French Words/Phrases:

Merde - Shit

Je suis desolé(e) - I'm sorry

Je m'appelle - My name is

Seychelles leaned on the balcony of the crowded terrace. It was a warm evening as the sun set on the backside of the grand mansion. She sighed as she watched people converse and go into the garden maze or sit near the fountains. Today the mansion was holding a party just like it did every month, as it was owned by the Kirklands. The Kirkland family was one of the most powerful and wealthiest aristocratic families in England. She held her glass of red wine in her hand and gave a tired sigh yet again. She was wearing a black strapless ball gown that had lace at the top and a big black bow tied behind her back. She wore black hand gloves, a black choker with a big rose in the center, and wore a pair of long silver earrings that contained a diamond in each earring. Her black hair was down with a rose shaped hair pin placed on the right side. Seychelles stood up and scowled as she stood with the tall stilettos forced upon her small feet. She looked around herself to see if anyone was watching her and walked down the large staircase into the garden maze.

Seychelles smiled and greeted some aristocrats as they passed by her or tried talking to her. She moved through the maze finding the perfect place where no one could find her and sat down while removing the black stilettos from her sore brown feet. She was told she had to be on her best behavior again by the Monsieur et Madame of the house. Seychelles pushed herself up from the dirt and looked around herself, no one was there. She smiled as she sat back down, at least Arthur had not seen her. Arthur, the son of the Kirkland's, was a handsome young man that was soon going to be twenty-one. He was popular with the females and was also studying politics in the prestigious university nearby. He lived in the mansion with his parents and was catered to by the many servants that worked there. Arthur often got Seychelles into trouble and made her life even more difficult and miserable than it should be.

Seychelles looked up at the sky. She missed home, everything about home. Her family, her house, everything. It had been two years since she had been brought to the Kirkland family to become a servant. She was fifteen at the time when they took her away from her small home and forced her to work at the Kirkland's mansion. Everything changed for her after her first and only year as a servant.

She had been scrubbing the floors as usual when a young man had come into the room and stared at her, he was dressed like an aristocrat and had green eyes and short blonde hair. He asked her who she was and when she replied he smiled and touched her head softly. She was so shocked by what she had seen due to the fact she didn't know who he was and due to how kind he was.

Two days later however, two of her fellow friends stopped her from cleaning the dishes, forced her to take a bath, and dress into what the aristocrats wore. Seychelles remembered how distressed she felt as they had brought her to the large office of Monsieur Kirkland. Madame had been there as well as he told her she was no longer going to be a servant but a member of the household. Seychelles remembered the door open again behind her and there stood the man who had patted her head softly. He was a few years older than her and wore a gray suit. His short blonde hair was messy as he sat in the chair next to where she stood. He coldly glanced at her up and down and then looked at the Monsieur et Madame, Seychelles had felt alarmed by his reaction. Mr. Kirkland then told her that her tutor would be their son Arthur and that if he told them that she was misbehaving in any way, she would receive consequences. Seychelles sighed as she remembered her reaction to the idea of being taught the many things that aristocrats had to do, she had been so happy and excited until she realized that the man she had thought was so kind turned out to be a monster.

One year had passed since that day, and she was still forced to have lessons from their son. Arthur was a tyrant in Seychelles's mind as she remembered the countless times of fear she had had for what might happen if she didn't behave like a true lady. He had taught her the proper etiquette and also how to read immediately, and soon after began to teach her many other class subjects.

Seychelles shook her head and tried to block out the man. It was as if he had been created to cause her trouble. She frowned as she stood up and placed the stilettos on her feet again, if she didn't go back to where they could see her, he would presume something bad. She hastily walked back to the terrace to find Arthur standing and conversing with another man around his age who wore a suit like Arthur and a pair of glasses, his brown hair was kept short. Seychelles saw Arthur's green eyes stare her down and she silently flinched, "Bonjour Monsieur Kirkland." She gave a curtsy and smiled, she was horrified. She had only been gone for what had felt like thirty minutes. Seychelles gave a curtsy to the man Arthur was speaking to as the man took her hand and kissed it.

"Mr. Kirkland, who might this young lady be?" The stranger asked with bright eyes and optimism as Seychelles regarded his face and then the blonde's who had an artificial smile upon his pale face. Merde, he was angry again. Seychelles bit her lip slightly and answered politely with her best smile, "Ah, Je suis desolée, monsieur. Je m'appelle Mademoiselle Seychelles. It is a pleasure to meet you." She curtsied again and quickly glanced at the green eyed man she would have to deal with later. He was still furious, Seychelles guessed it was partially due to her talking in French again.

"Ah! Hello Ms.!" The stranger took her hand again and kissed it, "I am Mr. Alfred Jones. It is a pleasure to meet you. Mr. Kirkland," He turned to the English man, "Where have you been hiding such a beautiful girl?"

"Nowhere of course." Arthur gave a low laugh, "She has been her all along!" He looked at Seychelles again and gave a small glare. "Ms. Seychelles, you seem tired. Go inside and rest, please? You are still very weak from your last fever." He smiled again and Seychelles felt her stomach churn.

"Yes, Mr. Kirkland. Goodbye Mr. Jones, it has been a pleasure meeting you."

"It has been a pleasure meeting you as well. I hope you feel better."

Seychelles curtsied and walked towards the mansion doors. It wasn't fair at all! She had done nothing wrong, except for talking in French in his face! She grudgingly walked up the grand staircase into her large room she was given. All she had done was walk away for a moment! Nothing else! She took off the stilettos and threw them on the wooden floor before falling on her bed. Seychelles wanted nothing more than to be a servant again.

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