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The name of this fic was change from Diamond in the Ruff to Diamond in the Rough.

Diamond in the Rough

Chapter One

It was times like this when Harry was grateful no one gave him a second glance, because at the moment he was dressed in rumpled stitched, patched clothing with smudged glasses framed on his face. He wasn't exactly what people would call a looker, but in times like these he was grateful for the one good thing that he had in his life, his boyfriend, Percy Weasley.

Percy and he had met up at the ministry seeing as how they both were secretaries to some of the most influential men in wizarding politics. They had found comfort in each other. They had confided in each other about things that had happened in the ministry that were something to be very concerned about. They were the prefect match. Undeniably and irreversibly.

Their life was one of quiet simplicity. The lived in a two story flat in muggle London where they were away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi who always wanted to know the next amendment or bill Fudge was about to pass or veto. Despite the quietness, there house missed something. It was a special something that Harry was never able to pin point. When they had first moved in, he had thought it to be color as the flat was basically egg shell white. When the color didn't help, he thought it was light, so with a little "convincing" on Harry's part to Percy, he installed new light fixtures. It wasn't till two failed attempts till he realized that the missing piece wasn't of physical properties.

Percy was always clean and cut. He always took the time out to look this way to impress Minister Fudge, yet Harry was his opposite because, frankly, he couldn't care less about Malfoy thought about his attire. Though that was going to change because in an awkward twist of fate a stray copy of Witches Weekly had somehow landed on their coffee table, presumably from one of Harry female friends.

Become Sexy For Your Man

By: Morrisa Hartglem

Witches and Wizards,

It is time for Valentine's season, but instead of cranking out a box of Honeydukes Finest Chocolates or getting a cheesy card for your loved one, get sexy… Yes, that's right. I said sexy. Read these three simple questions to yourself and answer them truthfully. Only you will know the answer.

1. Do you wear rumpled clothing?

2. Is your face usually overtaken by thick rimmed glasses that were in fifty years ago?

3. Has your sex life slowed down?

If the answer to all these questions were a 'yes', then, it is obvious what you need to do. Follow these steps…

1. Lose the looser clothing and becoma as suave and sophisticated as you can, but keep your personal style in mind.

2. Lose the specs. If you want to look blind, walk around with an eye patch or cane.

3. Lastly, flirt a little. Spice things up in the bedroom. Ruffle your man's feather a tad bit. Make him jealous with some sweet talk to a complete stranger. All guys love the challenge.

Follow these ladies and gentlemen… - Morrisa Hartglem

"Harry, what rubbish are you reading now." Percy said walking in, his head held high in the air as always.

"Oh, nothing, Perce. I was just putting away some junk mail." Harry answered quickly, a little frazzled about the subject he'd been reading.

Percy gave him a glance before heading toward his boyfriend. "Truth?" The redhead asked as he lifted Harry chin so that he was staring right into green eyes.

"Truth." Harry confirmed. It had only been trash after all.

"So you wouldn't mind me seeing what that magazine is doing in you hand?' A red eyebrow was lifted.

Harry huffed shortly before handing the offending material over. "Witch's Weekly?" His tone was incredulous. "Why would you be reading this? There's nothing in here but girly rubbish." After a few moments of calculating, it finally clicked in the redhead's mind. His eyes floated down to the creased page of the magazine where the article had been. "Become Sexy For Your Man by Morrisa Hartglem."

Harry feared his boyfriends reaction at the revelation of his revelation. "It's nothing Percy. Just some silly trash."

"You're absolutely right, Harry. You don't need this tripe. You don't have to be like a beauty in those magazine, nor do I wan't you to be a pornstar in the sack. I love you because you are neither those things."

The dark haired boy stared blankly at his boyfriend. Had Percy really just said those words to his face? "I understand that Percy, but I want to make some improvements for you, for me, for us. I'm tired of not being able to please you the way I want to."

Percy sighed and cupped Harry chin. "I am not asking any of that from you. You are kind and loving and that's all that I could ever ask for from you. That's why I settled for you."

The redhead instantly knew what was wrong with what he said just as it slipped out of his mouth. "Harry, I… did not mean that."

"You settled for me." Was all Harry said before grabbing his satchel and heading for their home floo. "I'm glad to know that you could have done so much better but you settled for me." With that, he grabbed the offending magazine and proceeded to floo away to another boring day at this ministry filled with snobs and underachievers.

When he arrived, he was greeted by the regular hustle and bustle. He had come to grrow accustomed to the paper planes soaring above him. He did his regular check in process and braced himself for the idiocy of his coworkers.

