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Chapter 1

"Bella!" My father yelled at me, "I need another beer! NOW!"

I knew I had to get Charlie his beer quick, or I would get the belt again.

I ran to the refrigerator, and got a can, jogging back into the living room, I handed it to Charlie, "Sorry, it took so long." I apologized quietly, and walked back to the kitchen.

I'm Isabella Swan (preferably Bella), and Charlie is my abusive father. He drinks more than he sleeps, which is way more than an average alcoholic. If I don't do something he tells me to within 30 seconds of being told, I get the belt, or a slap across the face, or if he feels like it he'll knock me to the ground and kick me around.

It was 9:30, and I needed to go to bed so I could wake up in time for school tomorrow. I sauntered to the stairs, "I'm going to bed, Charlie."

He scoffed and in hatred asked me why.

"I have school tomorrow, and I don't want to be late."

"Whatever. You're pathetic, leave."

That's what he said literally every night before I went to bed. I finally got to my room, and threw on some sweat pants and a black tank top. I turned off my light, and crawled into bed, small pains coming from my legs and sides, from Charlie's daily beatings.

My alarm clock buzzed at 6:30 in the morning, waking me up for the day. I got up and stretched, wincing at the horrible pains in the process.

I slowly walked to my bathroom, and took a short shower, but taking enough time for the hot water to relax my muscles.

After getting out, I grabbed a pair of faded skinny jeans, a plain white long-sleeved shirt to hide the bruises on my arms, and a pair of plain white converse. I quickly dried my hair (thankfully, he hadn't found the need to bruise my face, so I didn't need to wear make-up), then ran down the stairs to get Charlie's breakfast ready before he came down, and found an excuse to take off his belt.

I got the eggs, bacon, and milk out of the fridge, and put some bread in the toaster. I quickly fried the bacon and put it on a plate before starting the eggs.

Suddenly, I panicked as I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, as I looked over Charlie was trudging into the kitchen.

"Why don't you have my breakfast ready! Are you trying to make me angry?" He yelled. I shook my head, and messed with the eggs, "Well, you did anyway. You know what your consequence is!" Oh, crap. Not before school. I held back my tears, as I nodded my head in panic, he had already dressed so he has his belt on and was now pulling it off, "Get over here then!" I inched over to where he was standing and turned around. He hit so hard that it ripped through my jeans, making new holes. I let out a whimper, and he took that as a weakness, and hit harder.

Once he was finished, I limped back to the stove, and finished his breakfast. I sat it in front of him on the table, grabbed my bag, and went to get into my truck. When I got in, it was terribly difficult to sit down, from the slashes he made in my legs. I drove to school on the edge of my seat.

When I pulled in the parking lot at school, I noticed everyone gathered around some kind of car. From what I could see when stepped out of the cab of my truck, it was a canary yellow color. It looked like a new 911 Turbo Porsche.

I shoved through all of the people, and walked to my first hour, which would be starting anytime. When I got in the classroom, everyone had sat down, but class hadn't started. The only spot that was open, was one by a girl I had never met before. She looked kind of like a pixie. She was small and fragile looking, with black spiky hair, and a pretty, round face.

I sat down in pure pain, and then she started in on me.

"Hi! I'm Alice! What's your name?"

"Isabella, but I prefer Bella."

"That's such a pretty name! I think we're going to be great friends. You seem like a very nice person!" She beamed.

"So do you, Alice. I would love to be your friend."

"Awe, thank you Bella! Would you like to set with me and my family at lunch today?"

I wasn't exactly the most popular person in the school, so I accepted.

"Great! What class do you have next?"

I was about to answer, when the teacher started class, but I whispered to her anyway, "Science."

"Me too!" she whisper yelled.

I smiled at her, and that ended our conversation. I wasn't really paying attention to the teacher though.

Science went by quickly also, talking to Alice almost the whole time. Lunch was after Science, so we walked there together. As we approached her table I saw 3 other people sitting around it.

"Guys, this is Bella. She is my new best friend! Bella, this is my sister, Rosalie." Alice pointed to a gorgeous blonde headed girl. She had the prettiest blue eyes I had ever seen, "This is her boyfriend, and my brother, Emmett." A boy, you could easily mistake for a bear, got up and came over to me. He picked me up and squeezed me into a hug, I winced, and he noticed.

"Sorry, Bella. I get a little excited when I meet new people." He put me down abruptly.

"It's okay, Emmett, I just, uh….fell yesterday, and I'm still a little sore." I smiled at him, ignoring the pain in my chest.

"Anyway, this is Jasper, my boyfriend!" Alice continued, standing beside Jasper, I looked at her strangely. They're all siblings, but they're together? "Don't worry, Bella, we're all adopted. So, it's not illegal." She giggled, "Edward should be getting here soon. He's always the last one to get here."

I nodded, and we all sat down. Suddenly, Alice said, "Oh, there's Edward!" She told me, then yelled, "Edward! Over here!"

I looked behind me to see a boy with piercing green eyes, and messy, yet sexy bronze hair. He was the most gorgeous person I had ever seen.

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