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Sasori decided that he will try to be late going home for the first time. It's not that he wanted to make Deidara wait, but he just couldn't stand crowds when he's at his locker. Inside that piece of rusting metal box is a place where he seldom keeps his personal things, such as his art, his puppets… He could not stand a day where he does not indulge himself with his art; he is an artist after all.

He goes out of the class, finding that the hallway is almost empty, save for the old janitor. He strode quickly to his locker, trying to make up for lost time. Opening his locker with the key, he was surprised that there's only one letter to be thrown into the trash today. The old janitor went his way towards Sasori, raising an eyebrow for the lack of papers the redhead artist has to give. No one in school knows that Sasori and the old janitor were on friendly terms.

"Wat'cha got there boy? Where's the usual trash?"

"I don't know…, I guess it's your lucky day today huh? Less crap to deal with."

When the old janitor didn't respond. Sasori's smirk slowly faded with the old man's thoughtful and serious expression. After a few moments the old janitor said,

"I believe that it's better if you gave this one hopeful youngster a chance boy. It's not every day I see a player with only one love letter in their lockers. I think its fate that's playing in this game boy, don't mess with it. You might just regret such decisions for a life time after all…"

The old janitor steadily strolls across the hallway, leaving Sasori speechless, and much more embedded into his thoughts.

"Fate? How could that be? But…, the old man's right. I don't get to see these kind of things happen every day…, maybe this letter really is important."

Without further delay Sasori unfolded the paper and read with his thoughts.

To Sasori,

If you're reading this I hope you will take this seriously, as my feelings for you are very much real.

We've been together for so long that it's hard not to fall for that charming smile of yours Sasori. You might have never noticed my change of attitude these past 3 years but actually, it shows just how much I've really fallen in love with you.

Yeah, I did grow my hair longer so that you will notice me more than anyone around. I always thought by grabbing your attention enough that you will notice me as something more.

Please, if you are considering these confessions of mine, don't place me as just your best friend, I wish to be something more of your life for eternity. Even after death I swear I will still love you with everything I have. I want you need you Sasori. I promise that I will be with you forever. I love you…

From Deidara

At the car park

Deidara is starting to get worried for Sasori, every single student has finally gone home, yet only Sasori GTR remains at the car park. He worries that something might have happened to Sasori.

"What's taking him so long? He's never late, especially like thi-"

Deidara's thoughts were interrupted when he noticed a speck of read appearing from the schools front door. He immediately froze up, telling himself that the time has come at last. He tried his best to be optimistic about the result of his letter, but now he could feel his heart pounding aggressively against his chest, as if it's trying to break free and run away from Sasori, but his limbs stays rooted to the ground, more because of fear than the initial courage.

After what seems to be an eternity, Sasori stood in front of Deidara, just a few centimeters beyond the blonde's personal space. Sasori looked at Deidara with sad eyes, and in return it filled Deidara's mind with sadness and regret too. The blonde's fears had come true! Sasori will neve-

"Deidara…, did you really meant it from this letter?"


"Deidara, speak to me…, please."

Deidara's eyes widened in shock, throughout his life with Sasori, he had never seen Sasori being so vulnerable, let alone say the word please.

"Danna.., y-yes…, I meant every word that I wrote in that l-letter. I just haven't g-got the guts to tell y-you…"

Sasori's sad, brown eyes still remains, and it seems to bore deeper into Deidara's fearful blues. Sasori turned his head to the side and gave a low sigh. Then, after a few moments he turned around, his back facing to Deidara. The blond stood there, tears now collecting at his eyes, yet he refuses to let them fall, he refuses to let them fall unless Sasori say the words that he will not accept him as his.

Sasori stood there, deciding what to say.

"Heh, you never seem to amuse me brat… You're the second person that has made me speechless today."

Sasori turned around, facing Deidara while a small smile graces his features. He closes the gap between himself and the blond, and quickly he envelope the blond into a tight, yet loving embrace.

"You stupid…, stupid blond… Have you never thought that I have taken quite a liking to you too? You could say that I'm having a change of heart, but it isn't. I have these feelings for you, yet I ignored them; thinking that they would never come true. But now that you've spilled everything, let me return the favor…, for eternity…"

"Danna…, are you sayi-"

Deidara never got the chance to let those words out of his mouth, for his lips were sealed with Sasori's own soft flesh. At the same time, fate had finally sealed the love for both of them. Deidara meanwhile, took him for a moment to overcome his shock with the kiss, before snaking his arms around Sasori's neck. He moved his lips with Sasori's own. Sasori, in retaliation, placed his hands on the blonde's hips and pushed his tongue into the blonde's mouth, giving his ex-best friend his own taste.

After a few moments of kissing they finally ended the kiss to get some much needed air. Both of their faces are red, due to lack of oxygen and also embarrassment for the blonde's part, which he is most likely blushing. Sasori smiled at the cute blush the blond is showing him, and couldn't help but nuzzle and nibble Deidara's face and neck. The blond squirmed, then giggle at the sensation that his new-found lover is giving him.

"I love you…, Deidara. I will always love you. And from now on I will be forever yours. No one else will claim me nor you but only the both of us towards each other."

"I love you too…, Sasori-Danna."

The words are said, he deed is done. Sasori and Deidara went inside Sasori's GTR, where a puzzling conversation continued;

"Umm…, Danna?"

"Yes honey?" *snicker*

"WH-WHAT? …Oh well, you ARE going to be seme after all… Anyway~, what did you do to my letter Danna?"

"Hnn? Oh! The letter! Well, I gave it to the old guy in the old guy in the janitor suit."

"Huh? What? Sasori-Danna! That just doesn't make sense! Even for me!"(1)

"Well, let's just say that if it's not for him, I wouldn't have taken that piece of paper in my locker seriously."

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(1) Deidara was referring to his blond moments with Sasori XD