Harry said, "This is my last memory."

** Memory **

The group sat around discussing classes and people until close to midnight. When they were ready to go to bed the girls started up their stairs. Lily was standing on the bottom step when James paused to look at her and say good night. Lily was almost eye level and before she could think she found herself leaning toward him.

She kissed him very lightly on the lips and said, "Good night James. I plan on going to breakfast at seven."

James nodded, and Lily ran up the stairs. They heard a voice say, "You didn't!"

Harry and Sirius each grabbed one of James' arm and pulled him to the dorm. They dropped him on his bed and Harry whispered, "Way to go Dad you finally got Mum."

Remus and Sirius chuckled. James sighed, "You were right Harry, one kiss and bam."

**End Memory **

Harry said, "That's it."

Albus's portrait said, "I have a few more for you. Minerva will you please?"

She poured the memory in, this time she went into the memory.

** Memory **

At six the next morning James jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. Ten minutes later he was done and started waking up the dorm. But he lost all his enthusiasm when he went to wake Harry and he was gone. He yelled at Sirius to check the map. Sirius and Remus poured over the map but he was nowhere to be found.

James took it and started looking, Sirius had to take it from him because he almost tore it in his agitation. Sirius said, "There's nothing we can do James. He's gone back."

They sat there stunned until seven, when Remus jumped up and ran out. He came back a few minutes later with Lily, Alice and Marlene in tow. Remus said, "Hey Peter, can you go get McGonagall maybe she can help."

Peter left as Lily reached James, "What's wrong James?"

He looked at Lily, "He's gone."

Lily looked around, "Harry?"

James nodded, "I wish I could have given him some fatherly advice about girls or something, but I've just gotten the girl of my dreams and he helped me do it. He just showed up three days ago, he didn't know how he had gotten here nor why he was here. But it seems like I've known him forever and now he's gone."

Lily said, "Not gone really, he just went back to our older selves. I'm sure we've been worried about him. Besides, he'll be here again in a few years."

James smiled, "We have one brilliant kid. And he has the most beautiful mother in the world. He even has a red headed girlfriend that he loves. He's going to ask her to marry him when he gets back."

Lily smiled, "Sounds like a beautiful future to me."

**End Memory **

Harry was too choked up speak. Ginny hugged him then the rest of his friend gathered around him in a group hug.

Minerva was drying her eyes when she said, "I have another one."

** Memory **

Remus and Sirius sat in the headmasters office, with Dumbledor.

Albus said, "When Harry came to see us back in your seventh year. He knew what was in store for him. He had already beaten Voldemort. He couldn't change anything or when he got back Voldemort may not have been dead. He knew the sacrafices you all would make. You remember what he said?"

Sirius said, "Terrible things happen to wizards who mess with time."

Remus said, "I understand now why he wouldn't tell us anything. What the silences and scared glances meant. I remember wondering why Harry wouldn't know Marlene McKinna's kids. He knew she would die but didn't have the heart to tell her."

Albus said, "Never have I seen a wizard that carried more weight on his shoulders than this. He is truly my favorite student of all time but I can't stop what happens to him. I want him to have as normal of a childhood as possible. I can't lay anymore on him."

Sirius said, "You will have to tell him sometime Albus. When he is older and better able to handle it. But he will need to know."

Remus said, "Are we basing all this on what he said when he visited."

Albus said, "He told me there would be a prophecy and that he would fulfill it. I heard the prophecy myself."

Remus gasp, "Sybil Trelawney made the phophecy."

Albus said, "How did you know."

Sirius said, "When Harry asked Minerva about the animagus transformation he said it was because a dream he had to analyze for divination. He told us the woman was a real seer but didn't know it. And he said she had only made two prophecies that he knew of one was during an interview the Headmaster. I wonder about the other one?"

Albus smiled, "Harry told me that she had prophesied about you and Peter the night he escape us this spring."

Remus smacked himself in the head, "I get it. Remember he always disliked Peter. He said that Peter reminded him of someone who always got him in trouble. Peter caused all kinds of trouble for Harry."

Sirius said, "No wonder he wanted Peter obliviated. If he would have know that the two Harry's were the same… I hate to think about what would have happened."

Remus said, "Albus you know James had all kinds of plans to teach Harry magic before he turned eleven. We had even discussed leaving England."

Albus said, "Sirius if I had known you were innocent I would have given Harry to you and sent you out of the country."

Sirius growled, "I will get that rat."

Remus said, "You remember him telling us about his friend Hermione?"

Sirius said, "Yes, the one who always runs to the library and memorizes everything."

Remus said, "She really does, he wasn't exaggerating at all."

Sirius asked, "So is he with that red headed girl, what was her name?"

Remus said, "Ginny but he never said her last… O, he's going to date Ginny Weasley. Red hair, freckles, cute, six brothers."

Sirius said, "No, it can't be her."

Albus said, "Why not."

Sirius said, "One of her brothers is going to die in the final battle."

Remus said, "No, they can't they are the first really family Harry has known."

Albus said, "Hopefully next year will be quiet."

Sirius said, "With the Tri-Wizard Tourniment?"

Albus said, "No one under the age of seventeen can enter. He should be out of the lime light this time."

Remus said, "Let's hope. He hates the attention and let's face it no matter what he does he gets attention. He just can't stop himself from saving people."

**End Memory **

When they returned Harry sat in a chair, "I'm glad they understood. They could have hated me for that."

Hermione said, "Of course they understood. They know what could have happened."

Harry said, "But did they still understand as each one of them died for me?"

Ginny sat on Harry's lap and hugged him. Albus' portrait said, "Harry, we had hoped we could be here for you, but giving our lives so that you could continue was a sacrifice we were all were willing to make."