"Harry!" Shouted out a fellow coworker. "You're early. Spat with the lover?"

Harry's head snapped back to the man. "My boyfriend and I are doing just fine. No need for your commentary, Jenkins. Maybe you should stop worrying about my love life and start worrying about the lack of one on your part." He spat back, glaring at the said man.

The office quieted down quite a bit. Harry stood fuming at Jenkins, the office joker. At this point everyone was casting glances in his general direction. They all looked petrified. It wasn't till a few moments that Harry figured that they couldn't have been looking at him. He slowly turned, only to come face to face with his employer, the infamous Draco Malfoy, advisor to the Minister of magic himself.

Harry looked at his boss with a dazed expression. "Sir, I'm sorry for my outburst. Please excuse me." He asked timidly, brushing past his employer.

"Mr. Potter," He heard Draco call out. "I hope you intend to put that issue to good use seeing as how an identical copy was missing from my desk two months ago."

A realization happened to Harry. "Sir, forgive me, I must have swiped it off your desk while picking up some files." His clumsy hand fumbled throughout his bag.

"No need for that Mr. Potter. It has long since been outdated." His boss said to him looking down from his high perch. "Don't come back to this office until you have made some personal improvements to yourself." He paused for awhile as he sized Harry up. "The Minister has an exemplary secretary. A Weasley. The only one of the brood to present himself as a gentleman. Maybe you can take a few notes from him."

Harry stood stock still. Wasn't it enough that his boyfriend had been a total jackass to him this morning. Now, his boss was doing the same thing.

Perfect, absolutely perfect.

"You're dismissed, Mr. Potter. I expect you to come back tomorrow with at least an ounce of class." His boss left him with those scathing words.

Anger. It was an emotion that Harry only felt once every few months. The hot spots were his birthday which Percy usually forgot and their anniversary which Percy usually forgot. These days usually ended up in epic fights.

Today. Harry James Potter was angry. Scratch that; he was furious. Of all the people in the world to insult him. His boss was at the bottom of that list. He had never cared before so it seemed so odd of him, but then again, Draco Malfoy was very unpredictable.

He went through the public floos after that not even stopping to tell Percy he was leaving early which he usually did. He stomped his way into their bedroom. "Ounce of Class." He fumed, slamming his closet door open so that he could view what he had to work with. He didn't have anything but his old hand me down suits that he had bought second hand for a third of the price of a new suit. All of the money he had left over went with Percy and his many investment accounts.

Hours later…

"Nothing," He whispered in defeat. Every piece of clothing he owned was strewn around the room.

There was the sound of a door closing. It was a soft click. Percy hated slamming doors. "Harry?" He questioned before hesitantly making his way up the stairs.

"Yeah, Perce. Mr. Malfoy let me take the day off to… gather myself." Harry answered pathetically.

Percy looked around the room, taking in the disaster before him. "It looks like you did more destroying than you did gathering." He said incredulously.

"I think I'm going to get fired." He confessed to his boyfriend, whose expression went from shock to anger,

"Are you packing?" Pecry asked from the blue.

Harry looked over his shoulder. "No, I was going through my things to make sure that there wasn't something salvageable in my closet. No luck so far." He sighed, throwing back some of his shaggy hair. "Percy, can we go buy some things?" He asked timidly.

"Absolutely not," Percy answered back. "You told me just three days ago that you have every things that you could have ever possibly wanted." He pause again. "What have those peons at your office been telling you? Don't listen to them Harry."

Harry sighed and stood up from his seat on a pile of ties. "The article." He droaned as he fisted his hands in his hair.

"What about it?" Percy removed his ailing lovers hands from his hair.

"My boss… self imporvement… God Perce… I'm so confused. Everyone so perfect and stylish. Then there's me." He admitted, leaning against the redhead.

"What's wrong with you?"

Harry shook his head into the other man's chest. " I don't know. It's just I can't become one of them. They're all suave and stuck up. I'm nothing like that and if I don't change, I'll lose everything we've worked for. What's going to happen when we lose my paycheck."

"We aren't going to even cross that bridge." His lover said sternly. "You are going go with those harpies you call friends and you are going to do what he wants."

"What?" Harry asked incredulously. Was Percy acutally going to let him do this?

"You're going to do whatever it takes to keep that job. People dream about having your job. Secretary to Draco Malfoy himself. If I wasn't Minister Fudge's secretary I'd be mighty sore in not having your position." He gave Harry a quick pat on his bottom as they stood up. "I'm calling you in sick tomorrow so you can make… the necessary improvements."

Harry could only nod.

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