Phantom Fox

Ch 1

Alright this is my new fanfiction. It is a Zoids fanfiction, that takes place during the New Century Zero timeline. The story starts off in Episode 20, where Brad gets the Shadow Fox. Everything up to that point is cannon, but after it is all my own.

Also note that the dialogue isn't exactly the same, that is because I am writing the story, and as such I will probably be tweaking parts of it.

I will be giving some of the Zoids actual names, such as Brad's Command Wolf's name is Howl. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Also of importance, I have someone else doing grammar check on this story as opposed to my Legend of Zelda story.

Important note, I do not own Zoids. Also this disclaimer will only be repeated two more times.

-Blitz Team Base-

"Hey guys, where's Brad, I got Leon on the phone, and he wants to talk to him?" Bit asked his teammates. Bit Cloud the young seventeen year old pilot of the Liger Zero. His blond hair was spiked in the front like a star as always. He wore his typical dark blue and black long-sleeved casual jacket, along with his tan pants and blue tennis shoes.

"Brad went off, about three days ago to the forest surrounding Mt. Icelena." Jamie replied. Jamie Hemeros was a young boy of fourteen, but despite that he had an excellent mind, and his tactics for Zoid battles were first rate. In his Raynos though, he becomes a different person entirely, becoming the Wild Eagle his skills as a pilot increase dramatically, changing him into a fearless warrior. He was currently wearing a red and blue jersey over a white shirt, along with his tan shorts and pink shoes. "You would have known that if you hadn't gone on a scavenging spree." Jamie responded.

"Mt. Icelena? Why would he go there?" Bit questioned.

"Remember that battle that we had about a week ago there?" Jamie asked.


"Well he claimed to have seen something in the forest." Jamie responded.

"Oh don't tell me it's about the phantom Zoid that he thought he saw. I mean really, what is thinking, there was no Zoid out there, or else I would have seen it. After all I do have the best eyes on the team." Bit boasted.

"As much as I hate to admit I have to agree with Bit." Leena Toros, the daughter of the Blitz team manager and heavy assault gun "sniper" pilot. She was wearing her yellow blouse, and her light blue skirt along with her trademark magnetic floating hair bangles. "Yeah, I mean it was all foggy and dark, I doubt that he even saw anything. I bet that this is just a chance for him to take a sudden vacation" Leeana added.

"Oh come on guys you know Brad is not like that. If he wanted to take a vacation, then he would just say so. But what I'm worried about, is if we have to have a battle while he is away." Jamie stated in a worried tone.

"Hey Bit I am still on the phone you know." Leon yelled from the phone.

"Oh sorry about that. Anyway it seems that Brad is out searching for some phantom Zoid out in the forests surrounding Mt. Icelena." Bit replied. "So what did you want to talk to Brad about anyway?" Bit questioned.

"Sorry Bit, but that's between the Fluegel team and Brad." Leon said as he hung up.

"Wonder what that was about?" Bit wondered aloud.

"Hey team, great news, we have a battle with the Crusaders team tomorrow, so all you guys get ready. Hey where's Brad?" The eccentric Doctor Toros asked. Causing Jamie to sigh as he explained the situation all over again, and ending with the new fact that Jamie would have to participate in this battle, instead of the usual Brad.

-Mt. Iselina Forest 11:00 P.M-

Brad Hunter sat in a clearing amongst the vast forest surrounding Mt. Iselina next to a small cook fire, underneath his blue Command Wolf, Howl. As he sat waiting for the water to boil, the fire flickered over his blue eyes. Anyone watching would have noticed his long and bushy brown hair and the green bands tattooed around his arms. As well as the long blue and grey sleeveless high collared jacket that fell about an inch above his knees, underneath it he wore a black shirt. Completing his outfit was a pair of black pants and some black boots.

