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Rose Scented

Chapter Four

I jolted in surprise, but she held firm to my shirt and her other hand wound itself into my hair.

Her lips were soft and slightly parted. She tasted like the sweet espresso she favored. My arms came up, trancelike, and pulled her to me firmly. She mewed happily and pressed against me. One of my hands slipped over her back and brushed against the torn fabric on her dress. It brought me sharply back to reality and I pulled back, wide-eyed.

Her expression was dreamy and her eyes were half-closed. She slowly opened them and looked at me.

"Wha-" I started, then stopped, "Why-" I stopped again, my mouth too dry and my brains too far gone for me to form comprehensive thoughts. She slanted a provocative look at me.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" She asked, stepping forward again. I took a step back, holding up my hands.

"But wait…"

"I heard you and Chuck in the car." She explained shortly. I blanched. "It's fine." She said, then gave me a shy look, "Chuckie's right. I knew exactly what was going on."

"Then why didn't-"

"I was just as terrified as you." She replied, a little sharply. "Thinking there was something wrong with me."

"Then last weekend?" I asked.

"I remembered." She grinned at me, "Just had a bad hangover."

"I'm sorry I-"

"Shut up Phil." She snapped. I closed my mouth. "You were a wonderful gentleman and you know it. I was the one who was drunk."

"But the corset and-"

"I mean it." She hissed threateningly. I closed my mouth again. She stepped closer and gently took my hands in her's. "I'm tired of dancing around this."

"I didn't realize we were." I replied honestly. She chuckled.

"Yeah. I didn't really realize we were until last weekend. You're a better actor than you think." She said slyly. I let a smile appear on my face. "And then I got stupidly desperate…" She sighed heavily, looking away, "I wanted to see if I could make things happen with Brad."

My hands tensed in hers and she rubbed her thumbs in soothing circles around my palms.

"Shhh." She continued, "Just listen. I was an idiot. When he said those things about us…I got scared. Because he was right." She leveled a soft gaze at me, "I only want you to touch me." She rose up and kissed me again.

This time I responded, cupping her neck with one hand and looping the other around her waist. She let out a happy murmur and her hands went to the front of my button up shirt. I pulled back sharply.

"Lil." I said. She looked at me innocently. "We can't…I mean…we're siblings. Twins."

She waved a hand dismissively.

"I'm quite aware of that Phil." Her expression became pained, "But I can't help myself anymore." She ran her hands nervously up and down my chest and I trembled. "Need you." She whispered.

I groaned as my body automatically reacted.

"God, Lillian…" I said and she smirked at me jubilantly.

"We'll just have to make sure to use a condom." She said, tugging on my belt. I felt another tremor of anticipation go through me.

"This is all very sudden…" I said in shock. She giggled.

"I've been thinking about it since last weekend." She met my gaze brazenly, "You can't imagine the things I've been picturing."

That caused a gulp.

My belt slithered off easily in her grip and she tossed it in the direction of the couch. She leveled another heated gaze at me.

"So your room or mine?" She murmured, already pulling me back towards the hallway. I stammered a bit, not really sure how to respond, "Haha, fine, guess it's lady's choice." She said with a wink, pulling me into my own room. I bit my lip, glancing around at the messy room. Clothes, cooking books, magazines, and hastily scribbled recipes all littered my floor.

"Um. Sorry for the mess." I said sheepishly. She laughed.

"Why do you think I picked your room?" Her tone was roguish as she pulled me towards my bed and shoved me onto its surface before following me down. "I miss messes so much some times."

I stared up at her, still not quite believing this wasn't a dream. She leaned over, brushing her lips over mine, then moving to my eyelids and forehead. She moved so she was straddling me and I moaned again, feeling her heat directly over mine. My eyes darkened. I was near the point of no return.

"Lily, are you sure you want this?"

She met my eyes with her owned darkened orbs.

"I've never been more sure." She purred. I let out a growl as I shoved all of my reservations aside. Too late for those anyhow.

