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Sasori woke up finding the whole room silently dark. The first thing that seems to registers in his mind is the smell of sex. He tried to rack up his thoughts mentally, trying to clear things up last night. Only after realizing that he is now naked and under the warmth of a thick blanket that realized there's another body lying beside him. Slowly, he uncovered the covers to see who he has been sleeping with.

At first, Sasori had to double check his sights to make sure of what he is seeing. Yet, after a few blinks of the eye and also an inner argument of whether this is real, he finally concluded that he had just achieved something no other playboys in his school had managed to do; having a one-night stand with the single and the hottest school nurse: Shizune.

Suddenly, both his mind and body started to protest against him and forcing him to go back to sleep. He looked at his Nokia 5730XM to see that it's only 3:43 AM. He now realized how tired he really felt and couldn't help but gave a groan trying to go back to sleep. Schools starts in four hours and he really need to get back to his house to get ready, which is just 3 blocks away. His tired groan however, gave enough disturbance to woke the bed's other occupant.

"Mm-hmmphh…, Sasori? Are you awake?"

"Hnn? Yeah Shizune, and I'm as tired as hell. By the way, you were great last night…"

Sasori immediately gave his trademark smirk that could make any girls in his line of sight squeal louder than a pig. Shizune, after hearing Sasori's comment couldn't help but blush and gave a timid giggle. She also tried to squirm her eyes away from that smirk. Sasori, who is now trying to get back to sleep moves closer towards Shizune and wrapped an arm around her, trying to get much warmth to fall asleep again.

Shizune, for once, felt herself as the luckiest girl in the world. At the age of 24, even though after been called by many young and old men to dates, dinner and the likes, she could never find herself the feeling to completely to love these men and have the heart to stay loyal as their partners. All these rejection of hers however, gave her the feeling of loneliness in her life. That loneliness is what makes her gave herself to Sasori's charms. She smiled to herself in her mind. Unlike most other players in the school, Sasori is known to be one of the 'sweeter' playboys as he always take care of his night partner with soft and sweet caressing and no rough and wild sex. He is also known for his speech craft where he can sway, or reject girls that had fallen in love with him without even breaking their hearts and shattering their emotions, even manage to keep the girls as his friends. Shizune sigh to herself, she could feel her heart bursting just trying to say that she loves Sasori, but after all that she had heard about Sasori, the closest she could get to him is to be just his friend.

At exactly 6:00 AM, a silver bell clock starts to ring loudly and persistently, quickly getting a moan of frustration from its occupant, Deidara. Usually he would be already awake approximately 5 minutes earlier, but Deidara had a rough night yesterday. It might seem pathetic, but last night he had sworn to himself to confess his feeling to his child-hood best friend; Sasori. He snickered to himself, quickly adding an insult himself too, for after 3 years of his crush to Sasori, he could never find himself the courage to stand up to Sasori and pour his heart out. 3 long years…, that long and he is still a coward to his own feelings and Sasori.

But not today. He felt himself stupid for thinking in such a way, a way much easier than standing up front and face the music from Sasori himself. His father always told him to not be a pussy and be a man, face your fear even when it's right in front of your eye. Yet, whenever it comes down to confessing to Sasori, fear seems to run much deeper. Action speaks louder than words, and Deidara is not loud enough for Sasori to hear, so he resorts himself to something as low as what an obsessed, 'head-over-heels' school girl would do; pour his entire feelings in his heart into a single letter and placing it inside Sasori's locker…, without anyone seeing him.

If it's one thing that Sasori would defend fiercely, it's his reputation. Sasori was known to be one of the best players in school, so people always assume that he is 200% straight. This somehow doesn't stop homosexuals from having a crush on him.

After having a bath, wearing his school clothes and having a decent breakfast, Deidara stands upright at his front porch and said to himself,

"For the love of god, I hope Sasori's locker has enough space for my letter, who knows how many girls and gays force their stuff into that metal box…"

A white Nissan R35 GTR cruises along Rain Street, heading towards the International Rain Village Middle School. The school gladly accepts all capable and hardworking students into their academy, at the expense to be headed by one of the most strict and scariest principle known throughout the district; Principle Pein.

The driver of the GTR; Sasori, gave a snort at his thoughts. The principle might be tough, but he turns into an obedient puppy once the blue-haired physical education teacher is around. Sometimes Sasori wondered what Pein sees in her. She might not be the prettiest woman around, but she is beautiful in the decent type.

"Maybe they're somewhat together long ago…"

Sasori's theory of Pein and Konan as childhood friends clashed with his own. Deidara, he gave a smirk to that thought. Even after 16 years, that blond never cuts his hair and just lets it grows. Once or twice Sasori was sure that for so many years he sees Deidara as more of a girl, but that illusion is always shattered by his deep, somewhat a little bit forced, voice. Sasori and Deidara had never been far off from each other, their parents are quite close friends so whenever one family goes, the other trails closely behind. This is also reflected in their kids; Sasori and Deidara always got the same homeroom class, they always go to the same school together too. Of course, due to a long blond hair, people have often confused Deidara as Sasori's girlfriend, which Sasori always gave a smirking laugh while the blond turns red in anger and embarrassment, quite literally sprouting hot fumes from his ears.

Reaching to his schools right on time, Sasori quickly finds an empty space to park his white GTR. Getting out and securely locking his car to make sure no one would have a mind to steal, Sasori quickly fixed his shoulder-strap bag and jogs to his class. Sasori might seem to be what somewhat would call a drop-out and a slacker, due to his reputation, but usually got straight A's in his studies. The lowest grade he would ever get is a B- so the teachers would always excuse his arrogant and mischievous attitude as long as he keeps his grades up.

