Pre-Story info: Donna has her memories back. The Doctor is still in his tenth form. Rose is back travelling with the Doctor and Donna. They are at Martha and Mickey's wedding.

Donna held the Doctor's hand as they danced to the music being played.

"So you going to tell me why you're acting this way?" He asked as he twirled her.

"Why don't you tell me." She said gazing up into his face. They danced in silence for awhile.

"Rose told me some things between you and her while I was gone." The Doctor sighed.

"Look, Donna, I know you're worried about mine and Rose's past, but you have to understand the circumstances. I mean gosh she was bleeding, she thought she was going to die. I mean the kiss I - it meant nothing."

Donna starred at him and stopped. "What kiss?" The Doctor looked at her. She didn't know. He said in his mind.

"Did you kiss her again?" Donna asked looking around to find Rose dancing with Jack. When he didn't answer she ran off of the dance floor and into the Bride's and Brides maid's chamber fallowed by the Doctor.

"Look Donna I need you to listen to me." He said walking up behind her. Donna rummaged through a small white purse, but unable to find what she was looking for she moved across the room to another table of purses.

"I understand that you didn't know about the kiss, and I'm sorry for springing it on you, but I meant what I said. It meant nothing." Donna looked up at him.

"A kiss always means something." She said low. She went back to looking through a purse.

"O – okay maybe you're right, but it wasn't a romantic moment. And you would know that if -" she slammed down the purse and looked at him.

"If what? If I was there? As you so sweetly pointed out last night I wasn't there was I? I was on earth without my memory." She went to grab a purse by him, but he handed it to her instead.

"Is it impossible for you to forgive me?" she stopped and looked at him her mouth dropped. She huffed and shook her head slightly.

"I forgave you." The Doctor said looking at her sadly. She scoffed.

"For what?"

"For sleeping with Jack Harkness." The Doctor sighed. Donna felt tear sting her eyes.

"And you know what Doctor, I loved you for that." She nodded sadly and held in a cry.

"You had such grace in that moment that I fell in love with you." She motioned to her with her hands and chocked back a sob.

"And know you're using it as a bargaining chip!" she cried.

"No I'm not, I'm not, but I need you to trust me and believe me when I tell you that my heart belongs to you." He watched her look through a purse trying her best to hold on to her pride and not cry.

"But apart of me feels that, ever since we got back together you've just been waiting, waiting to push me away." Donna starred at him in shock. How dare he! Donna thought.

"Oh great you kiss Rose, again. And I'm pushing you away!" Donna shouted at him as moved away to another table and picked up a purse. She rummaged through a purse before slamming on the table.

"God! Why do they have to make everyone identical purses as wedding gifts." She murmured placing a hand on her hip and the other on the table. The Doctor slowly walked over to Donna.

"I love you Donna. I don't know how else to say it." Donna shook her head.

"How about how you show it!" she shouted.

"I am not pushing you away. I am holding on for dear life." Donna let out a wet sob, trying to hold back tears that so desperately wanted to fall.

"But I need you to need me back." She cried pushing on his chest with her hands.

"Okay why wouldn't you tell me about the kiss, and why wouldn't you tell me about Rose coming back! And why won't you ever let me all the way in!" Donna cried. She sniffed and took several shaky breaths. The Doctor looked away about to cry himself. Donna hadn't seen the Doctor this upset since he took away her memories, but she still couldn't bring herself to care.

She looked away to the window to see people starting to sit.

"We have to go give our toasts now." She whispered.

"About love." She finished. She turned away and started to walk off when she stopped hearing the Doctor call after her.

"Donna don't me mad. Please don't be mad." He called. Donna turned around at the doorway and whispered her reply.

"I'm not mad Doctor. I – I'm not mad." She turned and walked out leaving the Doctor to sulk.