Teach You a Lesson

Chapter 21—Epilogue

Location: Jedi Temple, Harmony Hall, 50th annual Peace Ball (5 years later)

"Kastor! Where are you?" shouted Jinn. The stately dressed Jedi Master wadded through the dense crowd of partygoers in a mad hunt, but still he could not find him. Vexed and deeply troubled, he anxiously clenched and unclenched his sword at his side and pressed on. Surely, he couldn't have gone far.

Then, suddenly he saw Tiana rush up to him. She no doubly saw the worried look in his eyes and asked, "What's wrong, Jinn?"

Frowning, he replied, "I lost him again, Tee. This is getting ridiculous. He will never make a good Padawan."

Calmly, the green-eyed beauty placed her hand soothingly onto his face. "Its going to be fine, Jinn. He's probably with Thrice."

Jinn took a deep breath and ran his hand through his red-ish brown hair and said, "Yes, I think I will go see." He kissed her cheek. "I'm probably just overreacting."

Tiana laughed. "Yes, most likely."

The warrior then resumed his search through the crowd until at last he found his mother holding a little boy at her hip and tickling him mercilessly at his tummy and chin. The child crowed with laughter and tried to bury his face into her shoulder to hide from her fingertips.

"Oh my, Jinn. I see he has got away from you again," said Thrice with a smile. "He's a sneaky a little boy, he reminds me so much of you. I adore him."

"Yes, well, he is certainly a handful."

Obi-Wan laughed and said, "You ought to take him back from her, Jinn or else your mother will start getting ideas about having another one of her own again."

Jinn was appalled and wrinkled his nose in disgust, but reach forward to take the boy away from his mother's arms. "Force, father! That's—that's disturbing. You and mother are much too old to be having anymore children."

Smiling, Obi-Wan replied, "I was already much too old when we had you, son."

Jinn groaned, but was soon startled by his son throwing his arms around his neck. "Papa!"

The warrior smiled and kissed his four-year-old son's cheek. "Yes, Kastor, but try not to run away from Papa again. This is becoming a very bad habit."

"I just think he must like grandma," said Obi-Wan. "Grandma spoils, Kastor the most."

Thrice turned to look at her husband with a narrowed brow, but then smirked mischievously and said, "Yes, it must be because I'm thinking of having another little one of my own. You know, you are right, Ben, we aren't that old to have another child."

Quickly, Obi-Wan faced his wife and said, "No. You can't be serious. I'm done with children, Milady. And besides, grandchildren are so much better."

In response, Thrice began to laugh and tenderly reached forward to kiss the startled expression off her husband's face while the Knight shook his head and said, "You are too much, darling. Though, I must say, I see Kastor has inherited the Kenobi good looks. He looks more and more like Jinn everyday."

"Splendid child!" boomed Lord Blackswan from out of the crowd.

The red-eyed scientist reached forward and took Kastor out of Jinn's arms and held him up under his little arms and beamed at him amazed. The scientist noticed that the boy looked to be about 4 terran years old and had bright green eyes and dark brown hair. It was obvious that he got his coloring from his mother, but there was no doubt in his mind that the child had his father's features. It was clearly a strong genetic trait that boded well that he might inherit both Jedi and Clan skills. Yes, he had a good feeling about this child. A feeling he thought was very similar to Kiya's children, young Anakin and his sister Marion. He had feared that a bad match would produce weak offspring, but it appeared that Lady Tiana was an excellent maternal source.

Though, fondly he turned to Thrice and said, "There is no mother as great as you, daughter."

Yet, with a cold stare, Thrice snatched the boy from her maker and frowned. "Don't think I don't know what you were thinking, Lord Blackswan. Kastor is not a science project."

The scientist laughed. "And here I thought you've lost your edge in civilian life, daughter. You know me too well."

"No, you're just predictable," answered Luke. He approached the group with Tiana at his side who took Kastor from Thrice and rested his head under her chin.

The Grand Master looked around him and smiled. "Well, we've certainly come a long way since the Empire, haven't we old Ben?"

Obi-Wan bowed and replied, "Yes it has, Luke."

The Knight then drew closer to his friend and former apprentice and placed his hand on his shoulder and led him away from the crowd to a balcony. The starlight bathed them in a soft glow and they saw the partygoers chat and dance happily inside the great glass dome. Jinn soon followed them outside with Kiya. The lady-knight smiled brightly at Luke and hug his arm to her side and kissed his cheek.

"Luke, do you think Jinn will ever be allowed to teach another Padawan again?" asked Ben.

"I don't know. Jinn's very notorious but—"

"Notorious? What on earth is that suppose to mean?" asked the warrior bewildered.

Kiya giggled and replied, "It means the Council can't make up its mind if they like you or hate you, brother dear."

Jinn scoffed and walked up the stone railing of the balcony and muttered, "Isn't that lovely."

"They feel you are too much like Lady Thrice, a loose cannon. You are a reputable Jedi, Jinn, but many feel you don't play by the rules. Some think that if you are permitted to teach again then the Council is just playing favorites because you are Obi-Wan's son."

The warrior bowed his head and replied, "I don't care about that. The Council is entitled to their opinion and if I wish to train another Padawan then I suppose I'll take my own son as my apprentice."

"Are you sure that's wise?" asked Ben.

Solemnly, Jinn said, "I don't know, father. I must admit that I do like teaching, but if the Jedi won't permit me than I don't know if I can have both. I might have to give up one for the other. Personally, the decision to teach is not dire, but wisdom should be passed down to the young and unlike most Jedi I can live long enough to take on several apprentices."

"I think they are being overly cautious," said Kiya. "And I think we ought to swap children. I can train Kastor and you can train Anakin. I think an aunt or an uncle makes a better Master than a parent."

Ben smiled at Kiya suggestion. "Yes, that's a good idea, my sweet, but what about your daughter, Marion? Who will train her?"

The blue-eyed beauty laughed and said, "Well, there is always Tiana. I know if I gave her over to Luke, Jinn or father, you three would fold under her whims like a house of cards."

Jinn said, "Kiya, are you sure you want Marion to become Tiana's apprentice. The two of them could find their own Master or Padawan. They aren't restricted to just family."

The lady-knight held her brother's hand and replied, "I know that Jinn, but I want to."




Thank you everyone for reading my story and for your great reviews. I'm not really sure what kind of story I'll write next, but thanks for sticking it out with me on these Star Wars tales. I had no idea I'd write so many different spin offs on one AU. Though, I will keep your suggestion in mind Behak, but personally I'm not a big Anakin fan. Plus, that version of Anakin was from a timeline that didn't exist, but again thank you for reading.

Note: Where I got the name of Jinn's son, Kastor. Names are never easy to think up.

CASTOR (from behind the name website)

Gender: Masculine

Usage: Greek Mythology (Latinized)

Other Scripts: Καστωρ (Ancient Greek)

Pronounced: KAS-tər (English) [key]

From the Greek Καστωρ (Kastor), possibly related to κεκασμαι (kekasmai) "to shine, to excel". In Greek myth Castor was a son of Zeus and the twin brother of Pollux. The constellation Gemini, which represents the two brothers, contains a star by this name.