My new story…its Sessh/Kag if you don't like the paring, don't read the story.

Bold means a change in location and/ or time or time period. Italics are thoughts or Sesshomaru's inner demon talking, or flashbacks. ** Movements in song

Chapter 1

New York , New York

July 6th

"Hi Kagome!" a 7 year old Sesshomaru called to his best friend

"Hi Sessh! Happy Birthday!"

"Thanks." He said, pushing his glasses up his nose.

Sesshomaru turned 7 today; he was smart and a little clumsy. His crush and best friend, Kagome was still 6. They have been best friends since they were 3 and 4. Kagome had black hair in a cropped pixie cut. Sesshomaru had silver hair that went down to his shoulders.

"Sesshomaru, Time to come in." Sesshomaru's step-mom said.

"Coming, Bye Kags." He said.

"Yeah, Bye." Kagome called, going into her house, next door.

"Sesshomaru, we need to talk." His step-mom Izayoi said

"Yeah ma?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Baby, Kagome's daddy got a new job in California. She isn't gonna live here anymore."

"NO! She can't go!"

"She's leaving in a few minutes baby. She wanted me to tell you goodbye for her and give you this." Izayoi said, handing Sesshomaru a box. The note on the top had his name on it, it read:


I didn't wanna leave. I want you to have this teddy bear and this necklace; it's like the moon on your forehead. I have the one with the sun on it. And we'll never take them off and we'll remember each other.



After putting on his necklace, Sesshomaru did something that he hadn't done since his mother died; he cried. Izayoi held him for a little while, then his father, then his little half brother.

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