Chapter 7

" Well this isn't good." I blinked twice then looked down at what I was wearing. " This is really not good."

I was wearing black designer jeans that flared out at the bottom and a black spaghetti strap that stopped a little over my belly button. I wore a puffy gray sweatshirt that stopped below my chest and black converse. I wore a peace sign hat. I also wore black high heels.

" Alex is a…. a… a…" Tamaki stuttered with wide eyes, his mouth almost hit the floor, " g-g-girl!"

" No, Hikaru and Kaoru forced me to wear these girl clothing because their cousin is here." I gave a nervous chuckled taking a step back. " OK, the secret is out."

" Alex-chan is really a girl?" Honey asked surprised hopping over to me. " But why did Alex-chan act like a boy?"

" Yeah, why did you act like a boy, and we want the truth." Hikaru studied me as Kaoru kept quiet.

" Ok, hang on a moment, I gotta thing of a lie first." I mutter tapping my finger on my chin, thinking.

" No, we want the truth Alex!" Kaoru rolled his eyes. " Please just tell us."

" Well, it happened when me and Shinni-chan went to camp." I looked up at the ceiling, thinking of every detail. " One of our pranks went terribly wrong."

" You mean terribly right." Shinn grinned crossing her arms as I shot her a glare. " Sorry." She muttered looking away.

" Truth be told I was girly when I was younger." I sighed looking out the window. " More fragile, I guess, but after what had happened I changed….."


" Jenn, I don't think our plan went as planned." I starred with wide, scared eyes at the girl across the room.

" Yeah, I think it went better than planned." Jenn grinned evilly and turned her back to the girl.

The girl was none other than Margaret, the medium built girl who bullied me. Her once long brown hair was all choppy and uneven. Most of her hair barely went over chin.

" She's so going to kill us." I whispered looking over at Shinn who gave a simple smile.

" Not if she doesn't find out." She winked and grabbed my hand dragging out of the cafeteria. " Now come on, I want to ride in the boat things."

" A raft?" I questioned following her as she nodded smiling.

End Flashback

"Then after that she snuck into my room and cut most of my hair. Then I thought there was no point in having long hair. It just got in the way." I shrugged looking over at them. " Besides I wouldn't have met you guys if I didn't act like a boy."

" So you're evilness came from our cousin?" Kaoru shook his head. " We should have known."

" Yep, but she developed into an evil mastermind before I did." Shinn grinned then faked tears, hugging me. " They grow up so fast!"

" Get on somewhere." I growled kicking her off me. " I swear sometime I don't know what to make of you people."

" Well, look on the bright side…" Kaoru placed a arm around my shoulder and tried to think of something.

" There is no bright side is there?" I rolled my eyes playfully. " Well since everyone is here I say we go to the mall or something. I haven't shopped in a long while."

The twins looked at each other and gave an evil grin at me. " I say it will be fun making her try on new cute clothes."

" As long as we stop at the game store so I can pick up a game." I hooked arms with Shinni-chan and Haruhi, and skipped out of the place.

(At mall)

I watched the twins as they were looking at clothing for Haruhi, Shinn, and me. It looked as if they were pulling out the most girly outfits the store had. They seemed to be having fun though so I didn't want to ruin it.

" Try these on!" The shoved a bunch of clothes to all of us and shoved us into a dressing room.

" Pushy aren't we?" I heard the door behind me slam. " Man, they don't have to be so harsh."

I looked at the outfits and tried each of them on. None of them looked good or fit properly. I looked at the last one to see a sparkly blue one strapped dress. I shrugged trying that one on.

It fit perfectly, though I'm a little worried to find out out how they figured out my size, and stopped above my knees. I was a little nervous that I was wearing a regular bra, I usually wear a sports bra with gauze, but soon sighed and looked at myself in the mirror.

" Alex, are you almost done?" Hikaru yelled impatiently as his tapping foot could be heard.

" Do I have to come out?" I whined leaning against the stall door. " I don't look good in any of these!"

" Just come out!"

" Fine, but if you make fun of me you're going to regret it!" I sighed opening the door a little annoyed. " Cause these heels aren't just for walking."

There was silence as I stood there. Everyone stared at me in shock, for the exception of Haruhi, Kyoya, and Shinn who just rolled their eyes. The twins face turned a light red.

" What?" I looked down at myself. " Don't like it?"

" No!" Hikaru shouted as his face turned redder. " You look great, but it's just... just..."