All of a sudden his ears flicked towards a sound that he has been chasing for two days. A fast paced running, of a Zoid. Quickly Brad hopped into Howl, and took off intent on the capture of the elusive Zoid, that everyone believed was a figment of his imagination.

"Come on Howl, we need to catch this guy." Brad said as he and Howl took off after the black and gold Zoid that was easily keeping ahead of them as it bounded through the trees without even touching them, something that he and Howl weren't doing so well at first. But after a minute Brad adapted and started to move through the trees as smoothly as the mystery Zoid.

The Zoid looked back, giving Brad a look at its gold and black muzzle and red eyes that flashed in surprise. It seemed to smile as it suddenly took off towards the right into an area that had a lot less trees when suddenly it leaped…over the ledge that they had been running on.

As Brad and Howl pulled up to the cliff they looked down in amazement as the mystery Zoid, that looked like a black fox, effortlessly bounded down the cliff.

"Well we didn't come this far just to be stopped. Let's surf Howl." Brad said. Howl simply growled in anticipation of the challenge. Howl in response to his partner's command leapt down the cliff sliding down the walls, roughly but safely. That is until his front paws got caught and caused him to flip and crash down half the cliff.

Once they finally reached the bottom of the cliff, they duo landed in a pained heap of twisted metal. "Howl you alright?" Brad asked.

'What do you think I just went mountain boarding and wiped out, falling about two hundred feet. I am completely frozen.' Howl growled back at Brad.

"Hey don't get-" Brad started to say when he looked up noticing that seven missiles were coming his way. "Shoot! Come on, come on." Brad said as the struggled to get Howl moving.

Howl realizing the danger, manually ejected his pilot just before the missiles hit the Zoid. The missiles raised a cloud of fire and smoke that could be easily seen for miles if there was anyone to see the smoke. Once the explosion passed Brad looked back on his Zoid in sorrow.

'It's been a good run Brad. Remember to tell her.' Howl said with his last breath.

"Yeah, I will. I hope you meet her as well." Brad replied to his dead friend.

Brad struggled to get himself away from the impact crater and the pillar of flame. As he got out of range of the flames he collapsed in exhaustion. Looking up he noted a jeep pulling up. Out of the jeep stepped a giant man, dressed in a black trench coat and pants, as well as a purple shirt and a red tie. Looking over Brad he smirked. That was the last thing that he noted before he blacked out.

-Next Day Mt. Iselina Backdraft base-

As Brad stirred from his unconscious state, he immediately realized that he was locked down to a g-force chair. The second thing that he realized was that before him stood Dr. Laon, Dr. Toros's arch rival.

"So you're awake. You're Tauros's spy aren't you?" Laon questioned Brad as he walked past him.

"Me a spy. No chance." Brad replied in anger. Laon smirked at the young man's obvious denial.

Laon leaned down and spoke into Brad's ear. "Come now, you were sent by Toros to spy on the Shadow fox and discover its capabilities."

"The Shadow Fox?" Brad asked in surprise, having never heard of the Zoid, even though he knew nearly every type of Zoid in existence.

"The Shadow Fox is my greatest creation. It is the product of all my knowledge and skills as a scientist." Laon stated with pride as great as that he held for his beloved Whale King. "Unfortunately nobody can pilot it to its full capabilities. Every pilot of Backdraft is unable to pilot it, in fact only two lasted more than thirty seconds. Even Vega Obscura couldn't pilot it for longer than five minutes, and even then he couldn't bring out more than half of its potential, before the Fox ejected him from the cockpit. As a result it sits in the back collecting dust. " Laon explained with extreme annoyance.

Brad smirked at the annoyed look on his face. "Sounds to me like you created a wild Zoid(1), an extremely picky one at that, and I'm sure you know as well as I do, that they and not anyone else choose their pilots." Laon looked on the blue clad mercenary with a calculating look.

"Yes, well as you are technically my guest it is only fair that I give you a little joyride." Laon said as he snapped his fingers and walked out of the circular room.

