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Ok, this has nothing to do with my original fics, this is based off the anime as it exists. I just saw 166 and thought I should write how things should go after Naruto comes back to the village from the battle with Pein. Seeing how it is they add some different stuff in the anime from the manga I figure why not. Trying to do the story as if I were pitching it to the studio. I'm trying to think like the studios and follow the original story-line. This fic is not intended to be long, and one thing I might have planned for it, I know for a fact they wouldn't put even in the anime. I'm just brain-storming so bare with me.

I am also experimenting with a new idea of having a song from original soundtrack play during certain scenes. If you don't know the songs, I'm sure you can find out.


2 Days Later...

" Oh I can't wait." Hinata said gleefully as she , her teammates, team 10 and Sakura sat at a restaurant table. " The baby will be coming any day now." Hinata squealed.

" Chouji, slow down." Shikamaru said.

Chouji was chowing down on some barbecue once again. " Asuma-sensei never spared any expense." he said jestingly.

" (sigh) I'll treat you this time, but next time you're paying." Shikamaru said.

" Deal." Chouji agreed.

" Has Kurenai-sensei thought of a name yet?" Sakura asked.

" She hasn't told me. But I've always liked the name Toba."

" Sarutobi Toba? Hinata-chan, that sounds a little.."

" It would be premature to give the harlett's child the sur name Sarutobi. If I'm correct, she and Asuma-sama were not married."

The group turned to see the Hyuuga Head Elder walking by accompanied by some Hyuuga servants.

Sakura and Ino's eyes narrowed at him.

" I know they planned to Hyuuga-san. But Asuma-sensei died before they could." Shikamaru said.

" Be that as it may..." As the Elder continued Hinata is shown getting up from her seat.".. That woman had the indecency to lay with a man she was not married to now that child will grow up to be a bastard in every sense of the word. I.."

" Elder..." Hinata said, up close to the Hyuuga elder. her eyes closed and wearing a kind smile. " Say one more word about sensei's baby...and I'll kick your ass."

A/N: Total Mizukage moment.

The Elder's eyes lit up while everyone behind Hinata, even Shino, dropped their jaws in disbelief.

The Elder turned his head. " Come." He said to his servants. They then walked away.

Hinata turned around returning to her poised, cheerful self. She looked to her friends. " What's wrong?" Hinata asked.

Their shock was still evident on their faces.

As the Elder walked away, he couldn't help but recall a certain time back.


" I want to be a Great Ninja. Strong like father, and kind like mother." 5 year old Hinata said before the elders with her mother, father and baby sister present with her.

" I see." The Hyuuga Head Elder said. " Ko, please take Hinata to another room."

" Hai." Ko said as he came to lead Hinata out. " Come Hinata-sama." Ko said.

" Bye!" Hinata waved to the council.

As they left the Elder began. " Hiashi-sama, is she serious?"

Hinata's mother blinked at the elder. " Serious about what Elder?"

" I have seen her train. Strong like her father? How ridiculous."

Her eyes widened.

" I know she.." Hiashi started.

" Oh dear, could you take Hanabi for a moment please?" She asked handing her baby to her husband.

" I am saying, I can already tell she is too soft." The Elder continued.

" Elder..." Hinata's mother said leaning over to him, her eyes closed and smiling kindly. " If you say one more negative thing about my Hinata...I'll kick your ass."

A/N: Total Mizukage moment #2, or 1, however you want to look at it.

" Wife!" Hiashi said.

The Elder was taken back by this. " How dare you...I.."

" If my daughter says she wants to be strong, then I believe her. Maybe you do not see it but I do. I look into her eyes and see that she's going to be Great one day."

(((End Flashback)))

Hinata was with Kurenai later that day.

" I heard you actually told off a Hyuuga elder?" Kurenai asked.

" He was being inappropriate." Hinata said.

" He was saying something about my baby was he?"

