So, this just kind of popped into my heaad when I was thinking about the 2 episode of season 2. It might be a bit hard to follow so, for that I am sorry. Just some drabble about what is going on in her head.

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He had only really started noticing her when summer began and she and Stella had arrived in L.A. She couldn't help but wonder why. She knew that before guys left on their tour, she had been a crazy, obsessed fan-girl. She had thought, though, she was getting better. As the months went on after the day she met her favorite band, she had actually started thinking of the rock stars as more of friends, and less of idols. Nick had even confirmed her suspicions. He had told that Malcolm Meckle person that she was, in fact, their friend and that is why they let her record, and even though she burst into tears after that, she knew that they had started the beginnings of a friendship.

Now they were all here in L.A. She still wasn't completely sure what was going to happen with Joe and Stella but, she had noticed that Nick was looking at her in a new way. A way she had always secretly hoped he would look at her in. She couldn't lie; she liked it…a lot. Though she would never admit it, Nick had always been her favorite member of JONAS, then, when they got to know each other better, her favorite Lucas brother, and somewhere down the line, he became the object of her affection. She would always notice the little things he did for her whether it be handing her a book that had dropped out of her locker, or holding a door open for her. She knew he never meant anything romantic by it. He was just being…Nick. He was always sweet and caring toward women, even if he did not think of them as anything more than a friend. It was just how he was raised. Of course, he never found out about her secret desires toward him during the school year. Or, at least, if he did, he never let on. Which, she didn't mind too much. She figured she was never good enough for Nick Lucas anyway, so why have him know and break her heart or ruin their friendship or both.

Friendship. That's what it all came down too. Nick had said earlier " You just seem different this summer, good different." Later, after her and Nick had spent and amazing afternoon on the beach together, she could not help but think about that statement. Did that mean she was not good enough before? Sure, she was less obsessive now but, was that the problem? Maybe it was more of the fact that they were together in L.A for the summer, without the distraction of school and sports and concerts and he could not help but notice her. Whatever it was, she couldn't help but be a bit hurt by it. Whatever it was, it made her wonder what the "something different" was and why it had changed Nick Lucas' feeing toward her.

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