"Hit it." Laon told his assistant.

"Sir." The assistant responded.

And with that the chair started to accelerate to double the g's a Lightning Saix could produce totaling around eleven g's. After a minute at that level of G's he turned his attention to his assistant. "Is he out yet?" Laon questioned with a casual curiosity.

"I- I don't understand, he is still conscious." The man replied as they both turned to look at camera showing that Brad was indeed still conscious as he turned his head to glare at the camera.

"Make it go faster!" Laon roared out.

"But sir, he could die if w-" The man started to say before Laon reached over and increased the speed doubling the speed to twenty two g's, a speed where one could quickly die. After nearly a minute of Brad screaming he passed out.

"Pick him up, and throw him in a cell." Laon told his assistant as he quickly left to see to one of his other projects.

As the man went to release Brad from his restraints, neither he nor Laon, ever checked the vitals screen, or else they would have realized, he never went unconscious.

Ten minutes later the base exploded into chaos as a klaxon sounded declaring that a prisoner had escaped. Shouts of 'find him' and 'where is he' were shouted, the entire base knowing that if he escaped then they would have to pack up and move.

"What happened?" Laon demanded as he walked into the command center, seeing his assistant's face all bruised.

"The Blitz team spy escaped." The commander of security quickly explained as he tried to coordinate his men.

'So he never lost consciousness after all, even at those g forces.' The doctor thought in both amazement and puzzlement.

Meanwhile Brad was sneaking out of the vents, in an attempt to reach the Zoid hanger, where he would grab a Zoid to assist in his escape. But as he landed he was spotted by one of the numerous guards. So he started to run in the direction that he hoped would lead towards the hanger.

As soon as he entered the hanger Brad noticed that the way beyond was being blocked by even more guards, seeing his way blocked from moving forward in the hanger and running out of options Brad looked down, seeing nothing but old Green Horns(2). That is until he spotted the Shadow Fox. Looking at the Zoid Brad saw that it was about twenty four feet tall and was about eight feet longer than Howl used to be. The Shadow Fox was colored mainly black, but on the shoulders, shoulder joint covers, claw armor, and the cockpit cover it was colored gold, while the Fox's eyes were a deep ruby color. Brad also noticed that its paws were a simple silver and that it had pointy ears resting on the top of its head. He also noticed the Vulcan gun on its back. Deciding to take his chance, he leapt from the walkway, and grabbed onto a chain, which he used to swing himself onto the Shadow Fox.

The Shadow Fox had heard the commotion and was wondering what was going on. He was hoping that whatever it was it would be exciting and was wondering if it could use the chance to escape and find the one pilot that would match him perfectly. All Zoids know that there is one perfect pilot for every one of them, but so many, end up accepting sub grade pilots. But he was picky and patient, and would not accept anything less than his perfect pilot.

As he stood there waiting he suddenly picked up the sound of running footsteps, and shortly after that a chain passing through a pulley. After that he felt a human running over his body and into his cockpit. Well if one of these idiots thought that he would let himself be piloted by anyone other than one that he chose, then they would get the shortest ride of their life. But as the person settled into the cockpit and lowered the canopy, he felt a distinct sense of rightness flow through him, rather than the sense of contempt and fury that normally filled him when one of these foolish Backdraft pilots attempted to control him. In curiosity he brought up his internal camera and saw that it was someone that he had never seen before, a brown bushy haired youth wearing a long blue coat.

But his internal questions were cut short for as soon as Brad had overrided all of the restraining programming input into the Shadow Fox in order to ensure the Zoid wouldn't run off, the Zoid let out a fierce howl.

"No not my Zoid. Close the gate." Laon shouted from inside the command post.

Brad urged the Zoid into a run out the base. The Fox was eager to respond, in a speed that the Fox had never before exhibited the Zoid dashed towards the rapidly closing door, when all of a sudden Brad sent the Zoid into a slide, sliding right underneath the door.

