It was three weeks after the incident with Orochimaru. Shishou, upon getting over the shock of the condition she'd found me when I woke, had given me a lecture of the century for having left without explaining, without telling anyone what my intentions were but had none the less forgiven me for my actions once I handed over a complete report on the torture seal that had been placed on me and how to use it. Though to be honest I though Ibiki was happier about it than shishou herself was. Ino hadn't been so easy to appease but as soon as I admitted my feelings toward Itachi and told her how he felt the same way about me she had completely calmed down. Of course sadly that had come with a barrage of questions. Smiling as I thought over the last couple of weeks, I kept walking out and toward the training grounds. I had been given a clean bill of health just three days again and had spend the last two training on my stamina and taijutsu. Being out and on bed rest was maddening, had been so bad and what was worse was that I hadn't even been allowed to use my chakra. My boys had visited me often upon hearing I was awake. Both were happy, ecstatic that I'd finally woken and yet they were also mad at me. Not that I blamed them. Though I had tried to explain my self to them, to tell them why it was I had done it and what my logic had been at the time. At first, and as usual, they had been stubborn, asking the same thing over and over again until I could take it no more. Then, just when they noticed how I was about ready to knock both of their asses out they grinned like there was no tomorrow. Naruto gave me the biggest bear hug in the world, while Sasuke pulled his sleeve down and showed me the area where the cursed seal had once been. It hadn't occurred to me then, as Sasuke willingly shared the truth with me, about asking Sasuke of the seal and what had happened to me. Tears of happiness instantly left my eyes. Even Anko had subtly left me a thank you gift, apparently her cursed mark was gone as well. It wasn't until I was nearing teams seven training grounds that I heard yelling. Instantly I recognized Sasuke's angered voice.

"Damn it will you tell me what she is to you!" he roared and instantly I knew who he was screaming at. Apparently Sasuke hadn't ignored the tiny fact that Itachi was visiting me just as often as he was, that he made it a point to bring me lunch every day until I was out of the hospital and that even when I was released he looked for me. To be honest I had been expecting this, had known it was bound to happen but I had also been hoping that it would happen later rather than sooner. When I arrived I found Sasuke with kunai in hand, Naruto by his side and Itachi looking over the two with a bored expression on his face. Well it seemed bored to Naruto and Sasuke, but I could see the slight guard in them. I could how Itachi was taking them serious. Smiling I nodded. When I had heard the reason behind Naruto's and Sasuke's complete disregard for Itachi's orders I wasn't mad at them, rather I was annoyed with Itachi. How could I be when I knew exactly what they had been feeling at the time. That of course hadn't stopped me from warning them that if they'd ever ignore a direct order again, from me or another captain, I would knock them both into next week.

"My relation to Sakura is none of your concern." Itachi finally answered, doing nothing but further angering Sasuke and Naruto. Silently, while surprising my chakra, I jumped into the trees and watched what would happen. A small part of me knew that letting them fight was probably a bad idea, that I should stop them but the over whelming part of me wanted to see the outcome of this two against one fight was too great.

"Yo." Kakashi-sensei called from behind me, that smile of his fully taking form underneath that mask of his.

"Hi." I responded, my eyes and complete attention locked on the men below.

"You're not going to stop them?" Kakashi-sensei asked, his tone of voice clearly amused by my lack of response and protest.

"It's bound to happen one way or another. Might as well let them get it out of their system. Then I'll knock some sense into them myself, all three of them." I said curtly. Nodding Kakashi-sensei turned and like I watched as the men below fought.

"She's our teammate, our captain aniki. We deserve to know." Sasuke growled. Naruto nodded, his hold tightening around a kunai. It never surprised me just how fast they were to jump the gun sort of speak. How they would always refuse to listen to reason and simply go in to the fight.

"Yea! How do we know you're not just playing with her!" Naruto accused. Instantly I held back a laugh of my own. Clearly none of them knew, or chose to understand, Itachi well enough to know that he wasn't that kind of guy. That once he set his mind to something he was committed to seeing it all the way through.

"I owe neither of you an explanation." Itachi replied simply again. That time Sasuke and Naruto didn't hold back. Instantly both charged at Itachi. At first Itachi seemed to stand still, not sure whether he should really entertained them or not. However when Naruto's kunai came too close to comfort and Sasuke managed to land a kick on his stomach Itachi narrowed his eyes and hn-ed. It was amusing to say the least. Here he was, the Uchiha heir, Uchiha Itachi, fighting against his younger brother and my best friend, my teammates, over me. It was strange to watch, didn't feel completely and yet I had to admit it was funny, flattering even; but in the end it was still childish. Didn't those two know that if they wanted answers all they had to do was ask me? It wasn't like I would lie to them, like I wouldn't share.

"Why are you always around Sakura?" Naruto demanded, easily creating ten shadow clones. Instantly Itachi's sharingan was activated and sendbon needles dispelled what clones there were. Growling Naruto crouched, acted as if though he were about to charge before Sasuke acted and caught Itachi's sleeve. Annoyed I hissed.

"Rooting for the older Uchiha?" Kakashi-sensei taunted. At least he was alright with my choice in men. None the less I shook my head.

"I bought him that shirt." was all I had to say for Kakashi-sensei to nod in understanding. Apparently I hadn't been the only one angered by Sasuke's actions because the next thing Sasuke knew he was flying across the training field and straight for a tree.