" We kinda thought you'd be flat chested like Haruhi." Kaoru coughed looking away.

" Well, as you can see I'm not flat chested and why are you looking there?" I raised an eyebrow. " Perverts."

" We weren't looking there!" Hikaru shouted embarrassed as his face turned redder as Kaoru continued. " It's just that..."

" Chill." I smirked crossing my arms. " I was joking. Besides, I'm use to it."

" Yeah, when we went to camp all the boys were all over her." Shinn smirked leaning against me. " She was the perfect girl for any boy, even though she was like 9 or 10."

" Shinni-chan, don't bring up ancient history." I side stepped and let her fall to the ground. " But to her comment I was... developing faster that most girls. So that's why I go to school as a boy. So the boys will leave me alone."

" Ow! So uncalled for!" She growled getting back to her feet.

" I'm an uncalled for person." I shrugged sighing. For some reason I felt a little depressed and a small pain in my heart.

" What's wrong Alex-Chan?" Honey asked looking at me. " Are you feeling ok?"

I looked down at honey and gave a fake smile. I shook my head before going back into the dressing room and walked out in my regular outfit.

" Let's go to the game store." I smiled weakly. " I want to get that game before we leave..."

(Sophie's POV)

" Is there any reason?" I asked leaning against the door frame, watching Aras carefully search his room. " Is there any reason you're leaving?"

" Does it really matter?" He asked a little annoyed by the questioned.

" Alex is going to be upset."

" When have you ever cared for Alex?" He growled irritated, probably since I brung his sister into the conversation. " You're the one that's been trying to ruin her life."

" That's besides the point you know." I walked calmly past him and sat on his bed, legs crossed. " I'm the only one who should be ruining her life, but you'll be taking my thunder if you leave for Germany. She might hate you after this."

" I'm doing this for her."

" Leaving your own sister..." I paused pursing my lips and restated it. " Scratch that. Leaving you're own TWIN sister with a bunch of guys and alone to fend for herself at this school? She'll get into some terrible trouble."

" That's why you're going to look out for her." He muttered placing another bag by the door.

" What?" I glared jumping to my feet. " You expect me to help her!"

" I expect you to help me." He looked at me with pleading eyes. " Just watch her until she doesn't need help. She's been having some issues with the football team for some reason so you might want to use your 'charm' on them."

" You ask for way too much," I sighed trying to stay calm. " I guess I can, but you're asking the person who hates her the most."

" The only reason why you hate her is because of me." He stated bluntly slinging a bag over his shoulder. " Am I right?"

" Don't flatter yourself." I picked up one of his bags and stopped by the door. " But it's true." With that I walked out of the room and to the front doors.

(Alex's POV)

" Go away!" A woman screamed as it became dark as she kept screaming as the light flickered on her. " Go away!" Her voice would lose volume as she reached the end of the statement.

It went dark again. Chains raddled and a scream could be heard. As on cue, the lights flashed on and the blonde hair woman was shown hanging upside down in the torture chamber.

She struggled to get her feet free, but to no avail. She swung back and forth as she gasped for air.

" She's going to die!" Tamaki yelled hiding behind Kyoya. " This is so creepy!"

" Sempai. Stopping being such a wimp and man up." I said staring boredly at the plasma screen t.v. " This isn't even scary. It's more amusing than anything. Screaming ' Go away!' a million times isn't going to make the witch leave."

" What's this movie named again?" Hikaru asked looking, just as bored as me, at the T.V. As the man, Hutch, drove a nail into the witches forehead.

" Stay Alive." I sighed leaning back in my seat and looked at my phone. It was passed midnight. "I swear I'd play this game if it were real. It would kill time and seems amusing." I pushed myself to my feet and headed to the kitchen. " I'm going to get us some more snacks."

" I'll come too." Shinn scrambled after me.

" So where am I sleeping tonight?" I asked pouring more popcorn into the bowl.

" In the guest room there's three beds so me you and Haru-chan can share a room." Shinni then smiled evilly. " Do you wanna pull a prank?"

" Now you're speaking my language." I smirked sitting myself on the counter. " Whats the plan?"

" I say we play the movie card." she wink pulling out a red container that red ' fake blood'.

" I say we do." I nod taking the container away from her and grinned. " We can get Haruhi, Kaoru, and Hikaru."

" Plan: Scary the host club! Is on its way!" We whispered in unison pulling out our cell phone.

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