Entering the 5A class, Sasori was quickly greeted by loud shouts from the boys and giggles from the girls.

The redhead made his way to the back and flop to his seat, right next to an empty chair which a certain blond is usually late.

The guys quickly gather around the redhead went into a teasing, hushed conversation while the girls quietly, yet attentively listen to the boys.

"So, Sasori. Who did you go for last night?" Asked a raven-haired boy with a fair face and styled hair, Sasuke.

"Hurry the fuck up man! Who the fuck was the bitch last night?" Hidan…, he always amuse Sasori with his non-stop cussing.

Sasori's other friends; Itachi, Gaara and Naruto just quietly anticipate his answer. Sasori has slept with almost the entire female student population in school, they wonder how many are left in school that isn't a virgin anymore.

Sasori just looked at the guys with emotionless eyes and said,




More silence before…

"WHHAAAAAAAAAT!" The whole class screamed that one word out loud.

"Dude, don't fucking lie to us man. There's no way you could get that bitch to bed with you. She's WAY the fuck out of our league you fucking liar!"

"Yeah man, how can a student get the hottest school nurse anyway? You're like, 17 and she's like, what? 24?" Itachi spoke up this time, not believing that Sasori, his redheaded friend, had actually scored himself with the school nurse.

Sasori calmly looked around. Everyone is staring with him with wide, disbelieving eyes. He gave an annoyed sigh before saying,

"Look, I don't care if you believe it or not, but you asked a question and I answered it. It's up to you to believe which is the truth." After a few seconds the whole class quickly place themselves together in groups, debating whether or not Sasori really did scored with the school nurse. At the same time the students started the debate, the door opened revealing a blond with a very long fringe covering his entire left blond face. The blond quickly made his way to a seat beside Sasori.

"Morning Danna! I thought I was late…, or it's the teacher that's late?" Bright and perky as always.

Sasori merely rolled his eyes while giving a slight smile which he always gave to the blond but no one else.

"You're lucky we're having Kakashi as our PE coach today, you how late he is." Sasori gave an amuse smirk as the blond gave an expression mix: relief and terror. The blond is relieved that he's not going to get a detention slip for being late today, but feared that their first class is going to get physical.

Deidara was never a fan of physical exertion. He's the type that always stays cooped up in his own space sculpting pieces of clay into animals. Sasori however, is looking forward to PE as the coach promised that their next lesson will be a full-blown game of dodge ball. Although Deidara tries to deny it, buts sometimes he envied his best friend. Sasori and Deidara are pretty much the same; Sasori also stays cooped up in his own world, sculpting blocks of wood with his pocket knife and carves them into realistic puppet figurine, yet he manages to stay fit for every single PE class. Sasori is also talented in other things too, such as a guitarist which he is known for making one of the best guitar solos in their school. Although this jealousy remains in Deidara's heart against Sasori, he always shuts it out. For it's not worth to jeopardize their friendship, which the blond hoped to grow into something more.

After a dodge ball session

Deidara was sent to the school's nurse ward after Sasuke threw a dodge ball head-on towards Deidara. Sasori grew fatigued after persistently trying to defend the blond from the dodge ball onslaught while deflecting oncoming balls coming towards Deidara with his own ball AND also trying to dodge the balls thrown at him.

Sasori decided to went after Deidara in the nurse ward to see how how he is taking it is. Sasori remembered the sharp throw that Sasuke gave to Deidara.

"Damn, that bruise will be hurting tomorrow… but knowing Deidara he'll probably put up the 'Mr. Tough Guy' act and says he's fine. Heh, MAN he's so funny sometimes…"

Sasori couldn't help but gave a small chuckle at his best friend's behavior. Sometimes his attitude is just so funny that it's at the point where Sasori would say that Deidara is just plain adorable.

5 minutes before dismissal

Deidara finally woke up in the nurse's ward, he sat up groggily and at the same time the current nurse at work, Shizune quickly came to his aid.

"Whu…-, what happened to me?"

"Deidara, you're finally awake. I hues that Sasuke kid really did gave you one heck of a number during that game huh? You should be fine now, and make sure you put some ice to that bruise of yours. It's going to hurt really bad by just a few hours as the pain won't really kick in now."

"…Damn that Sasuke, he always gets me during PE."

"Oh, by the way, Sasori came visited here a few hours ago. He told me to tell that even if you have a bruise the size of Godzilla at your head, you should be waiting at the car park next to his car on time. Also, he wished you to be fine too."

Deidara smiled at Shizune's words. Sasori might be demanding but he always cares for his friends, even when it's hard to see it but he does care. He remembered the time when they were jungle trekking, both him and Sasori got lost, he fainted due to heat stroke in the forest and Sasori carried him all the way back to camp and quickly nursed his wounds.

Deidara was disrupted from his thoughts when Shizune shook him from his flashback. He gave Shizune a 'thank you' and got his back that was readily placed in the ward. He went out of the room, deciding not to waste anymore time in class as there's only 2 minutes left before dismissal. He went strolling past the lockers before remembering something important.


The blond quickly check his bag and finds it safe in the bags hidden pocket, not tampered. He gave a sigh of relief, and headed straight towards Sasori's locker.

Reaching towards the locker, he placed the piece of paper near the lockers vent opening and hesitated. His mind flashes terrible out comings, where Sasori would call the blond a gender-confuse homo, a slut, a freak, a...- NO! He made up his mind and defiantly, he will not back away from Sasori now.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed the letter into the locker's opening, went to the car park, stood obediently waiting for Sasori, at the same time dreading of what his confessions in that letter will decide for him and Sasori.

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