"Damn Uchiha." Naruto muttered before he charged in and went into a combination of taijutsu and ninjutsu sets. Itachi blocked all of them, not too surprised when Sasuke joined in and attacked with a large fire ball. Kakashi-sensei chuckled then. He had noticed the same thing I had. Itachi was getting into the fight, was starting to let go and let them see that he was no longer playing. He was starting to prove, in his own silent way, that he was serious about me and that there was no changing it.

"That shirt is going to burn to a crisp if..." but before he could finish I jumped off the tree and before all three could collide with one another I slammed my fist into the ground. Clearly none of them had been expecting me, not even Itachi. This of course made me smile smugly, after all not many could say that they caught the Uchiha heir off guard and by surprise.

As soon as my fist made contact Naruto and Sasuke cursed under their breath while Itachi easily dodged the derbies that went up. A cloud of dirt went up and about but it didn't bother me. I had created enough creators to get used to the cloud of dirt. Once everything settled I found Itachi standing a close by tree, Naruto panting as he balanced on the rim of the creator, and Sasuke standing next to me. There was worry, anger, and confusion in his eyes. Sighing I turned to the two.

"We were supposed to be training together. The three of us." I said, anger in my tone of voice. Both stayed silent. Giving them the time to think I turned up to the trees. "Get down here Kakashi." I called, not using the sensei when we were gathered as a team. I was the captain after all.

"Yo." he greeted the boys. Itachi nodded his head, Naruto raised his hand and Sasuke just hun-ed. They were all acting like children, hell even Itachi was. Sighing I shook my head.

"If you guys had questions you could have just asked me. You didn't need to go after Itachi when I wasn't around." I said with a reprimanding tone of voice. Naruto sighed, and as usual, was the first to response.

"But the last time we asked you got mad Sakura." he whined. That may have been true, but only because of the manner in which they asked. Asking me flat out, and in a crowed area mind you, if I was sleeping with a certain Hyuuga was not the wises thing to do.

"Of course I would, we were in a public area." I growled before shaking my head. Getting angry over what had happened was pointless. "Now, if you have any questions ask now. Because the next time this happens I can assure you your opponent won't be Itachi." I growled. Gulping Naruto looked at Sasuke. There was uncertainty in his eyes but when Sasuke met mine there was nothing, nothing but true concern. Oh well now he was worried. Stupid contradicting idiot.

"Are you two...dating?" Sasuke finally asked after several long silent moments. By which time Kakashi had moved to stand in the middle of the two, forming a sort of line. Apparently he wanted a clarification as well. Sighing I nodded, causing Itachi to take to my side and take my hand in his.

"Hai, we are. Though how that's any of your, either of yours, business is beyond me." I said, annoyance clear in my tone of voice. Naruto frowned, not sure how to take the information. Finally, after having let it sunk in he whispered.

"Are you happy?" he asked. Smiling I nodded.

"Very, so please. Would the both of you stop acting like the annoying, stubborn, over protective brothers you can be and back off. I'm fine. I'm happy so there's nothing to worry about." I said softly. Naruto nodded then, seeming as if though he had accepted. Kakashi nodded, smiling behind his mask again but still eyeing Itachi. I hadn't expected for them to accept it so easily. None the less their reactions were surprising.

"Aniki..." Sasuke called. Itachi hn-ed, letting Sasuke know he had his attention. At first though it seemed as if though Sasuke didn't know what to say or how to word what he wanted to say. But then, after a couple of minutes he looked up and locked his own sharingan eyes with those of Itachi's. "Are you serious? You're not going to hurt her, you'll take care of her." he said, worry and the silent promise of pain if he were to ever hurt me in his tone of voice. Mentally I smiled. Sasuke had come a long way, had grown over the years and I was happy to see that it was for the better. It was easier to talk with him now. It was as if he had had an epiphany of sorts. Itachi didn't falter when he spoke, causing a warm sensation to spread throughout my body.

"Hn. I love her." he said it as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, as if the question was pointless because the answer was as clear as day. Smiling I tightened my hold on his hand and nodded.

"And I love him." I stated. Sasuke's shocked filled eyes turned to me then. After a couple of silent, tense minutes Sasuke finally nodded in acceptance before inactivating his sharingan. Smiling brightly I nodded before turning with a slight annoyance in my eyes and addressed them at the onyx eyed love of my life. "You, you shouldn't have taken that bait." I tried to growl but it was useless. It was kind of sweet how he defended me and our relationship. He hn-ed, as always and I shook my head.

"So captain, are we training today or not. There's a new..."

"Finish that sentence Hatake and I'll have you running laps around Konoha faster than you can say Icha Icha Paradise." I growled before turning to meet my team and slipping my gloves on. "I'll meet you in three hours for lunch." I called to Itachi before suddenly charging in and causing Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi to jump back. Damn it felt good to be up and about, to be home, to be with my boys and have everything back to how it used to be. Well almost. The one thing that made it all the better was knowing that Itachi was mine and that he'd be by my side regardless of what happened.

'Of course he would be, he found us and he bound us to him.'my inner mused. A smile spread across my lips instantly. She was right. He'd been the one who found me, he had saved me twice now and thus I was bound to him for all of time. Amused and satisfied with the truth I grinned as I felt Naruto trying to sneak up on me from behind. With a shake of my head I effortlessly went through the hand seals and chuckled as I heard Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi all curse under their breath at the sight of V standing at my side.

"Finally we can train?" she asked, amusement and excitement in her tone of voice. All it took was a nod of my head before the both of us moved and went after our teammates. Yup, life was good. At least for the time being.

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