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Rin P.O.V.

"Oh no, you did not just talk to me like that!" I snapped while I shoved my pointing finger repeatedly in Sesshomaru's chest. "Look I don't know who you think you are, but let me tell you something I have never. And I do mean never taken the crap you've shot my way today from anyone before, so I refuse to give you the privilege any longer! Do you understand me mist..."

Sesshomaru had me in an entranced gaze and I stopped talking mid-word, the look he gave me was just completely mesmerizing. It seemed almost for a split second as if he had admiration in his eyes directed towards me. Maybe not admiration you could almost say it looked like love or lust even, but I thought I had just imagined it after he opened his mouth and said in his usual monotone voice, "you human will never speak to me that way again." Then without even looking at me, he turned around and walked out those famous double doors toward the parking lot.

I stood there fists clenched, lips pressed, and steam practically rising from my head. 'Ugh! He's just so infuriating! I can't believe that anyone could be so full of themselves.' I thought as I spun on my heels and headed out toward my archery class that I had with Kagome. On my way to class I continued to rant in my head. I most likely looked like I crazy girl with a twitch to kids who passed me in the hall, but that was not my biggest concern at the moment. I was too focused on my latest encounter with Sesshomaru, so I continued to rant in my head. 'Oh yes my king I will never speak to you that way again.' I thought in my head sarcastically. 'Who the hell does he think he is anyways the freakin king of the underworld? Let me just bow down and kiss his feet, why don't I?' "Ugh guys are so stupid!"I accidently shouted out loud.

"Well I'm sorry to hear you say something like that Rin and here I came to believe you thought of me as intelligent."
I looked up to a pair of twinkling brown eyes and when one winked at me I knew it had to be Kohaku. I jumped into his arms for a hello hug. While wrapping my arms around Kohaku I apologized and explained my outburst. "I'm sorry Kevin you know I didn't mean you, it's just that the older new kid has been on my case all day." I let go of our hug and looking up into his eyes I continued. "You see it all started this morning when he pinned me against the wall right outside this building or actually before that when Kikyo and her gang tried to jump me and he saved me. He walked outside followed by me and then he said I wasn't to touch him just because I'm human and he's just such a jerk!"

"Okay, okay calm down Rin you can't let this one guy get to you like this. He's not worth it."

"I of all people know that he is far from worth it, but I can't help it. The things he says or even the looks in his eyes, they get to me, do you know what I mean?" At this point Kohaku had his right hand against the small of my back, and was pushing me to continue walking because of his fear of being late to class. Kohaku's jousting class was right next to my archery class, so he was able to walk me to class and listening to me complain about my day in the process. So I continued to ramble saying, "Sometimes I swear I see some sort of emotion in his eyes, but then he covers it right back up. It's just so frustrating and you know I've always been a people person and I'm really good at reading people and almost everyone likes me, well except for Amanda's stupid gang. I just can't believe how much he affects me, but it's just when I first saw him something hit me, it literally felt like something hit my insides and now I'm drawn just to him. And then he said something about Kags being his brother's mate, but I thought mates were an old tradition. Do they still have them? In our history books it said that the ability to feel that amazing connection that demons felt for their soul mate died when half demons were brought into the mix." I wasn't finished ranting, but I was beginning to get out of breath.

Before I could continue Kohaku interrupted me by putting his left hand on my shoulder and saying, "Um, Rin you know I don't mind listening to you and I could listen to your beautiful voice all day long, but the bell is about to ring and you know how I am about being late. Plus we're here at our classes already. Don't worry so much though, I'll be waiting for you right here before you're even released from your class, I promise. I just can't be late to class. We'll have lunch together today. Does that sound good to you?"

With that he gave me a quick hug and handed me my bag, that I hadn't even noticed he taken from me at some point between my ranting and him putting his hand on my back to lead me to class. "Bye Kohaku." I said cheerfully, "thank you so much."

"Rin! Where have you been"? Kagome said a little louder than necessary, while she tugged on my arm and pulled me all the way to the other side of our archery classroom. As juniors we were in advanced archery and done with the whole history of archery blah, blah, blah. We pretty much just got to practice every single day on our own and progress would be tested every other week on Friday, so I knew I would get an earful all class period.

"Kags just calm down and I'll explain everything." I said trying to defend myself and making a downward movement with my hands to emphasizing the calming down part of my statement.

"Calm down? Did you seriously just tell me to calm down I waited for you for five whole minutes, after I had already been shocked by my new found nickname and not to mention seeing you with senior hottie in the hallway." She pointed at her face and asked "Do you see this?" Then moving her fingers sharply closer to her mouth continued, "Does this look like perky Kagome to you?"

"Well, no actually more like nagging mommy wannabe Kagome," I mumbled under my breath.

