Hello. First fic in this category...you can thank Netflix for renewing my interest in one of my favorite childhood shows.

Anyway, yes I am highly aware of the twisted nature of the fanfic. I do not condone or enjoy incest in general. But first of all, it's always an interesting learning experience as a writer to explore taboo subjects (remember IT'S FICTION) and Phil and Lil are so damned cute.

WARNING: rated "M" for a reason. Naughty language ahead! Also twisted wicked thoughts and ideas! You have been warned!

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Rose Scented

Chapter One

Of course the 'rats didn't all go to the same college. This isn't some silly after school special.

However; we were all close enough to see each other on the weekends. Everyone within a two hour drive…

Anyway, that's as "after school special" as this story fucking gets. Seriously. Stop here unless you want to hear sick and twisted shit courtesy of your host; Phillip DeVille.

This is the story of how my twin sister finally found out about my unnatural feelings for her.

Let's start slow. Maybe I can manage to delay your running away in disgust for a least a couple pages. Okay…a couple paragraphs? Truthfully, I'm not even sure I have an audience. This could just be the crazy ramblings of a lovesick bastard. But the whole "get it off my chest" thing is pretty pressing at the moment.

So, let me think…the best place to start would be…

Ah yes.

With him.

I watched Angelica flick her cigarette to the ground and stub it out smartly with the toe of her silver stilettos. It made me wince just watching her wear them.

"So anyway, his name is Bradley. He's a law student. And you know you aren't one of my favorite people, but…" She paused, her expression softening for a fraction of a second. I tried not to show the surprise I felt. "I've heard some…unscrupulous things about him. And he has his sights currently set upon your dear sister." She pulled another cigarette from her pack and leaned over, motioning to me. I sighed, pulling out my lighter and flicking it in front of Angelica. She managed the rest on her own.

"What sort of things?" I asked, taking another drag on my own cigarette. The only thing Angelica and I had in common. And it wouldn't have ever made us actually converse if it weren't for the fact of the damn blond always forgetting her own damn lighter. And expecting me to be some sort of gallant gentleman or some shit like that. Point is; she was always asking me for a light. And being the chatty bitch she is, she couldn't just stand there and fucking smoke. She had to talk too.

Which I would normally ignore entirely.

Except when her topic was my sister. And some guy.

"Well…" She paused to flick some ashes off the end of her slim girly flavored cig. "Rumor has it he can be rough." She raised her eyebrows significantly. I blinked, trying to process. She rolled her eyes "With women. That he's dating. Or at least fucking."

My eyes widened. Then narrowed quickly.

"If he's a law student, why's he bothering Lil? She isn't in the law program. In fact, this school doesn't even have a law program."

"Duh, DeVille." Angelica snapped, "Kimi introduced them." She explained. "Which I suspect is only because she's tired of having to deal with Lil as a third wheel." She was of course, referring to Kimi and Tommy's recent engagement announcement. This had caused Kimi to think that everyone had to have a mate.

Which frankly, was another thing Angelica and I shared; a hatred of this "matchmaking" craze Kimi was going through. Yes, she was even so desperate as to try it with me and Angelica.

Dear god, not together. Get that nasty thought out of your head. That even grosses me out.

She had tried to hook me up with this cute redhead in my culinary techniques class. Didn't really work out.

For the reason of my utter infatuation with my own fucking sister. That I could not get rid of, even after goddamn ten years. It was all thanks to that twat, Wally.

Yeah, I liked Wally. I liked her a lot. And it took her dumping me to realize that I was running after Wally because she reminded me of another girl who I could joke around with and be my normal gross self.

My own sister.

It almost slipped out…sitting there at the table in Java Lava with Lil after the failed soccer game. I told her I loved her. It blew me away because for the first time; I was not saying it as a brother says to his sister.

Thank god she thought I was.

"DeVille!" Angelica snapped. From her narrowed, pissed off expression, I gathered it wasn't the first time she was trying to get my attention.

