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Chapter 1

My life has been a mess since I was little. The only person I could trust was my brother now. No one else. Not even our new parents.

Our own little world we lived in is what kept us from breaking apart. What kept the idiots of the other world out and to leave us whole? The thought was true, but everything didn't seem to work that way. In our eyes, we were nothing like the people around us. They only knew how to be selfish, idiotic, and violent.

Maybe we should start the story, no?

I fell to the concrete hard, panting heavily. I had tripped while running away. The bruise upon my cheek and right arm started to throb. I looked behind me to see a group of three or four boys running down the street towards me.

" Get back here!" The leader, Joshua, yelled angrily, which was my cue to run again.

I quickly scrambled to my feet and started to run again, but slower than before. I had a scrap on my left knee. I ran to the fence and paused. I threw my backpack over it and started to climb up it. I got to the top and jump down. I was in the safety of my backyard neighbor's yard.

" Idiots." I breathed turning my back to the fence, picking up my backpack, and slung it over one shoulder. I walked slowly to my house in a calm matter.

I reached the back door and studied it for a moment. It flew open and a boy that looked exactly like me tackled me to the ground. He hugged me and nuzzled my cheek with his.

" Alex! You're home!" He sang happily.

" Yeah." I smiled at him. " How are you feeling, Aras?"

" Better!" He pulled back then his eyes went wide. " What happened to you?" He poked my cheek causing me to flinch.

" Joshua and his friend came." I sighed running my hand threw my short black hair. " I'm fine though. Nothing new."

" You need to stand up for yourself!" He grabbed both my shoulders and starred into my eyes. " Or at least make yourself look like a girl and not say you're a boy!"

" But brother," I rolled my eyes, " I hate having long hair. Anyways we're leaving tomorrow morning. Does it matter?"

The fact was that we were going to move into a new house. After three years we're going to live with our 'new' family. Our aunt and uncle who both live in Japan had told us we were living with them again. Only reason why we weren't was because we wanted to study here in American after our parents' death.

" Don't remind me." He sighed pulling me into a hug. " I don't want to live with them. I want to say in our own little world a little longer. I don't want to let anyone else in."

" We don't have to, you know?" I smiled hugging him back. " I don't think they'll even try."

" True," he hugged me tighter, " but I don't want to lose you either. Are you going to leave me when you make new friends?"

" I didn't even make friends here so you have nothing to worry about." I pushed him away a little and got to my feet, holding a hand out to him. " Now let's pack the rest of our stuff."

" Welcome, welcome!" Mr. Fukuda exclaimed greeting us at the front door. " Aras and Alex Ishii!"

" Oh my, I haven't seen you two since your sixth birthday!" Mrs. Fukuda walked over pinching Aras' cheek. " You've grown up!"

" Well, it has been about ten years, honey." Mr. Fukuda chuckled, patting my head softly. " Well, Sophie, Chiyo, and Aito are at the movies right now, so they shouldn't be home for another hour or two."

" Nana, Annabelle!" Mrs. Fukuda clapped her hands and two blonde hair maids came. " Please help my two children carry their luggage to their rooms."

" Yes, madam." They said in unison picking two bags each. " Right away." They walked up the stairs a little and turned towards us and bowed. " Follow us please."

I walked quietly up the stairs holding my brother's hand. He was leading the two of us. We came to separate room as they placed our bags in our rooms.

Mine was the ocean blue one with the maple desk and laptop that was right next to the window across from the door. My blue-sheeted bed was in the far corner with a nightstand right next to it. There was an alarm clock and radio on there too.

" You two are probably exhausted. How about you go to bed and we'll wake you up for school tomorrow?" One of the maids smiled at us as we stood in the hallway.

" School so early?" Aras asked tilting his head to the right.

" Yeah, we just got here." I questioned tilting my head the opposite side.

" Fukuda-Sama wants you two to go to school as soon as possible." The maid on the right smiled.

" Whatever." I mutter grabbing Aras' hand and pulled him to my room. " Night."

Before they could reject my action, I slammed the door behind me. I yawned getting my DS out of my suitcase. I jumped down on my bed and began playing.

" What part are you on?" He sat next to me watching me play my Resident Evil game.

" Jill is about to be smashed like a pancake by the ceiling." I mumbled watching the screen as Barry pulled Jill out just in time. " I hate this girl."

" Who don't you hate?" Aras rolled his eyes resting his head on my shoulder.

" You." I whispered resting my head to his.

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