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Chapter 1

My life has been a mess since I was little. The only person I could trust was my brother now. No one else. Not even our new parents.

Our own little world we lived in is what kept us from breaking apart and stop our suffering. What kept the idiots of the other world out and to leave us whole. The thought was true, but everything didn't seem to work that way. In our eyes, we were nothing like the people around us. They only knew how to be selfish, idiotic, and violent.

Maybe we should start the story, no?

I felt a sharp pain of concrete slicing my arm as I fell to the ground, gasping for air. Three of my fellow students were close behind me, angry.

" Get back here!" The leader, Joshua, yelled angrily, which was my cue to run again.

I pushed myself to my feet, scrambling to keep balance and my footing as I began to run once again. My feet slammed into the pavement as I picked up my pace. Passing a familiar yard, I took a sharp turn, my feet barely slipping from beneath me as I began to take off my backpack. I threw it over before running up the wooden gate, grasping the flat top. I pulled myself up and then rolled myself over, landing clumsily on my feet.

" Idiots." I breathed, staring at the fence as I walked backwards a bit. I snatched my bag as I turned, walking calmly to my house as I slung the bag over one shoulder.

As I reached the door, a sigh escaped my lips as the door flung open, revealing a young male about my age. I took a breath as I felt him slam into me, his arms squeezing tightly around my torso, crushing air from my lungs.

" Alex! You're home!" He sang happily.

" Yeah." I smiled at him, coughing lightly from his rough greeting. " How are you feeling, Aras?"

" Better!" He pulled back then his eyes went wide as his hand cradled my bruised cheek, causing me to flinch. " What happened to you?"

" Joshua and his friend came." I sighed running my hand threw my short black hair. " I'm fine though. Nothing new."

" You need to stand up for yourself!" He grabbed both my shoulders and starred into my eyes, anger and irritation there. " Or, at least, look more like a girl! Wear a freaking bra instead of those binds! You're so freaking flat chested with that on!"

I sweat-dropped, staring at him. ' I think he's more concern of me not being girly than me getting beat up.'

" Anyways," I sighed, looking at him, " we're not staying her much longer, so what's the point? Making a drastic change like that seems bothersome and annoying. Let's just pack up and get outta here."

I should probably mention this, since this will be a key role in the story I'm speaking. We will be leaving America, our home for 13 years to move to Japan with our 'aunt' and 'Uncle' who adopted us after the misfortune of our parent's disappearance. Though it has been 3 years since the declaration of our parents deaths, we argued to stay in America until we reached a High School leave in Japan so we wouldn't leave no loose ends.

" Don't remind me." He sighed, pulling me into a hug as his forehead rested on my shoulder. " ... Do you think people will try to use us? Try to understand our world? Try and take us apart for their amusement."

I smiled softly, wrapping my arms around him softly. " Don't worry. They can't break us. Our world is unbreakable."

" True," he hugged me tighter, " but I don't want to lose you either. Are you going to leave me when you make new friends?"

I laughed, pushing him away before giving him a playful punch in the arm. " I don't even have friends here. Why are you worrying so much over nothing?" I pushed him into the house. " Is your fever making you delusional or something? Come on! Let's get our stuff ready for the movers!"

We had waited at the airport after we got off our plane. We weren't surprise to see that a butler had come to pick us up. The rich didn't have time for the small things like that, oh no. They were far too busy making money they really didn't need.

" Welcome, welcome! Alex and Aras!" Mr Fukuda grinned happily as he greeted us outside the door of the large mansion. He was an older gentlemen, in his late-forties, with peppered black hair and a tan wrinkled face. His dark eyes sparkled as they eyed us.

" Oh my! Is that my baby girl Alex and my handsome boy Aras? My, have you grown into beautiful young adults!" Mrs. Fukuda walked over quickly, her black Prada heels clicking against pavement as she pulled us into a hug. She was a younger woman, mid-thirties, with long blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She wore a red, fitted, dress that went to her knees.

" Well, it has been 10 years, honey." Mr. Fukuda sweat-dropped as he patted Aras' back. " Well, Sophie and Chiyo are at the movies with your cousin Aito. They won't be home for another few hours. Just make yourself at home and relax until they get here. It's been a long while since you seen them."

" Nana, Annabelle!" Mrs. Fukuda clapped her hands and two blonde hair maids came. " Please help my two children carry their luggage to their rooms."

" Yes, madam." They said in unison picking two bags each. " Right away." They walked up the stairs a little and turned towards us and bowed. " Follow us please."

I walked quietly up the stairs, holding my brother's hand as he took the lead. We came to a stop as the maids placed our things in rooms across the hall from each other.

The room on the left, mine, was a lavender color, white curtains displayed over the window as an antique oak desk stood under it. To the corner was a large, king sized bed with lavender sheets neatly made. There were two doors next to each other on the wall near the foot of the bed. A television was placed perpendicular to the bed.

The room on the right, which was Aras', was a mirrored image besides the dark blue walls, and the blue sheets.

" You two are probably exhausted. How about you go to bed and we'll wake you up for school tomorrow?" One of the maids smiled at us as we stood in the hallway.

" School so early?" Aras asked tilting his head to the right.

" Yeah, we just got here." I questioned tilting my head the opposite side.

" Fukuda-Sama wants you two to go to school as soon as possible." The maid on the right smiled.

I scoffed, gripping Aras' hand tighter as I shrugged them off. " Fine, whatever. Night."

I tossed by rucksack next to my bed as I pulled my 3DS from my pocket, flipping the blue devise open. the game was paused on the last part I was on in the plan. I yawned as I plopped down on my bed, my head hitting the feathered pillow.

" What part are you on?" Aras mimicked me, laying on his stomach as he looked at me, his eyes wearily on me.

" Jill is about to be smashed like a pancake by the ceiling." I mumbled watching the screen with boredom as Barry barely makes the save. " This kill is so annoying and troublesome. One of my least favorite characters in this series. I might as well say, 'hate'."

" Who don't you hate?" Aras rolled his eyes as he cuddled next to me.

I looked at him, smiling kindly at him. " You, onii-chan."

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