"Sorry. Thinking about this situation you've brought to my attention." I remarked offhandedly. She huffed impatiently.

"I just thought I had a responsibility. Since you are the firecracker's friend and all. Don't want to piss him off." She said, tossing her cig to the ground and stamping it out. She tilted her head, smirking thoughtfully, "Or do I? Make-up sex can be great…"

I gagged.

"Get the fuck back to your class, Angelica. Before I throw up."

She chuckled and waved at me before walking off.

Yeah, she's gotten a lot better. Don't think it was college that mellowed her out though. It wasn't. She's majoring in Journalism, for fuck's sake. Emphasis on Investigative Journalism. Yeah. One of those.

Now, remember the whole matchmaking thing Kimi's nuts about? Yeah Angelica and I both hated it. But not for the same reasons. I hated it because my Asian friend wouldn't stop trying to hook me up with every off-beat girl within a ten mile radius.

Angelica hated it because it worked with her.

And you would never guess who with.

Or maybe you would. Fuck if I know. I don't know you. You could be all psychic and shit.

It probably helped that the Computer Science building was right next to the Journalism building on campus, so the two had no problem sneaking make-out sessions in between classes. It replaced Angelica smoking with me sometimes, which I liked.

What I didn't like was when she sometimes decided that the spot behind the food court where we smoked was a good make-out spot.

Those days I would often go smoke by the auditorium where all the drama kids hung out. Avoiding my sister, of course. She didn't exactly approve of my smoking habit.

I was more worried about the other things she wouldn't approve of. And disown me for.

Namely how I almost choked on my cigarette the day she came out in her costume for "Taming of the Shrew". She was playing Katherina of course. A more perfect part couldn't have been written for her. And she was breathtaking in the Elizabethan gown, her hair pulled up in some complicated twisty thing that just made me want to do very naughty things to her exposed neck. Not to mention all the cleavage it accentuated.

Fortunately, Lil was much too focused on scolding me for smoking to notice my deer in headlights expression. Or embarrassing issues down south of my belt.

Yeah, I have that too. I told you this wasn't one of those normal: Guy falls in love with girl; girl falls in love with guy; they get together and live happily ever after kinda stories.

This is more like: Fucked up asshole of a brother has the hots for his twin sister and probably needs mounds and mounds of therapy but is too much of a terrified shithead to even mention to anyone; even a total stranger. Sister is fortunately utterly oblivious. Brother can't get his act together and just date someone else. Sister finds some rich law student and falls in love. They live happily ever. Brother winds up in some back alley restaurant in Europe and is never heard from again.

That made me think of this Bradley fella again and Angelica's warning. It left a huge sinking feeling in my gut. I put my own cigarette out and headed towards the drama building. I still had a couple hours to kill before my next class. I snuck into the back of the smaller of the two auditoriums, where I knew Lil had today's class. They were still warming up and I could see Lil standing off to the side with a small group while a couple lesser roles were being explored up on the stage.

It took only moments for her to look away from her friends and right at me.

Twins, remember?

I motioned to her and she sighed and said something to her classmates before heading over.

"What is it?" She said. I smiled, enjoying a moment of looking her over in her "off-stage" clothes. It's the only time she isn't dressed impeccably and I love it. She had on a long sleeved oversized navy knit shirt that slid seductively off one shoulder. Not on purpose, I'm sure. Lil could be so sexy without even trying. The pants were basic leggings, ending slightly below her calves and exposing her delicate ankles. And no shoes, of course.

Drama was such a good influence on my Lillian.

In fact, as I gave the shirt a second glance, I had a suspicion that it might be one of my old ones. That put a smile on my face. It may sound perverse for me to enjoy my twin sister wearing my clothes, but don't get me wrong; she doesn't look that much like me anymore. She's shorter and skinnier than me; despite having perfect curves, and that caused my clothes to look delectably pixie-like on her.

