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Kyuubi talking with Naruto

Kyuubi talking through Naruto's body


Beneath the Hokage tower there is a secret underground tunnel that is dimly lit, the walls are made of stone which keep the tunnel cold and muggy. At the end of the path there is a room that is filled with medical supplies on one side and torture devices on the other; in the middle of the room there is a lone figure that is tied with its arms and legs spread apart, this person is bound by chakra enforced chains that drains the person of there chakra. The person is male and his once bright blond hair is now dull and its spikes that was once up and bouncy are now hung low, his once bright blue eyes that was filled with innocence and life are now dull and lifeless. He is in nothing but his orange pants that are stained in blood and other substances, his name is Naruto Uzumaki, he was once the life of Konoha but is now a prisoner in the very village he wanted to protect.

As Naruto got older he got stronger and the council believed that he was becoming too strong and were afraid he would turn on the village and attack using the nine-tailed fox's power so secretly they got ANBU to kidnap Naruto during a solo mission and so he simply became M.I.A. and that is what the council let everyone believe. They especially didn't want to Hokage Tsunade to know she thought of Naruto as a grandson and would kill everyone of the council members if she found out what they did. All of Naruto's friends have become upset over his disappearance, and had hope of finding him one day, hopefully alive. Iruka is especially upset seeing as how he thought of Naruto as a son and Jiraiya has been troubled over it because Naruto was his student as well as he thought of him as a grandson.

Rumors quickly spread through out the village some thinking he was kidnapped by the Akatsuki, or that he joined the Akatsuki, some say that he was kidnapped by Orochimaru or that he joined up with Sasuke and stayed with him, and some believe that he just left because he is plotting to destroy the village, and some started saying that he was dead, but his friends and family knew that Naruto would not join the Akatsuki or Orochimaru even if it was for Sasuke, Naruto would drag Sasuke back before he did that, and he wouldn't leave to plot to destroy the village, Naruto loved the village after all it is his dream to become Hokage someday and that is also why Naruto is not dead, at least that is what they all hoped.

Naruto lifted his head but only slightly, the council barely fed him or gave him anything to drink, only enough to keep him alive so they could experiment on him and 'punish' him since they couldn't 'punish' the nine-tailed fox it self. They didn't want to have his death on their conscious, but they would send and ANBU to do all the dirty work, they never were present for the 'Punishing' they only showed up after words to talk about how it went. He groaned at the pain in his neck, back and well his entire body, his voice cracking from the abuse of his screams that he would issue when being 'punished'. Naruto closes his eyes and goes inside his mind 'Kyuubi?' Naruto whispers standing in front of the cage.

"Yes kit?"

'How are you doing?'

"I'm doing about as well as you kit; feeling weak and in pain, I'm sorry I can't heal you but with these chakra binds I can't even help myself"

"Don't worry about me, as long as I can still talk with you I believe I can keep my sanity,' Naruto chuckles inside his head, as he unable to actually talk.

"We just have to be strong kit, someone will find us and then we can get out of this hell hole," Kyuubi puts a tail through the bars and wraps it around Naruto to try and comfort the boy. "Be strong, we can make it through this together or die together trying."

Naruto nods his head and curls up in Kyuubi's tail quickly falling into the nightmares the always comes when he falls asleep.

A few hours later Naruto is brutally awaken by a harsh stinging on his chest; he arches up and screams out in pain. Naruto looked up to see an ANBU holding a whip that he just used on Naruto to wake him up; Naruto looks down to see the split skin and blood flowing from his chest. He then glares up at the ANBU. "So you still have some fight left, that's good, I wouldn't want to break you after only a month of fun," The ANBU said. Naruto may not be able to see the guys face but he could hear the smirk in his voice, the ANBU then continued, "Now let me hear you BEG!" he yelled as he brought the whip back down across Naruto's chest, the ANBU continued his assault until Naruto's chest was nothing but cuts and blood, Naruto's screams echoed throughout the tunnel his voice cracking every now and then.

"Ne..ne" Naruto whispered.

"What was that demon?" the ANBU mocked.

"I'll…ne…never…b…beg," Naruto said, 'And I refuse to cry,' he told himself as he felt tears sting his eyes. "S…so…go…to…hell."

"You stupid fucking demon!" The ANBU yelled and then moved forward to stand in front of Naruto, he then drew his fist back and punched Naruto in the face breaking his nose, the ANBU then began to punch and kick Naruto, he didn't stop until Naruto began to cough up blood, by the end Naruto had 3 broken rids and he guessed possible internal bleeding, from the way he was coughing up blood. "I should kill you, however the council don't want you dead yet, I want so bad to stand over your dead body and spit on it. You were never loved and never will be, you only had friends because they were scared of you just let go and die already," and with one last punch to the face the ANBU left to let the medical ninja take care of Naruto.

Naruto's vision began to darken, 'Never… I will not die…there is still have unfinished business to take care of.'

'And what's that kit? You have to always remember. Who are you staying alive for? Say it!' Kyuubi yells.

"S…Sa…Sas…uke…Sasuke," Naruto then blacks out.

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