" Oh, it was nothing sensei."

Kurenai smiled at her student. " Hinata, I want to thank you...I know no matter what happens you'll have my back and my baby's.

" Of course I will." Hinata smiled.

" That's why...I want be my child's godmother." Kurenai said.

Hinata was stunned. Her eyes began to quiver with delight as she hugged her sensei.


That night on Mt. Myoboku, Naruto was carrying Hinata on his back. He looked to his upper right to see her peacefully smiling face sleeping.

They had gone all out in training today. Hinata was really improving on her Sage arts, but today she completely ended up burning herself out. Naruto had noticed she was smiling alot more and even laughing. But most of all she was freely opening up to him as of late. He knew it was due to her conquering the Falls of Truth and as much as he hated to admit it, and most likely would not publically, he had to thank her father for helping her.


Naruto and Hiashi arrive in Naruto's apartment in a Yellow flash.

" This is where you live?" Hiashi said. " What a slum."

" Yeah well we can't all be born into money." Naruto quipped. " I'd invite you to stay don't want to."

" I wouldn't stay anyway. The smell in here is already starting to get to me." Hiashi said.

" The door is right over there." Naruto pointed.

" Good." Hiashi took his leave.

As Hiashi walked along the stairwell of his apartment he stopped with his back turned to Naruto. " Uzumaki it true? Do you know the truth to who your father was?"

Naruto was silent for a moment. " Hai.."

Hiashi took a deep breath. " If you expect to be in Hinata's company, I expect you to live up to that man's reputation."

" Was planning on doing that anyway." Naruto said.

" Good." Hiashi said. " And do not get in the way of Hinata's progress."

" Got it." Naruto said.

Hiashi turned to him. " I still do not like you."

" I still don't like you either." Naruto said.

" Good. Just so there is no confusion." Hiashi turned back around.

" No confusion at all." Naruto said, suddenly he ran and kicked Hiashi square in the ass, catching him off guard.

" WHY YOUUU!" Hiashi turned around. But as he did, Naruto had disappeared in a lightning flash.

" Grr. Little punk, I know where you live and you have to come back to the village some time." Hiashi said. He looked up at the sky. " Kushina-san. That boy is way too much like you."

(((End Flashback)))

(((Companions plays in the background...)))

Naruto continued carrying Hinata until they reached near the Sages home. Their reflection shown in a lake they stood near.

" Hinata-chan." Naruto said.

Hinata shook herself awake. " Oh, Gomen-asai. Did I pass out?"

" Yeah, but only because you overexerted yourself." Naruto said as he set her down.

" Oh, Arigato Naruto-kun. I didn't mean to make you drag me all the way back."

" Heh, don't sweat it." Naruto blushed.

" Well..goodnight."

Hinata slowly walked away as her hand grazed Naruto's arm. Through some unknown force, Naruto's hand held onto her wrist, stopping her from walking away. Hinata stopped and looked down to see Naruto holding her wrist. She blushed fiercely under her cheeks, looking up she saw Naruto slightly blushing as well.

The reflection in the lake showed Naruto and Hinata come into an embrace. Naruto and Hinata pulled their heads back slightly as they looked at eachother.

" Sorry Kaa-chan. I like a weird girl." Naruto thought

" Gomen-asai Okaa-san. I like a doufus." Hinata thought.

They then pulled in, their lips meeting passionately.


Uchiha Madara sits in one of his hideouts.

" Well I see you went through a great deal of trouble but at least you got a nice set of eyes out of it." Kabuto said.

" They were mine to begin with."

" And look, the inforation Kisame sent has just arrived. Everything is going our way."

Uchiha Madara stood up. " It is time to capture the 9-tails."



A/N: I'm sure the time when Madara made that gesture and all would have happened before-hand. But if this were a movie, I could completely ignore the timeline like they do. Also, I don't quite know how far along Kurenai was with her pregnancy, so no nerd flames.

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