"Finished, sir," Harry said. The fifteen-year-old stepped aside to let the Potions Master inspect his potion.

"Sit down, Harry," Snape instructed him. "Your stubborn pride will profit you nothing if you embarrass yourself by falling over in my lab. That is what the stools are for."

"Your worktable's a bit higher than the ones in the potions classroom," Harry argued, even as he seated himself on a stool. "I can't see into the cauldron as well unless I'm standing."

The man rolled his eyes. "It sounds as though your best solution would be to be grow taller." This comment earned him a scowl from the teen, who deigned not to comment. Harry was still not fully recovered, but as the boy had nearly died – had, in fact, for a minute or two – it was none too surprising. Nevertheless, the progress he had made already was impressive.


Severus looked up to see the boy staring at him expectantly. He'd allowed his thoughts to wander as he examined the potion. "Just the right consistency," he critiqued. "Color is what it should be. Pity, school isn't in session. I might have awarded points."

"So, it's good?" Harry asked, ignoring the teasing remark.

"Indeed, you have done very well. Now, what do you wish to do with it? Do you intend on taking it?"

"Actually, I was thinking..."

"A rare occurrence, I am sure," Severus drawled.

Harry rolled his eyes and continued. "Anyhow, I think there are better ways of having complete memories without taking Perfectus Memoria. I mean, just because you can't remember every little thing doesn't mean your memory isn't complete."

"I quite agree," said the Potions Master. "Which still leaves us with the question: what shall we do with this?" He indicated the full cauldron, whose shimmering contents seemed to glow.

"I... I think we should throw it out."

Snape raised a brow. "That would be a waste of a perfect potion," he pointed out neutrally.

"I know," Harry murmured softly, looking down at his hands, "but some things aren't worth risking."

The man placed a hand on his shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. When the boy finally looked up, he vanished the cauldron's contents with a wave of his wand. "A zero for this session, Potter," he declared wryly.

Harry laughed. "Good thing classes aren't in session!"

Snape mussed the boy's hair. "Cheeky brat," he scowled, but Harry just grinned.

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