Haunted by the Past

Main: Sakura & Sasuke

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Everyone stood looking in fear as Itachi held a knife to Sakura's throat. Sasuke was angry as hell, now that he knew not only what Itachi had been doing to his girlfriend but also what he'd done to Sakura.

Naruto was fuming too although his death glares were not nearly as threatening as Sasuke's. Sakura's eyes were wide and pleading. She was fearful for her life, but neither of the boys wanted to move against Itachi because of the danger she would face.

"Itachi, don't do this," Sasuke started, trying to contain his anger for Sakura's sake.

"Why not, little brother? Who will care what happens to this girl?" Itachi asked, turning his head down and nibbling Sakura's ear. He was trying to test Sasuke's control.

Sasuke was quiet for a second, staring at the knife that Itachi held threateningly close to Sakura's throat. Naruto looked at him questionably.

"I will," Sasuke finally said as he locked eyes with Sakura, who looked back with affection.

"Me too," Naruto replied, clenching his fist as he and Sasuke leaned their bodies toward Itachi and their friend.

Suddenly, Kabuto was behind Itachi and he grabbed his arm and pulled it away from Sakura's throat with strength that none of them knew he had. "Sakura, now!" he shouted.

The pinkette understood and spun out of Itachi's grip as she landed a kick in his groin. The other two boys rushed in as she backed away and took the knife away from Itachi then Sasuke punched his brother in the face.

"This is for cheating with my girlfriend!" he said after throwing the first punch. "And this is for what you did to Sakura," he said, his tone acid as he punched Itachi even harder, obviously breaking his nose. "Now, leave."

Itachi tried to drag himself up from the floor and Naruto kicked him in the side, trying to get some pleasure for himself. Sasuke shouldn't have all the fun in beating up the bastard.

After a couple kicks, he let Itachi get to his feet and then the Uchiha stumbled back out of the bathroom, sending evil glares back at Kabuto and Sakura. After he was gone, everything was silent for a while.

The air was thick with tension. Sakura was too scared to move; she wanted to run to someone and hug them but right now, she didn't know who would accept her. Naruto was still mad about finding out what Itachi had done to Sakura and how he'd tricked Kabuto into assisting him. Sasuke was the angriest of all, perhaps. He'd just found out that his brother had not only raped his best friend, but he'd also been cheating with his girlfriend. Kabuto was still recovering from being punched in the face, but his attention was clearly on Sakura. She didn't seem to notice however.

After about a minute of nobody moving, Sasuke let out an angry sigh and pulled his phone out of his pocket, dialed a number he knew by heart, and then waited for the reply.


Three times, it did this until finally it went to the voicemail. Sasuke decided to leave a message. After all, this time he didn't plan on listening to her excuses and having her convince him that it wasn't true. He just did not even want to hear her voice, so he winced when her voice played back on the voicemail.

"Hi, you've reached Karin! If you're hearing this, it's because I'm either busy or I'm preoccupied fantasizing about Sasuke-kun! Either way, please leave a message and I'll call you back later!" the recording rang in Sasuke's ear.

Sasuke heard the tone and then took another deep breath, then said flatly, "It's over."

Sakura looked up in shock, Naruto looked at him confused, and Kabuto frowned at the Uchiha, but before anyone could say anything to the Uchiha, he'd put his phone back in his pocket and he walked out the door.

Sakura quickly followed, hoping that no teacher would catch her in the boy's bathroom, especially not in the company of three boys. Naruto and Kabuto followed after them, none of the four speaking another word to each other.

That night, Sasuke laid in bed thinking about what he'd learned. His own brother, how could he have done something like that? Probably drunk, he thought to himself. His brother had always had a problem with alcohol, since before he was even legal. Either way, it didn't excuse his behavior. Sasuke just couldn't believe that it was Sakura that had been the unlucky one.

But, Sasuke could see why he would target Sakura. She was, after all, extremely beautiful, and probably a virgin at that time. Her soft pink hair, emerald green eyes, slender form, and yet, the way she held herself...it would clearly have made her a target. If it hadn't been Itachi, it would have been someone else. That thought gave Sasuke no comfort.

As he laid there, thinking, he remembered something from four years ago. He remembered more clearly now who had said those words that had been on his mind this whole time.

He'd come home from school to find his brother to be the only one at the house. He was abnormally talkative, and seemed full of himself as he lounged out on the couch, flipping channels on the TV. He turned it off as Sasuke came into the living room.

"So bro, how was your day?" he asked in his smooth voice.

"Good, since it was the last day of school before summer vacation..." Sasuke muttered as if it should have been obvious.

"Cool," Itachi replied as he stared off into space thoughtfully.

"You?" Sasuke asked, trying to be nice.

"Alright I guess. I know he had a much better day than me though," Itachi said, his voice trailing off. He wanted Sasuke to question him.

Sighing, Sasuke gave in, his curiosity peaked. "Who?" he asked.

"Huh? Oh, just a friend of mine. Yea, he had sex with this hot chick this morning."

"Uh-huh. One of your loser friends did this?"

"Yea, he was on his way back from a party in Konoha and he met this girl. She was so easy."

Sasuke stared at his brother suspiciously.

"What? I'm just telling you what he told me...a pretty little slut, too bad he got to her first."

"Seriously, Itachi? Okay, what did she look like then? I think you just had a wet dream while you were sleeping your day away," Sasuke said with a smirk.

"It was not a wet dream! My friend had sex with a pretty girl. She was slender and had gorgeous green eyes...or, so he told me," Itachi responded, still staring into space.

"What about her hair?" Sasuke asked.

"Huh? Oh, long. Her hair was long," Itachi responded, jumping at the mention of hair.

"No, you idiot! I meant, what color was her hair?" Sasuke asked, knowing that his brother was avoiding this question.

"I don't remember. I've had a few drinks since he told me about it," Itachi said. It was clearly a lie, but Sasuke pretended to buy it.

"Mom's going to be mad," he said, knowing that he sounded childish.

Sasuke frowned as he remembered that day. His brother had gone to a party in Konoha the night before and he'd gotten home early in the morning. That night, he'd raped Sakura. Why wouldn't he say her hair color? Because then it would be obvious if Sasuke ever met the girl that it was her. After all, how many people in the world have natural pink hair?

Sasuke closed his eyes once more and vowed to himself that tomorrow he would tell Sakura how he really felt about her. He had no more ties to anyone else so she couldn't hide from him with that excuse again. Tomorrow, he would know for sure how Sakura felt about him.


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