I guess she heard me because her head snapped toward me really fast and she had a really pissed off glare directed towards me. "It was a rhetorical question". She stated while grinding her teeth. Then with that said, she whipped her hair and walked toward the changing room.
I figured she was just being a drama queen and I'd let her cool off before trying to approach her again. So, I scanned the room to see if anyone else had gotten started on practicing yet and realized I was completely alone. 'This class always had me stumped. I just never understood why they would build an indoor archery practice classroom if they could just set us up outside. It would be so much more fun, I think to aim for targets on the different terrain of the campus. This room is pretty huge though. Actually massive is more like it,' I thought as I made my way over to the changing room.

"Hey Rin over here there's an empty big locker, we saved it for you." Sango said as she waved me over, but Kagome wouldn't even look up at me. I walked to the last row of locker and in the very corner I saw the large open locker. "The beauty of finally being an upperclassman, huh, Rin?" Sango commented as she put her white under outfit on.

"Yeah, seriously." I giggled back.

"I can't believe we had to wait two years to have the privilege of a large locker. Oh I got you two uniforms they're in the bottom drawer of your locker." She reached over and pulled out the drawer that she had stuffed my uniforms for the year in.

"Thanks Sango that helps a lot. I was scared I was going to have to go get an old pair being the last one in the changing room and all." I began to take off my flats and skirt.
Sango waved her left hand in a way to say it was not a big deal, as I saw her pull her pants up to right below her bust area and then she took both her hands to tie a perfect bow in front of her black pants. "You know what sometimes I wish we didn't have to dress the part when in archery class."

I had just gotten my head through my shirt in time to answer with, "oh I don't know I like these outfits. I think it'd kinda cool that all historical electives must dress the part, it's almost like going back in time for the hour we're in the class." I know my eyes shined when I spoke of this because the outfits were my second favorite part of archery class.

"You always were the weird history nerd Rin." Sango rolled her eyes at me, closed her locker and headed toward supply room.
I quickly tied the knot on my pants. I never was one for bows anyways and followed Sango calling out to her, "hey wait for me Sango."

Sango didn't say anything just handed me my bow and a quiver filled with practice arrows. "So Sango is Miroku here?"

While walking out of the changing room and toward an open practice spot she replied with a simple, "yeah".

"Okay don't tell me you're mad at me too. Just because I was late to class and I haven't told Kags what happened yet."

Sango then stopped walking to look at me and laughed. "Oh come on Rin you know me better than that. I'm not into Kagome's drama queen crap."

"Then what's with the one worded answer you keep giving me."
Sango burst out in a fit of laughs. "You... you you're kidding…right?" She was laughing so hard that she couldn't even say one complete sentence.

I just slightly looked toward the ground and replied, "No I wasn't kidding".

"Oh Rin you know this is how I am," Sango's laughing had calmed down, but she was still giggling to herself. "Why are being so sensitive anyway?"

"Sorry Sango it's just this day has had me on an emotional rollercoaster ride and coming to this class I felt like it was that part in the roller coaster where you shoot straight down."
Sango had begun aiming for her first target; as she listened to me tell her my story from the beginning. I told her all about Sesshy and Kikyo's group I even told her about my encounter with Inuyasha and how Kohaku listened to my rant while he walked me to class and every little detail in between. "You know Rin you stress way too much."
Finally done with my story I picked an arrow out of my quiver, put it in place, pulled back, aimed for the center of the fake bird target that was flying close to the ceiling of our classroom and let go. "Yeah I know I stress out too much, but hey looking on the bright side I've still got it."

"Yeah you do," Sango replied as she high-fived me. "Even on your worst days you never miss a target".

"Hey where did Kags go?" I asked as I scanned the very large room for her.

"Well don't look now, but I think she's talking to Ayumi." She responded with a slight head nod gesturing in the direction behind me where I then spotted the back of Kagome's head and part of Ayumi's face.

"Wow just because she's mad at me." I turned back around to face Sango and rolled my eyes. "Well there's nothing I can do about it. You know how she gets when I keep information from her too long."

"Yeah, I know her and her drama queen moods." I heard as a reply with a hint of annoyance in her tone.

I had an idea and turned toward Sango. "Will you do me a favor Sango pretty pleeease?" I asked with my hands clamped together as if I was praying and my lower lip sticking out with a puppy dog look on my face.

With a quick roll of her eyes she heaved a sigh and said, "oh great I got the pretty please Sango bit. So what is it?" Her pointing finger went up in front of my face and shook left to right when she quickly added, "And don't you dare ask me to get you Senior hottie's number or chew him out for you".

With my mouth wide open and right hand to my chest, I faked a hurt expression and exaggerated an "I would never" statement, then started laughing.

"Okay then seriously what's the favor?" By this point Sango had her arms crossed and tapping her right foot impatiently.

