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Chapter One: Encounter

Sometimes it amazed me by how out of the so many that were send to find me none had done so. What was worse and even more amazing was the fact that I would travel out in the open, that every now and then I'd walk up and talk to one of them in my weakest disguise and yet still nothing. Sighing I kept on my path and headed for the clinic when all of a sudden I smelled blood. It wasn't dry and it certainly wasn't of the small portion either. Looking around I made sure that I hadn't been spotted yet before running off in the direction of the scent at full speed. Mortals weren't used to people, let alone small built woman, to run as fast as any jet. Whoever was hurt was not only lucky that it was me who had been passing by but that when, or if, I found them, they were still alive. What was alarming was the scent of blood. It was strong in not only smell but in power as well. Then, just as I was turning the corner of a small, old, and hidden alley way I was met with a bloodied corpse. Instantly I went to his side, turned out the bloodied corpse was a he, and was thankful to find that he had a pulse. It was slow, steady but reassuringly strong. The man had a gash going across his stomach and back, small cuts on his face, a gash on his arm and a fractured leg. Not to mention there was a faint trace of some sort of poison coursing through his veins. As I worked on stopping the bleeding and killing the poison, I couldn't help but notice that he wasn't anyone I knew, but yet looked somewhat familiar. I knew him to be like me, to be inhuman but I didn't know him personally or by appearance alone. His eyes reminded me of someone, his skin was as pale as anyone one of our kind and his hair had a sort of familiarity to it I wasn't sure how or where to place. Shaking it off I got to work and moved as fast as I could.

As soon as I had stopped the bleeding I couldn't help but notice how much his blood screamed powerful, though I'd never seen his face before. Sure it had resemblance of people I knew, of beings I may have met but nothing certain. My memories too far suppress to even think of names to place his face to. Once double checking and making sure that I'd miss no wounds I picked him up and headed for the clinic where I worked at. His body scram strong, almost as much as his blood had, and yet as I carried him he felt light as a feather to me. Oh I could feel his muscles, his well defined abs, and toed biceps but he didn't feel heavy. Thankfully. Taking him to the clinic wouldn't startle anyone. It was common for me to walk in with a new patient in hand every now and then. It was a normal thing for me to do actually. Whenever I saw someone in trouble or hurt the medic in me would just take over and my body moved on auto-pilot. As I walked in Stacy, a kind nurse I'd met during my time at the clinic, smiled and waved a greeting.

"Picked up another stray I see." she taunted while signing off on a patients chart. Smiling I nodded and shrugged at the same time, all the while careful not to disturb my patient or his wounds. After all I didn't want him waking up any time soon, at least not while around mortals or myself anyway. Too much of a risk there.

"Yup Just couldn't leave him there. Poor thing got hurt pretty badly." I mocked before turning into a room and setting him down on a spare bed. As I gathered supplies in hand and got read I listened to his breathing amazedly. Despite the wounds he'd sustained, and the pain he must have been under, the mans breathing was constant, strong and most of all stable. In fact it wasn't until I'd taken his shirt off that I noticed how fast his wounds were already healing. Allowing my sense of smell to strengthen a bit my eyes widened. He wasn't like any of the others. He was stranger yes, but stronger and more experienced than anyone who had been sent my way. What was more confusing was that he was higher on the food chain. Not to mention that upon further checking I found he had some sort of blood limit. Which one I couldn't tell without risking waking him up with my own strength, so I let it go. Sighing I quickly dressed his wounds and left a note on the night stand beside him with a couple of kunai on top. He'd been out on a mission, there was no doubt about that (not one involving me clearly and thankfully), and so in need of not only healing but weapons as well. It was clear he had lost most of his weapons in the battle that caused his condition. Truth be told I hadn't wanted to help upon realizing what he was. I'd left that place so long ago. In fact the only reason I had helped was because hidden beneath his shirt and behind a seal he had the symbol of the lands I'd not only grown up in but the lands I had been born in as well. The lands I had trained to defend, to fight for and protect with my life. Something that even now, while living on mortal ground I secretly did. Sighing I silently walked out of the room and frowned as I turned the lights off.

"For your sake, as well as mine, I hope we never meet again." I muttered before walking out and toward the desk area. After all I had my duties to fulfill and other patients to tend to. Besides I didn't want to be there when he woke up and found himself in some foreign room of sort.

~sometime later~

When next I went back to his room I found a made bed, an empty nightstand and no kunai. Smiling I shook my head and walked toward the open window. It wasn't surprising to see, to know that a man from that world, from my home, could heal and disappear as fast and as silently as he had. It was simply normal to do so, almost second nature. As I closed the curtains I noticed a smaller hidden note and opened it. The handwriting was beautiful, elegant and most of all showed evidence of that whoever had wrote it came form a high standing family. It read:

To whom healed me,

I thank you for your help and should you ever need help I will repay my debt to you. To call upon me light this note on fire.


Captain U.