There was some quick maneuvering and I managed to get her below me and pin her arms above her before quickly stripping her of her torn dress. She squirmed in delight. My lips were everywhere and she soon was a quivering moaning mess.

And I loved it.

I moved one hand to cradle her head and I moved to kiss her mouth again.

Sharp pain.

I hissed and pull my hand back, bringing the white rosebud with it. There was still a tiny thorn hanging to the very base of the bud and my fantastic luck had caused me to prick myself. I snarled in frustration, crushing the flower slightly in my haste to toss it away.

I heard Lillian laugh even as the smell of the crushed rose washed over me.


I groaned, turning over and scooting closer to the source of warm heat. There was a happy murmur and the warm body curled closer to me as well. I let out a sigh of content.


"Hhgrrr. What the fuck..." I groaned.

"Philllll," whined my sister's voice, "Get the phone..." I grumbled, reaching for my cordless that was next to my bed.

"Hello?" I questioned groggily.

"Phil?" came the voice I last expected to hear.

"Dil?" I replied, my brain slowly aligning itself. The body next to me stirred at the name.

"Yeah. Oh. Shit. The time difference. I didn't even..." He groaned and my eyelids fluttered.

"Time difference?" I questioned.

"Oh yeah, didn't Tommy tell you? I'm up near the Great Lakes right now. Lots of alien activity right now. I've recorded some amazing things."

"Uh huh."

"Oh. Right. Why I called." He paused, "I talked to Chuck earlier."

"Mmm." My responses were still sleep-hazed, and I was having trouble putting two and two together.

"You know this whole thing is just gonna blow wide open, right? I mean, Tommy and Kim are gonna freak. I think Chuck and I just...have a different way of looking at things. I mean, he's in love with Angelika, for chrissakes. And me...well, it's not like I'm the epitome of normalcy."

"Right." I murmured, pretty sure he was fishing for a positive answer.

"Phil. Look, I'm sorry I forgot about the time difference, but you need to hear this anyway. Angelika already knows."

"Knows what?"

"About you and Lil!" He hissed. My mind snapped into focus and I glanced at the body curled next to me.

Oh yeah. My sister.



"Yeah. Now you're following me." He said. "I don't really expect Angelika to go writing an article about it. Well, I hope she wouldn't. You know, with the whole boning Chuck thing."

"Uck." I interjected.

"Yep. Anyway, it's still not going to stay quiet for long. I mean, I just wanted to warn you. I may not really approve, per se, but I don't judge. It isn't my place. But not everyone is going to have that reaction. Get your head in the game? I mean, if she's worth it."

"Of course she is." I said, my expression softly landing on my twin. Her eyes opened slowly and met mind and a lazy smile appeared on her face. She tilted her head in confusion at the phone. I shook my head.

"Then be ready, man." He said firmly before there was a click and then just dial tone.

"Who was that?" murmured Lil. I put the phone back on it's base before reaching to brush her hair back from her face.


"Hm. Kinda early..." She said, glancing at the clock.

"Yeah. He's in the East right now. Alien research or something."

"What'd he want?" She replied.

"Well. He seems to think all hell's gonna break loose with our...relationship. And friends." I explained weakly. She looked at me silently for a moment before shrugging.

"Maybe I'm still too happy in this whole afterglow, but if they are our friends, it won't be a big deal."

"Lily...it's not like Chuck dating Angelika. I mean...we're..."

"We've always been together." She said sweetly, "Why is this so different?"

"There's a difference between playing and living together and..."

"Sex?" She finished bluntly, giving me a look that sent heat straight through me.


"It's none of their business." She stated primly. Ever my sister. I laughed.

"I doubt they're going to think that." I replied with a dark chortle.

She ignored me for a moment, her expression distant, then looked back at me before reaching up and looping her hand behind my neck. She used the grip to pull me down to her and started kissing me slowly while she wrapped her body around mine. Her mouth moved right by the shell of my ear and she whispered,

"I just want to be with you. Come hell or high water."

I fell into bliss.