This is going to be a test run one-shot, to see if the story has any substance behind it, I was inspired to write this after I saw the beautiful video on YouTube by MundaneMuggle she used the song Get up, Get up, Get up by Barcelona which couldn't have been a better choice for the pairing. Obviously, it an Eleven/Amy fic. The Doctors view on Amy. Enjoy! R&R Please. 3

"She's so fragile" he thought to himself as he watched Amy sleep as he did on numerous occasions. Her sleeping form held more beauty than the majestic planet, silk encompassed her body and rose softly with her deep breathes, her brilliant ginger hair contrasted greatly with the ivory color of the pillow case. She had a dreamy smile on her face, and for a moment he wished he could know what she was dreaming about, and he felt a tinge of jealousy he wish he could rest the soundly and not be haunted by the memories of those he lost and the pain they felt because of him.

Undoubtedly she was exhausted after this adventure he had to stop himself to think what's best for her. This time it was too close, he almost lost her for good. She was almost beyond saving. They had visited the Trilions, a beautiful yet territorial race, they were fascinating creatures, they were one third human, one third alien, and one third animal. It wasn't uncommon to see the body of a man, with a head of horse, with tentacles coming from there skull, he had meant to take her to Scotland so she could see what it looked like before man arrived and formed their villages. Let her see the clear, blue rivers. The beautiful rolling pastures. But as always the Tardis had other ideas.

"They last time I was there they were a peaceful race" he said to no one, the Tardis seemed to hum comfortingly, as if to say Don't blame yourself, you cannot know everything. He looked up at the ceiling and said "I know...but still" he said feeling his hearts break a little, "Everyone I meet, always end up in some sort of danger...and they end up emotionally scarred...or worse" he said swallowing the lump that had now formed in his throat, "All because of me" he said coldly, he sat down in the leather chair near the rails with a heavy sigh.

"She's so special" he said, "She's infuriating, mad, impossible..." he's voice trailed off, "She's beautiful, strong, kind and yet she's so fragile for someone so strong" he said shaking his head, "Whenever I say something like 'Stay here' or 'Don't follow me', she does the direct opposite, its as if her brain encodes it to mean something else" he said frowning, "I wonder if she has brain malfunction, the human brain is a complex organ" he rambled to his audience of no one."I couldn't bare to lose her, she endeared herself to me" he said feeling tears in his eyes, "Maybe I should take her home to marry that big nosed bloke" he mused to the Tardis.

"Please...don't" he heard a voice whisper, he then stood up "Did you just..speak?" he asked pointing towards the console, Did his Tardis actualy speak out loud to him? "No, I did" he heard the voice and looked upward towards the stairs where a know silk nightie clad Amy stood with her hair ruffled a bit, "Amy" he said, "I uh..was just recalibrating the uh..thing that needs to be recalibrated" he said as he walked towards the console began to pushing buttons and pulling levers not knowing what they were for, "No you weren't" she said her voice closer know, a beautiful delicate scent wafted past his nose and he turned around and Amy was standing right behind him, "Pardon?" he asked with a small smile, "You were just talking to the Tardis, and said 'Maybe I should take her home' I heard you" she said a beautiful yet sad expression on her face, "Please..don't take me home" she said her eyes filled with tears, The Doctor who had faced difficult decisions in his other regenerations found himself facing the hardest one of all... Should he? Or Shouldn't he?