There were so many things wrong with that note. First being the fact that not only had be been a part of Konoha's ANBU but he was also a captain! Which meant that should I call on him there was a chance he'd know exactly who I was and who may or may not have been looking for me. Sighing I made sure to fold the note and hide it before finishing my rounds. It was the only thing I could do at the time, especially considering that while at work I couldn't show what it was I truly was or where I came form. But most of all how it was that no matter what, all my, patients always healed. There was not one that came before me that worsened in condition or simply did not heal.

It was rare when I'd been forced into such a high risk and unpredictable situation but it happened every now and then. My wounds were deep and I knew then that if I didn't die from blood loss then I'd surely die from some sort of infection or another what with the poison in my blood. So stopping where I did may not have been the best thing I could do medically but it was the safest thing I could do. I needed time to rest, to heal some of my injuries before heading out.

None the less, I had taken out my intended target and his guard but I had no idea whether they send more or if they were already on their way. No matter, I'd deal with them in the same matter. What was troublesome was my condition and what made matters worse was that not only had I been seen but that I had apparently been treated by a mortal as well. Upon waking I had found myself in some sort of hospital room tended to and healing properly. In fact, what was more amazing was that my wounds had healed faster than my normal healing rate, and while I was inured. The poison in my body should have slowed my healing rate, should have kept me from stopping the blood flow. Despite that there were no signs of chakra use, I could feel none of it in my system the way a medic would do to extract poison back in the village. Slowly I took in my surrounding only to fine a kunai and small note right beside me. Upon opening it I found the handwriting to be female and proper. High class almost. It read:

You should be more careful while on a mission. I've left this weapon for you not only because you need it but because it seems you have none left. Your free to go when you wake or want. I will not sign you into this clinic as a patient. Remember to be careful.


Interesting. So my doctor had been female and one who knew of my world as well. The question was why would a mortal female carry any sort of weapon and how she knew of my world? True there were few who knew of us though they usually worked with, or for us. They were a sort of spy and weren't exactly normal in the eyes of human society. Thinking about it now however would get me no where. What was disturbing was that considering she knew our ways and rules I was indebted to her. Quickly I wrote a note of my own and hid t by the window. What else could I do. Waiting for her return would be worse, meeting her face to face against the rules. Besides, if she knew of our world, of our rules and our customs then she'd surely have no problem finding the note. If she didn't, well that was of no importance to me. After all, I had a mission to complete and a report to give so for the time being I did what I had to. I left the clinic and went for home to report in on my status and the mission success.

~sometime later~

Upon entering Konoha I was greeted by the usual guards before allowed up and into the hokage's office. The smart and reasonable thing to have done would have been to see a medic first and confirm that I had been treated properly; but missions always came first to a shinobi. That is unless one's team was at risk, then as a proper captain one would be required to change his/her priority. Though thankfully this mission had been a solo, therefore there no lives I would have needed to looked after.

"Enter." called the hokage upon my knocking. She had just succeeded the third hokage Sarutobi-san, who had passed while defending the village. The fifth hokage was one of the legendary sanin of our world and highly respected in the village due to her medical knowledge and abilities.

"Lady Hokage-sama."

"Report Captain." she said while looking up from her paper work and locking eyes with me. It was for that reason alone that I respected her. She, unlike so many, could meet my eyes and not falter upon seeing my kekki genkai, my blood limit power, head on without faltering.

"Target and guard have been eliminated." I noted she nodded with a grin.

"Always so clean, that's why I..."

"Iie." I said before handing in my written report. "Permission to speak hokage-sama?"


"I had been injured and taken into a clinic. The medic who tended to me left me a note and a weapon. She knew of us and knew enough to keep in mind that secrecy is important to us."

"What of the note?"

"I've filed it in the report hokage-sama." As I continued to relay my report I couldn't help but to notice her sudden interest and worry? I had not been captured or reported so what was there to worry about? As she read over the note her eyes widened.

"Are you positive that the one who wrote this was the one who treated you?" the hokage asked seriously.

"Hai." and in a blink of an eye she was standing in front of me.

"Have you seen one of our medic's?"

"Iie." The hokage smiled then as she herself checked my wounds and nodded approvingly. Once done she turned for her desk with a frown.

"Normally I'd give you a week off but seeing as its you, I'm sure I can intrust this mission to you. Tell me Uchiha-san. Are you willing to take on another mission now?" The fact that she used my name was telling enough. This mission would be a secret, off the records and done without my title as captain of an ANBU squad.


"I'm pleased to hear that. The mission is relatively simple. You may choose to call your team for said mission, in fact I recommend it." she said before taking the note the medic had written and burning it. "This will be done off the books. I want no leaks. The medic who treated you is my apprentice in hiding. However that's all you need to know for now. You are to watch her, keep tabs and should she be in trouble or Danzo's soldiers appear extract her and bring her directly to me. Is that clear?" she asked. Her tone of voice was serious, far more than any tone I'd ever heard her speak with. Was her apprentice perhaps also someone she kept close to her? No matter, the mission would be done and dealt with. As far as the answers to my questions, well I'd fine them all with her.