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Teach You a Lesson

Chapter 1

Location: planet, Tao-8, catacombs

"Be mindful of yourself, Padawan," said Master Hal.

Master Hal stood stately and dark with ebony complexion and deep hazel eyes. He was a tall man, about six feet tall, not overly muscular with a calm face and short neat hair. In a word, Master Hal is described best as a graceful with athletic limbs and an even temper. He gave his apprentice, Hartly a curiously look as she hadn't responded immediately like she always did. He saw she was dazed and looking into space. Hal rolled his eyes and shook his head.

He knew that this mission was not an easy one and that ended the slavers on Tao-8 was dangerous and that a hunter was still lurking about to stop them. He suspected that the big slave trader, Lord Den, probably hired the hunter to attack them. Hal had to admit that the hunter was good, but wouldn't be a problem. He'd faced more dangerous mission than this one to be concerned and besides, Hartly was doing quite well.

Spontaneously, Master Hal yanked on Hartly's Padawan braid to get her attention.

"Ow! Master, how could you?"

Smiling, Hal said, "I said be mindful of yourself, young lady and I meant it. Anyway, what were you doing, daydreaming? That isn't like you, Padawan."

The girl let out a frustrated sigh and replied, "I know, but I can't shake my bad feeling, Master. I keep having this vibe that something bad is about to happen."

"Nonsense, we already dealt with that slaver lord, Den. There shouldn't be anymore incidents of kidnapping now that the local government has support from the Temple."

Critically, Hartly said, "But, Master, it isn't really the Jedi that's involved, but one of our supporters. I think it's the Clan that will be dealing with the slavers, not the Temple. Do you think the Clan will do a good job of eliminating these slavers better than the Jedi?"

Master Hal hummed. "Personally, I don't know that much about the Clan except that they helped the New Order get reestablished after the Empire. I heard they are very reclusive and intelligent people and have ties with the High Council. They are very connected, Padawan. I'm sure they will do just fine."

"But, slavers are cruel, Master. And since coming to Tao-8, I've learned how terrible this place can be."

The graceful man smiled, "You've learned much, Padawan, but you must learn to trust your superiors. The Force will guide us. I am sure of it. Now, let's go. I have to make up my report to the Council before we leave. Rules are meant to guide us—AHHHH!"

A laser shot rang out throughout the catacombs as blood rapidly began to seep through the ebony Master's robes and tunic. He's face contorted in pain as Padawan Hartly quickly rushed to his side in panic and tried to raise him up from the ground. She saw that down the corridor was the hunter who had been trailing them speed off on a ship and disappear into the dark night like a shade.

"NO!" shouted Hartly. "No, Master, please don't die! Please, don't die!"

Tears began to gather in her eyes as she mournfully pressed her face into her mentor's chest and weep. She felt him gasp and stare at her wildly in his agony, but suddenly his eyes discontinued to see and his body abruptly went limp—he was dead.

"NO! Master Hal!"


Hours pasted by, but Padawan Hartly was too disturbed to notice. It took the medical team on Tao-8 to remove her and handle the body as she seemed to shut down mentally. She didn't know how or when, but somebody had brought her back to her room, which she once shared with Master Hal and gave her a change of clothes.

Silently, she fingered the fabric of the clean tunic and mindlessly approached the communicator at the work desk and switched it on.

In a monotone voice, she said, "This is Padawan Tiana Hartly, station at Tao-8. I report that the mission objective to remove hostile slaver, Lord Den was completed. The Tao-8 colony has agreed to join the Core Alliance and is willing to work with Jedi representatives from the Clan. However—however—oh, gods, Master Rory Hal is dead. He's dead."

Hartly then began to sob and she quickly covered her eyes with her hand and took in a deep breath. She then sat as straight as a broad and held back the tears and continued.

"I—I request rather instruction in order to proceed. Padawan Hartly, over and out."

And with those last words she shut the link and broke down into full force crying and wailed painfully in the dark room alone. Force, she felt horrible. She felt so many things at once she didn't know what to feel first or if she could feel at all. She felt at the same time, wild and yet numb. She felt so stupid for chatting with her Master while not listening. She felt responsible for his death for not taking her feelings more seriously. She felt useless for not going after the hunter immediately and taking revenge. Revenge may not be the Jedi way, but she was sure she could make an exception. She never wanted blood so desperately in her life.

With a roar she pounded her fists on the desk and closed her eyes and tried to banish such thoughts. No—Master Hal wouldn't want her to go down a Dark path. No—he would want her to—suddenly the communicator sounded.

The screen came to life and she saw the image of Grand Master Luke appear to her as a holo-image. His face looked sympathetically at her and she tried to look away. She was somehow repulsed by the look of pity.

"Padawan Hartly, we are sorry for your lose. Master Hal was a good man. And even though this maybe too soon to ask of you, could you please tell us how Master Hal died?"

Red faced and blurry eyed, Hartly said, "Master Hal was shot by a hunter hired by slave lord, Den here on Tao-8. He'd been tracking our progress and tried to stop us, but he thought we defeated him. We were wrong. We thought we would see him again since our mission was complete. We were supposed to leave Tao-8 today."

