I used to read the little vignettes that Mongie wrote in "Two Hearts in Love." I decided for my next story I'd write little glimpses into Marius and Cosette's romance just like she did, but these would be my take. I'll do some from the musical and some from the book, whatever I feel like. I'll put the prompt in, too. This one is sort of long for a little snippet, but they will be all different lengths.

Title: The First Meeting
Summary: The first time the two meet in the rue Plumet

He couldn't believe he was really doing this. It was so frightening- he stepped through the bars of the gate once again, and held his breath. He stepped softly when he saw she was sitting on the bench- he hadn't ever been this close to her before. He could almost reach out and touch her- not that he would dare. His heart was pounding in his chest. The previous evening, he'd been fed up with just watching her from a distance. He needed to tell her how he felt, and that was why he left the letter beneath the stone. But now, with her so close... well, he'd never been more scared in his life. He did not want her to turn, not yet. He was perfectly content just standing behind her, where he was safe, where his feelings could not be hurt.

Should he say something to her?

Before he could make up his mind, she sensed his presence and turned around, standing up. He looked into her eyes for the first time in almost a year- they were the same. He thought they'd been imprinted in his mind, but obviously he was wrong. He had remembered the blue, and the way he seemed to be able to see straight into her soul. But he forgot the shadow of melancholy lingering there, which was still echoing in the deep sapphire color. He also forgot how far her soul seemed to stretch, like he could look into those eyes forever and always find something new. Like she was looking back at him the same way.

Only this time, there was a trace of fear in her eyes. He'd startled her! He hadn't meant to frighten her. But sneaking into her garden, well... he could see why it would be off-putting. But he didn't want her to be scared. He realized he was still staring at her, and he shook his head to gather his thoughts. Then he began talking.

Was it talking, or rambling? He couldn't even hear what he was saying! He had a speech planned of what to say, should he ever get the opportunity to talk to her. Only today, he babbled about, confessing his love far more passionately than he'd meant to, and over-complemented her, probably frightening her. Or maybe even annoying her, who knew? Maybe he'd imagined every look she'd given him- every understanding glance, every smile. Maybe they hadn't been meant for him. Maybe they were pitiful, as she noticed the state of his clothing.

Oh! How foolish he was!

She took a step back, and her face was clothed in shadow. He still was speaking, but his eyes could no longer stare into hers. The moonlight was reflecting on the curve of her neck, and the impression her collarbones made against the soft white cream that was her skin. Those shapes, the bones, her delicate neck, they were so graceful, and so poetic. The shape of her neck was too beautiful to look at- it almost hurt.

Suddenly he stopped his words, knowing he sounded like an idiot. She must think he was a creeping, spying man who stood outside her windows and looked in on her, and then couldn't even get words together when he did get the chance to talk to her!

She cried out weakly, and then started to fall. Without thinking, Marius reached out to catch her. He did not think about how she might not want him to touch her, or how, in catching her, he might have to put his hands places she didn't want. He did not think about how he had thought up to this point that touching this perfect creature would be a kind of blasphemy. He did not think about how improper it would be to lay his clumsy hands on her, or how offended she might be. He only thought that he should not let her fall.

She looked up at him again, meeting his eyes. This time, he saw even more there than he'd seen before. Before even one more word was said, she gave him such a smile that his thoughts and worries were wiped away. For a moment, absolute stillness. His mind was not racing and neither said a word. For the first time, he felt completeness.

Thoughts? There will be plenty more soon!