As quick as a flash Brad had the Fox up and moving out into the forest at high speeds, but not before he noticed underground exits open, and a pack of twenty Rev Raptors piled out.

"Alright buddy, show me what you got." Brad told the black and gold fox. The Zoid eagerly responded, slightly surprised that his pilot was actually talking to him. "Hmm, lets see. We got an AZ 30mm Armor Piercing Laser Vulcan, an AZ 70mm Electromagnetic Net Gun, Strike Laser Claws, Electron Bite Fangs, and a smoke discharger." Brad said in an impressed and pleased tone as he activated the smoke discharger, effectively blinding both the chasing Zoids and the base's cameras.

'Sir we … lost the Shadow Fox." The bruised assistant told Laon in slight fear.

"Send out the Helcats, and have the Raptors follow as soon as they can." Laon ordered his men. In response to his order, fifteen Helcats were sent out.

But none were expecting Brad, to turn his Zoid around and engage the blinded raptors. As quiet and stealthily as possible, Brad wove the Shadow Fox between the trees, releasing smoke as he went to keep the cloud up as long as possible, to emerge in position behind the raptors. "Alright let's show them what you can do." Brad said as he engaged the Laser Vulcan and opened fire upon the raptors.

"Sir Rev Raptor units 2, 8, 12, and 17 are down." Laon stood there angered.

Brad moved the Shadow Fox between the trees shooting the raptors as he passed by hitting them as though he was a phantom, by the time they knew that he was there he had already removed half the raptors. But even then, the only thing that they saw before they were taken out was a pair of red eyes that appeared a second before each Zoid was shot, clawed, or bitten into submission. When the smoke cleared, three minutes after the carnage began, there stood only three Rev Raptors.

"Stick close, men. It's the only way we can hope to bring it down." The commander of the Raptor force told his men.

They stuck together, but that ended as soon as the Shadow Fox ran through the clearing, with its claws glowing gold, and the Vulcan spitting lasers at the Raptors. The two junior pilots charge immediately at the Fox, only to be gunned down within seconds, as the Shadow Fox continued to close ground. In response the commander opened up his blades and charged the Fox, unknowingly speeding his destruction. As the raptor sped forward, it timed its leap to intercept the optimal distance that a Strike Laser Claw attack would come from. But the Fox kept running until it leaped from below the raptor, where it slashed up the Zoid from neck to belly, effectively disemboweling the poor little raptor. As the Shadow Fox landed it immediately sped and dashed through the trees.

In the Shadow Fox's cockpit, Brad noticed that his sensors were picking up enemy Zoids. "Hmm, looks like the multi-sensor is picking up Helcats. Small and annoying, but easily dealt with." Brad looked up from his sensors to look outside the cockpit, and then he realized just how easily it would be to take out the small panther Zoids. "Heh, they may think that they are invisible, but we can see them as clear as day. Right Fox." The Shadow Fox growled in agreement as they skidded to a stop.

Laon looking on the Shadow Fox, watched in puzzlement.

Brad raised the Vulcan and opened fire expertly tracking and shooting down the cloaked Helcats, as though they were standing still. His lasers piercing trees and armor, as all fifteen Helcats fell in under ten seconds. The Fox locked down the Laser Vulcan and dashed off once again through the forest.

Laon stood in the command center in shock. "What a feat, nobody has ever piloted the Shadow Fox with such advanced skills. Or even lasted that long." The giant stood there pondering, before he asked his assistant, "According to the battle data recorded, at what percentage of its capabilities was the Shadow Fox performing at? And how long has passed since the Shadow Fox was stolen?"

The assistant checked the estimates of the Shadow Fox's capabilities and gasped in shock. "S-Sir, he piloted the Fox, beyond the estimates. Up one hundred and fifty percent. And the pilot has been in the Zoid for over an hour. He took out the Rev Raptors in under four minutes. And it took us the rest of the time with the Helcats just to find him."

