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Pairing: Konohamaru Sarutobi & Naruto Uzumaki

Summary: Konohamaru is sick and tired of watching Naruto continuously asking that damned traitor Uchiha out on a date and always being rejected in return. Sasuke didn't deserve someone as loving and caring as his blond ANBU captain damn it! And it was about time Naruto learned that too.

Unexpected Rebound

Chapter 5: Displacement of the Heart

"Your jealous."

"Fuck you I'm not jealous!"

"Whatever you say, idiot."

"I hate you."

"You weren't saying that on the last mission, and I quote: 'Kuramaaa, help meee I'm bleeeediiing.'"

Snickering echoed inside the blond's head and he scowled in return. He crossed his arms in front of his chest moodily, his firm scowl resolving and turning into a full-blown pout.

"Did I say something wrong, Mioko-chan?"



Blue eyes blinked several times before flickered their gaze onto the brunette sitting across from Naruto. A calloused hand came up to settle on his bare knee and Naruto refrained from shivering at the unwanted contact. He simply gazed into the emerald gems of the bane of his current mission.

He smiled prettily at Kato, waving off the question with a flick of his wrist.

"Oh no, I was just thinking about my bro-" Naruto bit his tongue, mentally cursing himself for voicing his thoughts so freely. Kato's lips thinned in distaste, his slender eyebrows furrowed as he leaned back against his chair, his hand retreating along with him.

"Ah yes, Shigeru." the man spat the name as if it was some disease, his handsome features morphing in distaste for the man he had just spoken about.

"He seems to be quite taken with my dear cousin."

Naruto visibly perked up at that.

"Cousin?" he questioned, tilting his head to the side in wonderment. Kato nodded.

"Her name is Kiyoko. She's very…special to me." the brunette let a fond smile grace his lips and Naruto raised an inquisitive eyebrow at him. Was she the girl that had been walking with Konohamaru not so long ago? Something in his gut told him yes, she was the evil woman who had been getting so comfortable with his subordinate.

"Might I add that this jealous streak you're having is quite refreshing. I was getting tired of your constant moaning of 'Sasuke' this and 'Sasuke' that."

"Shut the fuck up, Kurama. You're just jealous because you haven't found release in twenty-three years."

"…Did I ever mention before that I really hate your father?"

"Awww c'mon Kurama, you know you loooove meeee!"

There was a snort and Naruto smirked while staring blankly at Kato.

"If you let me take that sweet ass of yours then maybe I'd love you. Just put a bag over your head."

"But my face is the best part!"

Before Kurama could reply back, the brunette across from him made himself known once again.

"-but even so, his disappearance allows us more time with each other, ne?"

Naruto's eyes hardened at the offending word. In his ninja vocabulary disappearance only meant one thing…death.

"Disappearance?" he questioned sternly, completely forgetting that he was supposed to be in character and letting his natural voice leak through. Kato furrowed his eyebrows at the girl sitting across from him, her body rigid and, by the looks of it, ready to attack if need be.

"Yes. His time spent protecting my dear cousin should allow me more time with you." He elaborated cautiously, eyes narrowing suspiciously at 'Mioko'. When had the sweet girl been replaced by such a livid woman?

'Mioko' visibly relaxed at that and 'she' shot Kato a warm smile.

"Since when have you been one to almost throw away your mission for something so measly? You're lucky he wants to get into your pants."

The blond flinched at the reprimand from the demon sealed inside him. Kurama was right; he shouldn't have reacted so adamantly over something as simple as a misleading of a word. It could have cost him the mission.

He felt frustrated inside, that much was for sure. His built up nerves felt taut and he was weary of anything and everything. Not having Konohamaru in a line of sight was making him distraught and influencing his usually obdurate emotions.

The young Sarutobi had been his apprentice once-upon a time and Naruto always felt the need to protect his past novice at all cost. Especially when said subordinate was in the hands of the enemy.

"Relax, brat, he can handle himself."

And it was true. Naruto knew perfectly well that he had trained his student impressively. But regardless of the fact, old habits do die hard. His human nature prevented him from letting go of his used-to-be charge. He was like the overprotective mother bird unable to release her baby chick from the nest in order for it to fly.

Naruto mentally cursed, glaring coldly at his folded hands resting on his lap.

In his mindscape, Kurama cackled.

"How does it look down there, Neji?" Shikamaru's voice crackled through Neji's earpiece and he frowned in displeasure as he watched with avid eyes the way the supposed leader kept touching Naruto. Sweat trickled down his face, the mask on his face suffocating him almost as much as the heat outside was.

He raked his eyes all over the hideout until he finally spotted a head of familiar spikey hair. There was a twitch of his mouth and Neji actually found himself bewildered. The mission assignment only said Naruto had to do the seduction, it didn't say anything about Konohamaru.

Just who exactly was that girl on top of Sarutobi?

"It seems Konohamaru has found himself a very friendly lady." He spoke calmly into the small microphone attached to his collar. There was shuffling heard on the other end and Neji raised an eyebrow when a thud resounded in his earpiece followed by some colorful language.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest, Shikamaru groaned in pain as he sat up on the tree branch he had ungracefully landed on when he'd lost his balance trying to set the trap appropriately. It was so not because of what Neji had just said. Not at all.

"What?" he questioned while pulling leaves from out of his hair, very much disgruntled. He didn't mind being out in the open like this because if there was one thing they had gathered it was that their security sucked. The watchmen took one-hour breaks every twenty minutes for crying out loud!

"Are you alright?" Neji's static-y voice came through and Shikamaru grunted in response.

"Just peachy. What was it you were saying?"

