Drabble collections. I need to stop this addiction to them, haha. Anyway, this first one is the shortest. It's like... Really short lol. Sorry about that.

Disclaimer: If Suzumiya Haruhi belonged to me, I would probably kill something. Namely, her.






"Nagato, what exactly do you do for fun?"

Yuki didn't look up from her book, nor did she pause to think about her answer.

"Fun. An activity that provides amusement or enjoyment. Whimsical, flamboyant. One refers to an activity or situation as 'fun' if he or she find it pleasant and enjoyable or if it causes one to feel happy. I do not experience fun. I merely observe."

Kyon heaved a sigh. 'I might've known.'

"Well... Isn't there anything that makes you feel that way? Anything that you particularly like doing? You know, like reading or something." She was always reading. I mean, seriously, how many times had he walked into the club room and seen her with a book in her hands?

Yuki paused for a moment, this time to think. She looked up from her book momentarily, then looked back down.

"Being together with Kyon is not a bad thing."

Having given a suitable answer, she resumed her reading, leaving Kyon to blink a few times and then crack a smile.

"... I see." He rested his head on his arms and closed his eyes, mumbling out a reply. "Being together with Nagato isn't a bad thing, either."


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