"Find that Zoid, but don't engage him. I have an offer for him." Laon said with a grin.

"Man this Zoid rocks." Brad exclaimed as he and the Fox maneuvered through the tightly woven forest with the utmost ease. "So Fox, mind telling me why you didn't let Vega Obscura pilot you. Rumor has it that he is one of the best pilots in the world, even though he is only thirteen."

"You know you are one of the first to actually try to speak to me." The great Zoid said as they ran. "But the reason was not his skill, so much as his he wasn't my pilot."

Brad smiled. "I was right; you really were a wild and picky Zoid." The Shadow Fox laughed at the truth. "So mind telling me what makes me right?"

"Not at all. So far, from what I can tell, your personality is an exact match for mine. You are confident, clever, adaptive, and extremely skilled. And of course you are one of the few who recognize the fact that we Zoids are alive One question tough. Was it you who was piloting that blue Command Wolf the other day?" The Fox asked.

"Yes. His name was Howl. He was very adaptive like you." Brad said with a hint of sadness.

"I am sorry what happened. He was a worthy rival."

"Yeah, but now he can finally return to his mate.(3)" Brad said with a sorrowful smile.

The Shadow Fox was shocked that his pilot knew so much about Zoid behavior. "I knew I made the right choice. Tell me how do you know so much, about Zoid behavior."

"That will take a long time to tell, besides, there is a more pressing matter. We need to come up with your name." Brad told his Zoid, which pleased him to no end. After a few minutes of running and thinking Brad came up with a name. "Hey, what do you think about 'Wraith'?" Brad asked his Zoid.

The Shadow Fox pondered the name as he ran. "I like it. Deadly and silent, like us." Wraith said quite pleased with his name.

"Glad you like it. Heads up clearing ahead." Wraith acknowledged with at growl as they slid to a stop in front of a large clearing with a lake in the middle of it. But before they had time to admire the lake's beauty, a Stealth Viper emerged from the lake.

Brad and Wraith prepared for another fight, when all of sudden a hologram of Laon appeared, being projected from the Viper.

"Warrior! I'm finally appreciating what a superior pilot you are. Congratulations the Shadow Fox is yours." Laon said.

Brad gave a smirk. "As if Wraith would have let anyone else pilot him, especially now."

"I would also like to extend you an invitation to join the Backdraft group. You'll be paid far more than what the Blitz team pays you. So what do you say?"

To say that Brad was shocked would have been an understatement. But as he sat there a plan started to formulate. "Hey Wraith, I think you also forgot to mention sly and devious." Brad whispered to his partner.

"You don't mean." Brad nodded. "Well let's hope that we can pull off a long term covert operation." Brad nodded once again, but more solemnly.

"You have a deal doc. So what's first?" Brad replied.

(1) Note in this fiction wild Zoids are those that are as the name suggest wild. They have no pilot. Not many are able to pilot wild Zoids because they choose who pilots them. Wild Zoids are pickier of their pilots than manufactured Zoids often searching for their perfect pilot or one that is highly skilled. Manufactured Zoids, with few exceptions, let anyone pilot them. Wild Zoids are much smarter, and have a lot more personality than manufactured Zoids. Note that manufactured Zoids can develop personality like wild Zoids, but it takes a long time.

(2) I don't actually know what kind of Zoids that are shown in the Anime, but for the purpose of this fiction, they are Green Horns unless someone would mind telling me what they are.

(3) Yes Zoids can mate, and they don't have to be the same species, or type. But it is more like a spiritual connection, rather than a physical. The new born, starts out as a Zoid core and grows from there.

Also I promise that the battles will get better, more detailed and longer. But in this chapter it was mostly an escape, rather than a straight up fight.

I hope that you like my new story. I have plans for this story, so I do plan on finishing it. Also from here on out things are going to go according to my far reaching mind dictates, rather than the anime. Hope you enjoy. Later.