The Hyuuga chuckled and strained his eyes even further to get a closer look, making sure his eyes weren't betraying him (not like they ever did). Surely enough he watched with incredulous eyes as a woman sat herself comfortably atop Konohamaru's lap. Sarutobi seemed bewildered at first but not a second later he was relaxing into the sudden intimate contact.

"It looks like our little Konohamaru isn't so little anymore."

Shikamaru scowled. He could already feel a headache coming on.

"What is he doing?" Shikamaru asked while checking the trap once more before stealthily making his way over to where Neji was stationed.

"I'd rather not say, but it seems to me that she's…seducing him."

Shikamaru clucked his tongue, his facial features morphing into that of disapproval. What was that idiot thinking?

"Where's Naruto?" he questioned once he made it to the branch in which Neji was perched on.

"If that man's hand gets any higher than Naruto will be found out." Neji grit out almost painfully. Shikamaru sighed tiredly and snuck a hand under his mask to pinch the bridge of his nose. Things weren't going as planned and any wrong action could get either Naruto or Konohamaru killed. Or worse, both of them.

"Contact Naruto as soon as he's alone."


"Ano sa, Shigeru-kun, have you ever had a girlfriend before?"

A full-blown blush was adorning the young man's face, stretching all the way down to his neck as he pulled at the collar of his shirt nervously. This girl was on his lap for Kami's sake! Any (virgin) man would be blushing like a schoolgirl right now!

Kiyoko leaned against him, her lithe body molding with his muscular one as she rest her head on shoulder with almost swan-like elegance. She looked like a fragile doll and because of that Konohamaru no qualms in letting her stay there. Albeit, there was something nagging at him in the back of his mind, but he was just too much in a daze to know what exactly it was.

"N-No I haven't-"

A nimble finger was suddenly touching his face, effectively cutting him off from his stuttering. It trailed down his jawline slowly, his body involuntarily shuddering in pleasure. What was this girl doing to his body?

Konohamaru let his eyelids droop in hazy delight when her slender fingers found their way into his hair, first caressing it then going on to massage his scalp. A tiny moan escaped his lips but he was unaware of it, simply choosing to lean into the gentle ministrations.

Why was he feeling so pleasured yet at the same time so guilty? Hadn't he always fantasized about someone else doing this time? Someone so gorgeous that doing anything with that person would have probably felt ten times better?

Brilliant, azure eyes suddenly flashed in his mind and Konohamaru's eyes snapped open. He caught the small hand messing with his hair in a firm but tender grip. She seemed surprised, if the widening of her lilac eyes were any indication.

Konohamaru averted his eyes, blush returning full force.

"There is someone though." He confessed, his head hanging a little bit, almost out of shame. Kiyoko seemed to recede back into herself, pulling her hand out of Konohamaru's grasp. It appeared to him that her eyes dimmed, if only a little, to a shade that looked almost violet.

Konohamaru chewed his bottom lip guiltily. Had he upset her?

The light weight settled on top of him disappeared and he was left feeling emptier than before, like he was incomplete. But why, he asked himself, I've only known her for two days.

He felt himself becoming anxious when she began to walk away farther into the garden. He was suffocating on this suddenly heavy air and he felt trapped. He couldn't lose her.

"W-Wait!" Konohamaru shouted, scrambling off of the stone bench, trying to get to her, desperate to reach her in time before she left.

Kiyoko halted and turned around. In that moment Konohamaru fell to his knees before her, encircling the girl's slim waist with his arms and burying his face into her abdomen. Her aroma was absolutely enticing and just the scent of her left him wanting so much more.

"I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean it. There is no one else." Konohamaru frantically assured her, not looking up at all for fear of seeing disapproval on her face. Half of his mind knew exactly what he was saying, but the other half was questioning why he had said it if he knew it wasn't true.

Everything about this woman was just so intoxicating that he didn't care what he did or say. Not now when he was with her at least.

But because of him deciding not to look up, he completely missed the sinister grin that spread across Kiyoko's face as she stared at the shocked feminine face of 'Mioko' who stood stalk-still behind the glass door.

It didn't last long though because a second later, 'Mioko' was withholding an almost animalistic snarl that threatened to escape him.

Naruto was trying so hard not to yank open the door and tear that bitch to shreds. Instead he simply turned on his heel and strutted back to his room.

"Did you find him?"

"Yes." Naruto bit out, clenching and unclenching his fists as he practically slammed the door off its hinges.

"Calm dow-"

"Don't tell me to fucking calm down you bastard! That wench has him eating out of her goddamn palm! That idiot! What the fuck was he thinking! Fucking shit-"



He was shaking with uncontrolled rage, his teeth grinding with so much ferocity that they squeaked with every movement.

"I want you to talk to him. Tell him to stay away from her. Neji says she has unusual chakra, almost identical to that of Sasuke's cursed seal."

"…." Naruto stayed silent, his finely shaped eyebrows furrowed together.

"Naruto? Are you there?"


"What are you planning on doing?"

The man in question sighed tiredly and sunk into his bed, rubbing his temples soothingly, already feeling his head begin to ache. There was certainly something fishy about the girl, and what Shikamaru just said confirmed that, but he still didn't know what she was doing or what he himself was going to do about it.

If he tried to dig deeper into her character, then there would be an even higher risk of getting himself exposed, ruining their chances of destroying this place once and for all. Kato had let it slip that there was some sort of meeting in Amegakure tomorrow, almost a four-day journey.

"I don't know…give me until tonight, Shika."

He received a sigh in return then a grumbled "alright" before the line cut off.

Naruto stared worriedly at the door to his room.

There was a luminous feeling in the pit of his stomach he really didn't like right now.

I have a bad feeling about this, Naruto thought.

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