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Everybody said Kurt was catlike. Even Kurt said Kurt was a little catlike. So you know what Kitty decided to do? Get catnip and see how he reacted.

"Thank you," Kitty walked out of the local pet supply with the bag of catnip. It looked all dried up and stuff and smelled like tea, but cats like it.

When Kitty got back to the mansion, she took one of Kurt's old sweaters and rubbed a little catnip into it, then went to find Kurt with the sweater in hand. She found him zoning out on the couch in the rec. room, half asleep. Kitty smiled maliciously before chucking the sweater in his face and running like hell.

Kurt jumped up and batted the sweater away, his heart hammering.

"Vat ze hell?" he asked to the room. He picked up the sweater and was leaving the rec. room to put it back when he stopped in the hallway. Kurt shot a nervous glance down the hall before jumping into his room and closing the door quickly. Damn, his sweater smelled good!

Kurt's head swam with the smell of the catnip, and he couldn't help but smile like an idiot. He was just happy. He rubbed the sweater over his exposed fur, ignoring the scratchy wool, and eliciting a purr. As Kitty phased silently into the corner of his room, Kurt closed his eyes contentedly, burying his face in the sweater.

Kitty snorted and had to fall through the wall again before being overcome by laughter. Rogue put down her book and glared at Kitty.


"You – you – you should s-s-see Kurt!" Kitty choked, clutching her sides and gasping for air, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes.

Rogue sighed and put her book down, going next door and poking her head around the door. Kurt had put the sweater on the bed, and was rubbing on it like a cat would, pawing the air, purring loudly, laughing faintly, sounding like an incredibly drunk or high person. Rogue had nothing to say.

"Hm." She grunted to Kitty, then started reading her book, but she couldn't help but chuckle.

"Isn't it hilarious?" Kitty asked, redoubling her laughter.

"He looks like a cat on crack." Rogue stated flatly, looking at Kitty over her book. Kitty howled with laughter, pounding the floor. Kitty said something unintelligibly that might have been "I know."

"What did you give him?" Rogue asked, an edge creeping into her voice. Kitty shook her head, still laughing hard.

Kitty took a shuddering breath and stopped laughing long enough to say,

"I put catnip on his sweater."

Rogue stared. Oh great. Kurt on catnip.

Yeah, it's a short chapter, but I just want to get this posted ASAP. This won't be a long story, just a few chaps. Hope y'alls enjoy!