit him but a powerful surge of electricity accompanied the strike and both attacks.

Norman hit the ground.

Colonel Fury used his left electrified hand and grabbed a handful of Norman's hair and jerked his head up. Fury delivered another shock punch followed by another and another and another.

Agent Mora stood outside the cell watching Fury pound Norman's face and with each punch that connected she could feel overwhelming sympathy for the caged misunderstood man. Norman Osborn had not done anything to warrant such a beating and she knew in her heart what was happening right now was wrong but she wouldn't dare speak her mind in fear of being demoted even more and being taken away from him. So she stood there with her jaw clenched and silently praying that the beating would be over soon.


Colonel Fury punched Norman in the face one last time before backing away, all the while breathing heavily.

"HA-HA!" Norman laughed "HAHAHAHAHA! Is that all you got Fury."

Norman slowly rose into a sitting position and stared ahead at the Colonel. He had bruises on his face and a small cut on his lip but it was all minor injuries. The Goblin serum that ran through his veins made him very very durable and it would take someone of the equal or greater strength to truly hurt him and even with the shock gloves Fury was just not strong enough.


"Did you have a bad day?" Norman teased.


"Did what Fury, please do tell what I'm guilty of this time. What false allegation are you going to pin on me now?"

"Earlier, one of my undercover Agents was shot at point blank range. Before he passed out he managed to activate his communicator where he had just enough time to say one word…..Goblin."

"Interesting, very interesting but you've got the wrong Goblin, I have no idea what you're talking about. I've been here, how could I have possibly sent a message out to anyone."

Colonel Fury stared down at him, his single eye gazing into the chaotic and slightly pin point eyes of the twisted man in front of him. Fury saw several things in Norman's eyes; rage, anger, and insanity were just a few but one thing he didn't see was lying.

'He's not lying…he has no idea what I'm talking about' Fury thought to himself before he swiftly turned away from Norman and stormed out of the cell, "CLOSE IT!" Fury yelled and just as suddenly as it disappeared the electrified shield reappeared.

Agent Mora lingered for a long second her eyes catching the eyes of Norman. He jerked his head towards the departing Nick Fury and Agent Mora nodded at the signal and began to follow after him leaving Norman alone.


Norman spit out a spec of blood and he turned his eyes to the cot where he saw an image of himself cowering in the cot under the covers.

"He's gone Osborn; you can stop your whining" The Goblin stated while standing up and cracking his neck.

"I-I-I f-felt….each b-blow" Norman groaned from his spot on the cot.

"QUIT YOUR SNIVELING YOU PATHETIC SACK OF MEAT! PAIN IS NOTHING!" The Goblin shouted, "Fury hits like a woman anyway."

"B-Bastard" Norman groaned.

The Goblin who was in control of Norman's body linked his hands behind his back and he began to slowly pace his cell.

"Goblin…..Goblin….Goblin" he repeated over and over again, "Who would be ballsy enough to take my name, take my legacy. Who would want to….Goblin….Goblin….Goblin?"

The Goblin continued to pace and pace until he suddenly stopped and he put a smile on his face as he turned towards Norman who took the covers off of his head and looked at him.

"HARRY!" the Goblin shouted before bursting into a fit of deranged laughter.

New York- The Lair

Madame Web sat in her throne in her red mist filled lair shuffling her tarot cards delicately. The elderly woman shuffled the deck a few more times before she suddenly threw the cards up in the air where they all hung in the air as if being suspended by cables or wires; with a small twist of her small boney wrist the cards slowly rotated around towards her scarf covered eyes.

Madame Web stared at the cards and her eyes widen in terror.

"NO! What's going on…..none of this is supposed to be happening!" she exclaimed.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' came the sound of someone laughing from all around her.


"Spare me your feeble attempts to warn me of something that you yourself have no chance of understanding. Let's see if you and your…your chosen web of life protector can survive the coming storm."

Madame Web could feel rumbling and rattling all around her.

"It's Starting, time is beginning to unravel." said the Beyonder

The rumbling increased and it was so powerful that Madame Web had to clench her teeth to stop them from clicking together uncontrollably. The elderly woman looked around her lair as the red mist started to recede away and be replaced by a steady approaching blackness. The blackness began to spread and creep it's tendrils upon her, wrapping around her tightly. The darkness knocked over her throne and began to consume all of the spiders and all of the intricate web patterns.

"NO! NOO!" Madame Web screamed at the top of her lungs as the blackness started wash over her, "NO!" she yelled one last time before the darkness consumed her as well.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ALL HAIL KANG THE CONQUEROR!" the Beyonder shouted his voicing echoing throughout the darkness.

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