"Phillip." She pressed. Dammit. I was doing it again. Curse my wandering mind. And eyes. I raised my eyes to her face and smirked lazily. Her expression changed to something I didn't recognize, for barely a second. I was going to press her on it, but then her eyes narrowed and I remembered why I was there.

"What are you up to tonight?" I asked, trying to be casual. She blinked.

"Uh…coffee with a couple friends." She said dismissively. I frowned.

"Would one of these friends be some guy Kimi's pushing on you?" I asked. She sighed.

"Phil. Kimi's just happy. Stop being such a jerk when she tries to spread that happiness around. Look what happened to Angelica."

"Well, yeah, but I don't think that Angelica appreciates it much."

"That's only because she didn't take the initiative to do it herself." Lil replied with a giggle. I nodded in agreement, then reached out and tugged on the end of one of her sleeves. She frowned, thinking I was trying to be obnoxious, which I was. But it also had the nice side effect of exposing a couple more pale smooth inches of her left shoulder. I had gotten good over the years at giving myself little wicked thrills like that. She didn't seem to ever notice.

"Why don't you come see a movie with me instead?" I asked, "We can see that fluffy crap one about the journalist falling for his interview subject." I dangled the offer temptingly. I could see her hesitate for a moment, then she bit her lip.

"Sorry Phil. As enticing at that sounds, I promised Kimi and Brad." She responded apologetically. I felt red-hot heat flash behind my eyes at her saying his name so casually.

"Kimi and her friend are driving down here just to have coffee?" I said, referring to the fact of the law college Kimi was going to was a little over an hour away. And also referring to this Bradley guy as Kimi's friend. Not my sister's. Lil blinked at me.

"It is Thursday. You know she comes down to spend the weekend with Tommy."

"Fuck." I murmured. Lil frowned. "I forgot it was Thursday. Lost track of days...I have a presentation due tomorrow." I explained. She softened, pursing her lips.

"What's the dish this time?"

"We're actually working with candying flower petals and fruits to add color to desserts." I explained. A large smile spread across my twin's face and I melted, wrestling hard internally to not show it on my face.

"Sounds yummy. I get to sample, right?"

"Always." I replied kindly. Then I changed my mind, adding, "If you stay home tonight."

She threw her arms in the air, exasperated.

"Jesus, Phillip. What is wrong with you? Is it the matchmaking?" She furrowed her eyebrows, "Why don't you want me to spend time with Brad? He's a nice guy. And you never know," She winked at me, "He could be the guy of my dreams."

It took a whole lot of self-control to not say something stupid to that. Or grab her waist and dig my nails in so she knew no one else could have her.

I snorted instead.

"Right. A law student. Very much your type."

"Kimi's a law student." She retorted.

"…uh, and engaged to Tommy. Though I didn't know you swung that way, Lillian." It was my turn to wink. She made a face.

"No. I meant not all soon-to-be attorneys are bad. Brad is a wonderfully sweet guy." Again the heat flashed, this time white-hot.

"Kimi's going into environmental and animal related law, not criminal or corporate." I said stiffly. Then I decided to offer a truce, "Why don't you have them come to the apartment instead? I'll make dinner for everyone."

At least then I could keep an eye on this guy.

Lil wavered a moment, deliberating. Then she smiled, "Okay. I think Brad would go for that. He's never been to the apartment."

Thank fucking god. I'd have castrated him right then if he had.

"The five of us then?" She continued, biting her lip, "We may need to stop and get some extra groceries."

"Sure thing Lil. On the way home." I agreed, getting to my feet. She beamed at me.

"Great. See you in a couple hours!" She turned and headed back up to the front. I noted that her backside looked pretty good in leggings.

As I left the auditorium, I wondered if I could manage to behave myself tonight. All I knew is goddamn Bradley Perfect Lawyer Fuck wasn't getting my Lillian without a damn good fight.

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