Rin P.O.V.

Ring Ring Ring. I reached over to hit the snooze button when 'plop' I rolled on the floor. Rubbing my butt I realized I had completely forgotten that I moved my alarm clock, so that I would get up on time. Looks like my plan worked perfectly. "Ugh, another year of high school." I decided to take a quick shower. Walking back into my room with my towel wrapped tightly around my body I looked at my clock and saw my shower had been longer than I thought. Then before I could do anything else my phone rang singing, 'I'm a survivor I'm gonna… Interupting mid-sentence I answered my phone with, "Hello?"

Screaming in my ear was and overly excited Kagome saying, "Rin hurry it up or I'll leave without you. It's our Junior year and I don't want to be late! Come on come on come on hurry hurry hurry."

" Ugh I should kill Kagome for being so preppy this early in the morning." I was exauhsted and was not in the mood to handle her overly chiper mood, but I pondered what my first day of school outfit should be. 'Hmm what to wear? I like this skirt, these flats, and this shirt.' Walking out my door I looked into my full length mirror and admire my wavy black skirt hugging my waist, my plain navy blue v-neck shirt, and my black flats with a bow on the front. My hair was loosely curled with a black headband put in to seperate my bangs from the rest of my hair.

"I approve." I spun around and saw Kagome looking at me leaning against the wall.

Shocked I asked "How did you get into my house?"

"I told you I'd leave without you, if you didnt hurry so I came in here to make you hurry", was my only response.

"Oh shut up I'm done now let's just go." I paused and looked at Kagome who was already halfway down the stairway. " Wait a second you still didn't tell me how the hell you got into my house."

"Well if I told you I'd have to kill you haha" She said in a creepy laughing tone that reminded me of serial killers.

" haha wait you kidding right?" Kagome was already in the car. "Kagome? You were just kidding right?..." no anwser. "Right?"

" haha of course Rin." Kagome replied winking.

3rd Person P.O.V.

They got out of the car when they got to school and the first thing Rin noticed was the older looking one of the new brothers walking into the office. "Damn Kagome look at them." Rin looked up at Kagome and saw she was already staring. "Kagome?" Rin waved her hand in Kagome's face "you who?" Rin began snapping her fingers in her entranced friends face and finally got her attention. "I see someone's got a crush. Haha." Rin joked.

"Umm yeah let's go to class and we can find out more about them later." Dazed Kagome rushed into the buzzing main corridor.

" Avoiding the subject doesn't make it go away Kagome." Rin exclaimed as she ran after her retreating friend.

But before Rin could make her friend reply she had already ran into there homeroom class Ding ding. "Class as you know my name is Mrs. Lubak and once again I will be your homeroom slash English teacher this year." In walked the two new brothers.

"wow" was all that was heard from the girls in the class room.

"These are our new students they are dog demons. Since the rest of us know each other, I'll let them introduce themselves."