An: I have decided to redo this story simply because it did not like the way this was going and the grammar wasn't very good. Therefore, I decide to start with a prologue a bit of tease into what I have in store for you. So enjoy.


Blaze red eyes locked on the sleeping figure of the young princess. She grown so much since he lasted, seen her. He could hardly call her a child now. Almost the same age as his younger brother (in human years that is). In just a few more day's it would be her birthday as well as the full moon, the day she finally awaken her bloodline. The last purebred vampire, the red -eyed figure dreaded this day more than the death of his clan. Every creature name to man would be after her blood.

It was once said every million years a purebred last of its kind is to be born, to drink its blood and have powers only God himself can contain. And three days from now on the full moon marks the millionth year. He cannot let this happen not to her, not his sweet cousin.

The figure suddenly stilled, sensing another presence moving in fast. Masking his presence the figure hid in the shadows, eyes locked on the new figure appearing by his cousin window.

A vampire, with gold color eyes stood besides Hinata, eyes locked on her, almost in a trance, immediately he knew he held no real threat to the sleeping girl, yet however he kept a close eye on the man.

Suddenly the golden -eyed vampire froze sensing the presence of another. Edward stood protectively in front of Hinata sleeping form, waiting for the new comer to make its move.


He heard the thought of the vampire and pounced in his direction, with one thought in mind. But, become he can lay a finger on the vampire a freezing cold hand wrapped around his neck pinned him down to the ground like a animal. Grip so tight it cut of Edward's air. Edward felt a cool breath near his ears and whispered. "You're too weak to protect her."

Edward was forced to look into the figures blood red eyes, and for the first time in his life Edward felt heart gripping fear, crawling all over his body. The figure inched his face closing to Edward until their noses are almost touching.

"Listening to me carefully, Three days from now something will be coming after Hinata, If you want to protect her you must be strong…very strong"

Then suddenly the vampire vanished into thin air. Edward sat up gasping for air. His hand instantly flew to his throat as his finger danced over the handprint that strange vampire left on his heck. Edward sat in shock for a second become he jumped to his feet. He never felt fear like that before to the point where he felt like taking his own life. This vampire powerful more powerful then anything, he has encountered He had to get back to his family. He had much to tell them.

I don't have to ask you guy you already know who the figure is XD, I hope you enjoyed the little teaser. Please honestly tell me what you guy's think.