It's been awhile since I've written anything. I still haven't given up on the whole Pokemon thing, but I doubt I'll be updating that any time soon. Blah.

This all came about when my friend asked me for an idea to write a fanfic. Being the smart-ass I am, I said: "Do an epic multi-chapter Pong story."

He took it seriously.

So we ended up fighting to see who could write the best Pong story. May the best man win.


DISCLAIMER: I don't own Pong, but if I did it would have an awesome storyline like this.

Chapter 1 - Epic Beginnings

Once there was a pixel. His name was Bill. Bill the mother fucking pixel. He was bill. He was a pixel. A white pixel. A fucking white pixel named Bill. I don't know what else to say about him other than the fact that he's a pixel.


Bill lived in harmony with nature. And by nature I mean, he was knocked back and forth by a couple of white stick-paddle-things. They were twin brothers. Their names were PaddleStick and StickPaddle respectively.

Bill's whole life revolved around being bonked back and forth between PaddleStick and StickPaddle. And occasionally flying behind them just to reappear back in the middle of the paddles anyway. Mainly because they were a pair of jerks. That and they were locked in a never-ending duel. A duel for what you ask? Who the fuck knows. Seriously.

Bill never knew life outside the "arena". All that was about to change.

It all started one rather average morning. The two paddle brothers were at it as always, knocking Bill back and forth disregarding his feelings. In fact, the paddles were already resorting to their usual taunts and name calling.

"You worthless stick. I'm going to crush you!" PaddleStick called out from the left.

"I'm not a stick you dumb-fuck! And I'm going to be the victor here!" replied StickPaddle from the right.

"Uh, guys? I hate to interrupt. But I don't suppose we could take a tiny break?" Bill was starting to get sick already. They were going at it way more viciously than usual.

"Shut up Bill." Yelled PaddleStick.

"Yeah, nobody cares about what YOU have to say." Yelled StickPaddle.

It was like that all the time. The paddles kept smacking away, and Bill had no choice but to ride it out. Well at least he was better off than his cousin. Last time he heard, his cousin was part of a collection of pixels making up some dumb plumber's fat ass.

That's when it happened. The two paddles were really getting angry at each other. Angrier than ever before. StickPaddle took everything out on the poor pixel, and hit Bill harder than ever before. Naturally, Bill went flying.

Right past PaddleStick.

StickPaddle's score went up by one. It was like what normally happened.

Except not. Bill didn't respawn. He kept flying. He flew outside the "arena" and still kept going. StickPaddle hit him so hard, he broke free of the boundaries of the paddle brothers' sick game.

Bill didn't know what to say. It was amazing. So many new sights zooming past him, his mind could barely keep up.


And then he hit a tree.