Haunted by the Past

Main: Sakura & Sasuke

AU, Sakura was in the eighth grade when it happened. Her parents away, she walks to her house alone in the dark and a man jumps her from the shadows, rapes her, and then leaves her broken to suffer the pain for the rest of her life.

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Sakura screamed as the man forced her down onto the floor. Everything was dark and she couldn't see his face. She reached out with her hands, trying to find his face, hoping desperately that she could sink her fingernails into his skin before he could get what he wanted. As she found his face, she realized she was too late.

She could feel it, right outside of her body, searching for the opening. He found it, but then her underwear got in his way. She took that opportunity to scratch at his face. At that second, she cursed herself for ever biting her nails. They were short and didn't do too much damage to the man's slender face. She felt glasses and she pulled them off of him and flung them across the floor.

The man grabbed her by her arms, picked her up, and then slammed her onto the floor, causing her to lose her breath. She suddenly felt dizzy and she lost her strength. Not even six years of varsity basketball could have prepared her for a fight like this.

The man seemed to smile as Sakura's body went limp beneath him. He ripped her panties off of her and without hesitation, penetrated her. Sakura's screams seemed to fade into the darkness as the pain hit her hard. She could feel herself bleeding but nothing she did would stop it.

The "Shadow Man" kept moving inside of her and soon Sakura felt herself crying. She could not move, she was too dizzy. The tears covered her face while the blood covered her skirt and the floor. She finally just closed her eyes and prayed for him to stop as that was all she had left to do.

It didn't take long and the man let out a groan of pleasure. Sakura felt his juices shoot up inside of her and she gritted her teeth. This made her feel so dirty. She was defiled, unvirginized, and for what? Some stranger that assaulted her in the darkness.

His pleasures satisfied, the man got up from the floor, zipped up his pants, and then ran out of the house. Sakura watched as he left and when he opened the door, the moonlight illuminated what appeared to be long, light-colored hair pulled back in a ponytail.

That was all she remembered before her whole world went black. The shock of being raped, the pain in her abdomen and her back from her rapist all mounted up into one big blackout that was much needed to forget about what had just happened.


Someone was banging on the door to Sakura's house with their fist. Sakura, still unconscious, was slowly coming out of her daze. The world spun around her and sunlight began to filter into her world.

Suddenly, the front door swung open. Apparently, the person that was looking for her had just realized it was unlocked.

A girl screamed, a door slammed shut, and the next thing Sakura knew, a blonde head was looking over her exhausted and beaten body.

"Sakura, are you okay? Oh my God, I've got to call 911!" Ino exclaimed as she picked Sakura up into her arms. She reached for her phone with her free hand but Sakura groaned something incoherent that stopped her from dialing.

"No,...don't Ino...," Sakura said, a little more understandable this time.

"Sakura, why not? There's blood everywhere, are you sure you're not hurt? I really think I should call 911, Sakura, please...," Ino begged. She looked down at Sakura's blood-stained miniskirt and almost puked.

"No, just...get me...to the bathroom," Sakura said, trying to raise her hand to point toward the bathroom.

"O-okay, Sakura..." Ino began to lift Sakura from the floor and was even more disgusted when more blood dripped out from between Sakura's legs. She quickly walked her over to the bathroom.

She set her down on the toilet while she turned on the water to fill up the bathtub. She used all of her strength to lift Sakura up and began to take off her sweaty, soiled clothes. Once Sakura was completely naked, Ino cautiously carried her over to the tub and helped her in gently.

"Okay Sakura, you get cleaned up and I'm going to go clean up the mess in the living room, okay?" Ino said calmly as her friend began trying to wash herself.

In a few minutes, Ino returned, tired from frantically cleaning the mess that Sakura had left. She looked at Sakura in the tub and smiled sympathetically. She had fallen asleep, still bloody and sweaty.

Ino grabbed a washcloth from the cabinet and wet it in the bath water, then put some soap on it. She woke Sakura up so that she would not be shocked when Ino started bathing her. The blonde tried to ignore her friend's nakedness while she washed her body but found that a difficult task.

To distract herself, she began to question Sakura as to what happened. "Sakura, what's the last thing you remember before you passed out on the floor?" she asked, taking a guess that she had indeed passed out.

"A man...I don't know who...he...he attacked me as I unlocked the door to the house. It was dark...he pushed me to the ground...and...he used his weight to hold me down," Sakura said, sniffling as she tried to tell her friend the story.

Ino continued washing but gasped at Sakura's description of the attack. She knew what happened now. The blood, the sweat, all of it made sense to Ino now. She suddenly felt sorry for her friend.

Although she was not a virgin herself, she knew that Sakura had always cherished that fact. She'd always said that she would save herself for the one man that would be hers forever. Ino had not been as pure, but she'd never experienced what Sakura just had. Oh, she remembered the pain of her first time...but she'd wanted it. Sakura hadn't.

Ino had almost finshed washing Sakura. Now all that was left was the worst part, the part that she knew well was hurting the worst. "Here Sakura, you finish," she said nervously. "I-I don't want to hurt you."

Sakura was still too much in a daze to realize that she hadn't said, "I'm uncomfortable touching you there." She simply took the soapy rag from Ino and began to wash. She winced in pain as the rag washed over her sensitive parts. Ino watched with pity as Sakura almost cried just from the pain of touching that area of her body.

A few minutes later, Sakura was dressed in her pajamas, and lying on her bed. Ino laid beside her cradling her in her arms. Every now and then Sakura would sob and Ino would just rock her and draw her closer.

"Ino..." Sakura started.

"Yes, Sakura?" Ino asked her gently.

"Why me?" Sakura said, her voice serious.

Ino was disappointed to say that she did not have the answer to Sakura's question. "I don't know Sakura. Things like this...they can happen to anyone."

"It doesn't feel that way. It feels like...he did it on purpose." Sakura was on the verge of crying again now.

Ino started rocking her in her arms again, trying to comfort her. "It probably wasn't that, Sakura. You were just...alone and...vulnerable. He would have done the same thing to me in your shoes."

"I guess so...," Sakura whispered, although she still didn't believe her. "Ino?" she said after a short silence.


"Please don't tell anyone else about this."

"Okay Sakura, I won't. I promise," Ino said, a tear forming in the corner of her eye as she hugged her friend again.