This contains child abuse. I know J.K. Rowling never said anything about Harry being physically abused, but seriously they locked him in a cupboard, they could have been doing a lot more than that.

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What if Voldemort saw something through his connection with Harry? What if it was Harry being abused? How would he react?

Voldys POV:

It was a perfectly normal Tuesday night. I had just tortured a few death eaters and I was relaxing. Suddenly I got pulled into a new scene. I could tell it was Potter's mind. It was difficult to decipher what was happening, but I did see a giant whale of a man.

Harry's POV:

I just finished making the Dursleys their dinner. I can hear them eating it while I'm sitting here locked in my room. I hear my uncle start to walk upstairs and come to my room. The only question I have is what excuse is he going to use now to hit me.

I learned a long time ago that if i keep my mouth shut then he is not as brutal. I can hear him unlocking everything. I just sit there with my eyes closed and waiting for the impact.

"You little freak! You burnt our dinner! Now what are we supposed to do?" He started screaming at me.

"But..." I try to protest.

This just makes him even more enraged. He starts hitting me with as much force as he can possible muster. I hear a few bones crack and thank merlin that Madam Pomfrey gave him some healing potions and taught him some healing spells, that he would be able to use now that he has mastered wandless magic.

I just wait it out. Eventually he will give up and I will be left a bloody mess. I can't ask anyone for help. Dumbledore seems to think I am making it all up, even after I showed him all the cuts and bruises that were hidden under the glamour. Sometimes i think I am just a weapon to him, only useful for killing Voldemort.

My uncle is finally done. This time he only broke a wrist, an ankle, and a rib. Those will all be fairly easy to heal. It's as I am healing my self that I feel my scar burning. I know that means Voldemort had witnessed all of that.

All I can think is great now he has another thing to torment me about.

No one's POV:

Little did Harry know that Voldemort was trying to devise a plan to get him the hell out of that house! Voldemort may be evil and torture Death Eaters on a regular basis, but one thing he despised almost as much as death itself was child abuse. He knew all to well how it felt and now all he wanted was to get Harry out of there, as fast as possible. He was about to change everything.

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