"Weeell I was just going to ask you to spend lunch with Kags, because I'm going to hang out with your brother and I know Ms. Drama Queen over there is not going to have forgiven me by then." I looked up to see the reaction on Sango's face, but could only see her side profile. She was using the remaining few minutes of our archery class to practice.

Before letting go of her arrow and without even moving her eyes from her target she said, "I'll tell you what, Rin. If and only if I hit this target with a perfect bull's eye, will I put up with Kagome's crap all by myself all of lunch today." She paused for a second and the very moment she let her arrow fly, she turned her head toward me and said, "you know I can't stand her girlish drama and to be..."

I was too busy jumping up and down with excitement. It was the first time Sango had ever hit a perfect bull's eye. I know it was rude, but I just couldn't help, but squeal like a little girl. Sango had never been good at archery it was more my thing; even though, she had been in archery class since our seventh grade year with me she had never been able to hit a perfect bull's eye. "You did it Sango, you did it! Look. Look." I was practically screaming in her ear while shaking her.

I was surprised to hear Kagome's voice instead of Sango's. "Congrats Sango. I can't believe it. I'm so happy I know you've been practicing all summer."
Kagome completely ignored me when she gave Sango a hug and just kept on chatting away as if I didn't exist. I knew she would be like this the rest of the day so I just spoke over her and told Sango, "remember what you said Sango before you shot your arrow. I'll just see you in sixth bye".

The bell was about to ring so I just walked away and went to dress out a bit early, so that I could beat the rush of students who were about to run to the changing room to go to lunch. I was surprised to find Kikyo of all people in there already getting dressed. 'I didn't know she was in advanced archery I thought she quit last year after that incident. Didn't she get shot by her own arrow after pissing off some priestess? Oh well none of my business anyway'.
I opened my locker and continued to my own business as I get dressed but in to my normal clothes. I heard a snort followed by, "What did you do eat a whale? Geez you got so fat over the summer". This rude comment most definitely came from Kikyo's mouth, but I just ignored her, because her annoying laughter, at her not so funny insult was being drowned out by the incoming girls from the archery class since the bell had just rung.

I closed my locker ignored Kagome who was now changing right next to my locker and began my task of weaving past all the changing girls to go and meet up with Kohaku. Right as I reached the opening of the changing room I heard, "Hey Rin".
I turned toward the voice and saw it was Sindy a cute fox demon who happened to be a sophomore with a major crush on Kohaku. I never liked her much and didn't really have a reason not to so I was always polite to her. "Hey Sindy did you need something?

She shook her head at me and just said, "oh um no I just wanted to say hi." There was an awkward silence and then she finally admitted, "Well actually I was sort of wondering if you'd be willing to help me out with my archery skills". She began to babble as she played with her hands in a nervous manner. "I mean everyone knows you're the best in the school and you know that I'm not so great at it, I mean look at me I've been in this class for four years now and I still rarely hit the target. I just don't know what to do anymore and I was hoping you could help me because my parents feel like they wasted their money this summer paying for one on one archery lessons. As you can plainly see they didn't work".

I think I just stood there with a very blank facial expression, because I was so shocked and flattered at the same time. Then I noticed a hand waving in my face and heard my name being repeated. I fell out of my thoughts and responded to Sindy with a surprised sounding, "oh, oh yeah sure I'll help you".

"Oh yay!" she squealed rather loudly in my ear. "I'll spend all class period with you tomorrow and then we can talk about times to practice. Okay? Okay. Now I've really got to change, bye Rin". She practically hopped back to her locker.

I then noticed that the changing room was practically empty. 'Oh crap,' I thought. "I really hope Kohaku waited for me," I said out loud as I rushed out of the changing room and continued in a rush all the way out of the archery class.

When I reached the hallway, it was buzzing with people who were ready for lunch. Someone tapped me on the back and scared me. I practically jumped out of my skin as a whipped around to see who it was. "Hi Rin." Was all Kohaku had to say as he held his hands up in surrender, so that I wouldn't be too angry with him.

I still had my hand on my chest feeling my rapid heartbeat when I used my free hand to smack his arm. "How could you do that to me? You know I scare really easily."
I began to walk away from him in fake anger. I really had a smile on my face, but he couldn't see it since I wasn't facing him. "Oh come on Rin. Don't be mad at me I waited for you. It's almost been fifteen minutes since the bell rang".
I continued to walk away from him, so he picked me up from behind and spun me. "Okay, okay, just put me down I'm not mad just please put me down", I cried out in between my laughter.

I quickly shut my mouth when I noticed the way he was looking at me. It was incredible to be looked at the way he looked at me with so much love. He leaned in just barely and I really thought he was about to kiss me when I heard a growl.

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