"I've had enough trouble for a lifetime" Harry said and then left the Headmasters office and headed back to the Gryffindor tower while Hermione and Ron headed for the Great hall. When he reached the tower he didn't look around just walked right up to his dorm. He fell on his bed and was asleep moments after he landed.

Ron went into the dorm several hours later and Harry wasn't there. A massive search was started but he was nowhere to be found. They searched for three days. That evening Ron fell asleep on the couch in the common room with Hermione, and Ginny and Neville each slept in a chair.

The next morning Ginny woke up and went up to Harry's dorm and sat on his bed. She was just about to start crying when she heard a noise from Ron's bed. She looked and there was Harry laying in Ron's bed. She ran to the door and yelled, "Ron come quick."

When Harry woke up it was to someone jumping on his bed, "You're back, you're back, you're back."

Harry open his eyes to a red blur jumping on his bed. He finally woke up enough to realize it was Ginny. Harry asked, "What happened?"

Ginny stopped jumping and said, "Oh no. You don't get any questions. I want answers where have you been."

Ron said, "Ginny, give him a break. Let him wake up then you can beat him up for leaving without a word."

Harry said, "How long was I gone?"

Ron said, "Three days."

Harry grabbed Ginny's face and kissed her. Then he jumped up, "Let's go talk to Dumbledore. Where's Hermione and Neville?"

Ron said, "Wait you do remember Dumbledore is dead right?"

Harry pulled out the map and said, "Yes, I remember, I mean talk to his portrait. Oh good, they're in the common room come on.

Ron and Ginny ran after Harry. Harry jumped down the last few stairs and yelled, "Hermione, Neville come with me." He went flying out the portrait followed by Ron and Ginny.

Hermione and Neville took off after them, she said, "When did he get back, what's going on, where are we going?"

Ginny yelled back, "A few minutes ago, he wants to talk to Dumbledore's portrait."

Professor McGonagall was just leaving the office when Harry reached it, "Harry you're back."

Harry said, "Need to talk to Dumbledore and you." By that time the other four had caught up. McGonagall led them up to the office. And they all took a seat.

Minerva said, "First where have you been, when and how did you get back."

Harry said, "Do you remember the first time you saw me?"

Minerva said, "Yes I saw you shortly after you were born."

Harry said, "No the time before that, in 1978."

Albus said, "Yes I remember it well. You changed some lives didn't you."

Harry smiled, "Yes but I only set things on the right track, I couldn't change anything. Can I use the Pensieve?"

Albus said, "Of course. But prepare them before you jump in please."

Harry said, "Ok, Professor are you going to join us."

Minerva smiled, "No, I enjoyed it the first time. When you were born we knew your life was going to be hard from what you had told us. But we really had no idea you did well in not revealing information."

Hermione said, "Are you talking about time travel?"

Harry explained, "I went back to my parents seventh year. I spent three days getting to know them and their friends. I have a lot of memories I want to show. Neville some are of your parents. I couldn't change the time line, because terrible things happen to wizards who mess with time, right Hermione?"

Hermione smiled, "Right."

Harry concentrated, he put his wand to his temple and pulled the memory away slowly, then he put it into the pensieve. Then he said, "Ok, this first memory is when I woke up in their time."

**Memory **

Harry woke up because someone was poking him. "Just five more minutes" he asked.

The poking stopped but a voice he didn't recognize said "Mate, I really need my bed if you don't mind finding your own."

Harry was sure he had laid in the right bed, maybe he was in the wrong dorm. He rolled over and looked up and was positive someone was trying to prank him.

It was like looking into a mirror. Even the expression of complete surprise had to be exactly the same. Exact duplicate except the eyes, hazel eyes looked into green. Then to complete the picture they both said at the same time "Merlin's beard".

None of the five individuals in the room moved until Harry started looking around and noticed who else was there. His eyes even got bigger at each person he saw in the room. Finally he said "How did this happen, I shouldn't be here, there is no way this is really happening, it's got to be a dream, no, no, no, no, no." With each "no" he smacked himself on the head.

James finally stirred and said "Wow, uuuummm, maybe we ought to get McGonagall or perhaps even Dumbledore."

Harry looked up again and said "Yea, probably both". With that James Potter sat on the edge of Sirius' bed as Harry sat up on James'. Remus left to get the professors, it was after curfew and he was a prefect so he could do it without the threat of detention. No one said anything while Remus was gone. James and Sirius were both staring at Harry. Harry was looking around the room comparing it to his own, all the while thinking, "how did this happen?"

Remus came back and said, "Professor McGonagall is getting Dumbledore and will be here soon."

"What did you tell her" Sirius asked.

"Just that we had a major problem in the dorm and it would probably take Dumbledore to fix it." Remus answered.

"She probably thinks it's a prank gone wrong" Sirius said.

When the professors reached the room they looked at the four teens they could see in the room and McGonagall said "Is this some sort of a prank Remus? You said there was a problem."

"No professor, not a prank" Remus said, "We came up to the dorm to go to bed for the night and we found ….. something on James' bed."

Harry rolled his eyes and leaned out and said "Hi, my name's Harry." to a much younger McGonagall, but Dumbledore look pretty much the same.

The two professors looked between Harry and James. Finally McGonagall asked "What did you….. How did you….?"

"We didn't do anything Professor" James said "He was here asleep on my bed; I thought he had the wrong dorm but when he turned over…"

Finally Harry said "Professor I went to sleep on my own bed, in May of 1998, we had just been in a… situation. And I don't remember being hit with anything that would send me back 20 years."

McGonagall gasp and the four teens mouths dropped open but Dumbledore just smiled with a twinkle in his eye and said "Well I think we should set up another bed and talk more in the morning, unless you have had slept enough."

Harry smiled back and said "I think I could sleep for another week. " So Harry conjured a bed and moved over. With another swish of his wand he cleaned and remade James' bed. He lay down and was asleep within 30 seconds.

Several eyebrows were lifted in question but Dumbledore motioned everyone to bed and waved his hand at Harry and said "You won't need to worry about him tonight; I have ensured that he won't disturb you." And everyone went to bed.