Pong: The story of Plizo

Hey people! So, as you all don't know, me and my buddy Aero (pen-name: Bokaj Rellim ) have decided to make fanfics on Pong. Yes, pong. We (or Aero) thought it would be fun to make some stories on such a useless topic, so thats just what we're doing. Enjoy the story and don't forget to read Aero's! More chapters coming soon.

It was now or never, and I don't think never could even be considered an option. As the ball steadily approached at a constant speed, I swore that the end would end with no regret.
"You better make your move, Plizo. You know what lies at stake, should you lose", the stack of pixels opposite of Plizo confidently spoke. Rushed with adrenaline, flowing ever so elegantly through my line of a body, I steadily aimed up and gave myself a boost of hope. Hope and determination. Blip! I had never heard something so relieving. The mere thought of it shook me with joy.

I had a chance to win. To regain what I lost.
My gender.
The ball moved in a direction in which the path it would take would not be foretold. It was unpredictable, at most. Unexpected. Porng, my rival at heart, braced for impact as the ball would smash against him. Unfortunately for Porng, he miscalculated where the ball would land. With fear suddenly taking place in his face, he knew what too would become of him should he lose. "Damn you, Plizo." The ball whizzed past Porng, and with a mighty *Ding!*, he knew he was up against a tough match- his best friend. "We were such good pals, Porng. Look at what this game has done to us. However, only one shall rise up and see the title as the champion. Sorry, Porng, but I don't plan on losing."

The air was suddenly filled with a cold, misty atmosphere. The pitch black night showed no mercy upon the piles of pixels. Winning a round was incredible, and I knew this. But in only one hit? I knew I was destined to reclaim my gender at that moment. The ball once again reappeared, and was this time headed towards Porng. He smacked the ball with such force and determination. He didn't hold back against me, and I could clearly tell.

I had begun to shed tears at what this mere game had brought upon us. I reached for the ball as it had almost run clean through the emptiness that lay before me.
I blocked his attack and used his force against him, flinging it right back towards his general direction. "It seems like the night isn't the only cold thing here, Plizo. Your bitter words leave me with a taste of vengeance." Porng skilfully glided vertically along the dark void that lay upon him. They both knew that their dreams were becoming nightmares, and that their friendship was forever faded away.

End of Chapter 1.