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No, she can't..she won't accept this, as she glared at the Doctors back, "Help me" she said to the Tardis, and in its response a light flickered on the screen and she saw him, sat on what she assumed to be his bed, with his head in his hands, "Thank you" she said as she walked up the stairs, and she saw a small, thin door at the end of the hallway, decorated in bow ties off different shapes and sized, she had to giggle it was so him, she opened the door slightly, and the Doctor looked up abruptly and she could tell he'd been crying, this broke her heart she'd never seen her Doctor cry. He wiped at his face trying to remove the evidence.

"Pond" he said his voice still a little hoarse, she took in her surroundings, how could a room so massive, be behind such a little door? Bigger on the inside, she mused to herself,

"Doctor" she said.

The Doctor sniffed, "Right then next stop Leadworth" he said as he jumped up and plastered a fake smile on his face and he walked to the door, Amy blocked his way and stood back against the door,

"I'm not going home" she said crossing her arms,
"Amy its whats best for you" he said sighing growing tired of this argument.

"What's best for me is here" she said placing a hand on his chest, feeling his heart's beat wildly,

"I can't keep putting you in danger" he said his eyes watering again,

"You don't put me in danger, you save me" she said confidently.

The Tardis seemed charged with electricity, and she heard the lock click behind her, and Amy smiled and removed herself from the door, the Doctor turned the knob to no avail, he pulled out his sonic screwdriver, but alas the door was made out of wood. "Traitor" he said shaking his fist at the unseen force locking him in the room with mad, impossible Amy Pond.

"Let me ask you a question" Amy said as she walked towards his bed and sat on the plush fabric covering it, and she patted the spot next to her, "Don't worry I won't bite" she said reassuring him that there wouldn't be a repeat of what happened in her bedroom. He looked as though he gave it a once over, and joined her.

"One question, that requires one answer" she said, "If you still feel the same way, I'll pack my bags and leave myself" she said, the Doctor seemed to breath a sigh of relief and smile now came to his lips, "Anything" he said, "Why?" she asked simply, "Why what?" he asked in confusion, "Why won't you let me in?" she asked, the smile now slid from his face, "Because you've been hurt so much already because of me, I couldn't bare to hurt you even more" he said finally being truthful, "You asked me to trust you in the forest" she said, he nodded remembering, "You're going to have to start trusting me, trust goes both ways" she said, as she took his hands in hers, and he smiled a watery smile.

"You can't keep it all in, it'll drive you mad" she said now putting her hand on his cheek, and she took this opportunity to look deep inside his beautiful eyes, and for a moment she could see the wall coming down, and see a fraction of the pain, tears gently fell down his face, and she kissed them away, tasting salt, he stroke her cheek in return and brought his mouth to hers, not like earlier, this time he kissed her as if sealing their trust in one another.

"We all have darkness and light within us...and we choose each day what we'll do, your light is greater than the dark, two people who really care for each other...the share thing the good and the bad" she said smiling. "Since when did you get so wise" he said chuckling, she suddenly grew serious "Oh no you're rubbing off on me" she said in mock horror, "You should be so lucky" he teased.


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