Solemnly, Master Luke nodded. "I understand, Padawan Hartly. I will be sending you a new Master to help you handle things with Master Hal's body and to resume your training. It maybe sudden, but you will be in good hands. You will except Master Kenobi's arrival shortly. He is on route from Yur and his ETA is about 2 hours. Again, I'm sorry, Padawan. May the Force be with you, Master Luke, over and out."


It wasn't until nearly dawn that Hartly got an unexpected caller at her door. Reluctantly, she rose from the sofa she had slept on and opened it. And when the door opened she was momentarily awed by the man's handsome face. He had red-ish brown hair and a dust of whiskers on his clef chin and cheeks with strange and beautiful amber-eyes that shone like a cat's in the half-light. He smelled remarkably of the fresh outdoors and he was dressed in a gray tunic, dark blue sash, belt, boots and long brown Jedi robe. He looked to be about 30 and he had an aura of confidence of somebody much older.

The Jedi bowed and said, "Good morning, Padawan. I'm sorry to disturb you, but I believe you were expecting me."

Dumbly, Hartly nodded and the handsome man walked in. Fluidly, he strode into the dark room and commanded the lights to open and he sat himself down on the sofa. She saw he was nervously gripping and releasing an old fashion sword at his belt as he looked at her anxiously.

Though, curiously Tiana thought Master Kenobi would be taller—and maybe older. Wasn't he supposed to be this great man? This great legend? A founder of the New Order, a Great General, negotiator, leader, strategist, advisor and all around miracle worker? He looked too young to be the achiever of all that and if that wasn't enough, on top of all that he was gorgeous too.

"Force!" she muttered. How inappropriate could she get?

"I'm sorry to hear about your later Master, Padawan. I knew Master Hal, he was good man. I want you to know that I will be handling his body's transport back to Coruscant and the funeral. You should also know that I have been official reassigned to be your new Master."

Hartly made a face. "But—aren't you on the High Council? Wouldn't you be too busy to train me?"

Startled, he replied, "What? Oh! No, I think you have me confused with my father, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. No, I'm Master Jinn Kenobi. I'm Obi-Wan's son. You may call me Master Jinn to avoid confusion, Miss Hartly."

"Master Jinn…did you really know Master Hal?"

Tenderly, he rose from his seat and took her hand and led her slowly into an unexpected embrace. Tiana gasped, as she stood stone still in his arms. She didn't expect the handsome Jedi Master to hug her and her senses were suddenly flooded with peaceful vibrations, masculine smells of open grasslands and Temple smoke along with wonderful warmth and comfort. Force, she didn't realize how much she needed to be hugged. She didn't know how much she needed to be comforted until it happened and she allowed her emerald eyes close and drank it all in. She subconsciously raised her arms and wrapped them around his waist and felt his strong muscles across his back, hard and smooth under his long brown robes.

She felt him in response, pull her tighter to him with one arm around her shoulders while with the other he gently threaded his fingers through her rich brown hair and brushed her scalp. He then hushed her and she felt him shift a little and moved to place a loving kiss on her forehead. It felt like a blessing. Suddenly, Tiana felt her heart still—she couldn't recall anyone being so careful with her in her entire life. Not even Master Hal showed such empathy towards her.

Master Jinn then pulled away and saw the dreamy eyed look in Tiana's eyes and nervously coughed to break any awkwardness he might have felt and said, "Yes—well, Master Hal was once Lady Thrice's student. She looked after him like she did all the other early Force-sensitive orphan children that came to the New Order about 30 years ago."

Confused, Hartly said, "I remember Master Hal saying something about a teacher at the Temple named Lady Thrice. That she was a beautiful non-human being who taught him and the other orphans how to detect the flow of the Living Force. He said she was his first teacher. He said how she connected with the Force was unique. But, I don't understand, were you two in the same class?"

"No. Not exactly, Lady Thrice was not just my teacher; she is also my mother. She gave Master Hal advance lessons in swordsmanship and I was often his sparring partner."

Hartly narrowed her brow. "Oh, I see. Is that way you have a sword?"

"Oh, this?" said the warrior as he noticed he had notice again placed his hand over the handle of the sword. He consciously removed his hand and stated, "No, this sword is a mark of my status in the Clan. But, never mind that now. I would like instead to hear more about this hunter that murdered Master Hal."

The Padawan frowned. "Why? Are you planning on going after him?"

The warrior gave Hartly a serious glance and replied, "Going after people is not the Jedi way, Padawan. Words like that are the words of vengeance, not justice. Tell me, if you find this hunter would you take his life for your Masters? Would you murder him in cold blood?"

"But, I can't just let him go! It wouldn't be right. I have to do something. Isn't that why you're here?"

"Yes, but you should not be afraid to ask yourself the darkest of questions, Padawan. As a Jedi, you will be tested many times against your own morality. Such things like life and death, yours or their will come about at sometime in your life."

Hartly bowed her head and said, "I understand, Master Jinn, but I don't want revenge. I want justice. The hunter needs to answer for Master Hal's death."

The warrior smiled. "Good answer, Miss Hartly. Though, I must warn you that I am not a typical Jedi Master. My methods are not like Master Hal. Now, come on. It's time to pay Lord Den a visit."




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