The Doctor stood by the TARDIS controls, facing Amy. She obviously hadn't been expecting his regeneration. He grinned again.

"Hello, Amelia, are you still alive?" He said "Yes? No? Maybe? Because, you know, I'd hate to have died to bring you back just to have you die right away."

"Can you change back to how you were before?" She asked, breaking her silence.

"No, not really." He replied "But this is good, change is good. So, tell me, how do I look?"

"Younger." She said "Shorter hair, more average size features, better looking."

She covered her mouth. She hadn't meant to say the last bit. He seemed not to care particularly.

"Better looking? Oh, that's good then, isn't it?" He said "Now, am I ginger?"

"No, you're a kind of dirty blonde." She said "Suits you."

"Really?" He said, a slightly bitter smile on his lips "Thank you Amelia."

"Doctor…" She said "Can you please stop calling me Amelia?"

"Oh, right, yes." He said "Sorry. Now, where to next?"

"What?" She said, gobsmacked.

He'd just gone and changed and now he wanted to get back on the road, so to speak. He was still wearing the tweed jacket, red checked shirt, red bowtie, red braces, black trousers and boots he'd been wearing before. She noticed the trouser legs looked about an inch or two too short now.

"Maybe you ought to get changed first." She said, nodding to the trouser legs.

"Oh, right, yes, very good eye. Thank you Amelia." He said before darting up the spiral staircase out of the control room and into the wardrobe.

Amy sighed as she made her way out of the control room and into the nearby kitchen, making herself a cup of tea. She had just taken a sip when he came back into the room. She spat out the tea in her mouth when she saw what he was wearing.

He'd put on black trousers, the same as before, with a silvery blue shirt, red converse and a gold cravat. To top it all off, he was wearing an unbuttoned, early eighteenth century gentleman's jacket in red with a gold trim. It was the same outfit he'd had on in her dream.

"Well?" He said expectantly with a grin "How do I look?"

"Like you should be in a movie with Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller." She said "What's prompted the Casanova look?"

"I like it." He said, slightly defensively "Kind of timeless."

"Will you at least rethink the cravat?" She asked hopefully.

"No way." He replied, adjusting the cravat "Cravats are cool."

She rolled her eyes. She had thought he was just a little more eccentric. Now she realised that he was bonkers. She watched as he began to move over to the TARDIS console. He'd just about reached it when he collapsed onto the floor with a cry of pain, his face on of anguish.

"Doctor?" She said, running over to him, still holding her cup "Doctor, are you okay?"

"Not exactly." He said, clutching his chest "It's like when we first met; I'm still cooking, I'm not done yet. I'm still regenerating."

"Is there anything I can do?" She said "There's got to be something I can do to help."

"Yeah." He said, taking the cup from her and downing the hot liquid in one and sticking his tongue out, fanning it with his hands "Oww ooh ah, hot, hot, hot!"

A second later, he jumped back up, narrowly missing hitting his head on the console. He grinned at her.

"All better." He said as he began playing with the controls, the engines beginning to roar "So, where to then Amelia? The star crossed nebulas of Ralificorn Prime? The lilac banana fields of Mutaris five? The battle of Trafalgar, we could meet Nelson, that'd be fun. It's your choice, any where, any when, the only rule; it has to be spectacular! So then, Amelia Pond, where to?"

"Uhm…" Amy said, confused as to what she was meant to say "How about back to mine?"

"Amelia Pond, are you coming onto me?" He said, looking at her seriously, apparently not sure how to react.

"What? No, no way." She said "Younger guys, not my thing."

"You realise I'm 907, right?" He said, getting a glare from her in response "Oh, right, yes, not helping, sorry."

"I meant I want to go home for a visit." She said "Though maybe you should wait here."

"No way." He said as he played around with the controls of the TARDIS "I can have fun in your time, not a huge amount mind you but fun none the less. Oh god, that sounded rude. I wasn't trying to be rude, just pointing out a fact."

He sounded so posh! She hated the sort of voice all those posh people had, the kind of almost put on voice that people often used for period dramas. Apparently, he had that voice too.

"Fine." She said "But what are we going to do about my brother? Somehow, I doubt he'll believe you're the same guy he met before."

"Yes, true, and quite rightly so. That outfit was horrible, what was I thinking, bowties are horrible, and don't get me started on the tweed jacket!" He said "No, we'll just say I'm, uh, your brother?"

"That's him, you dunce!" She said, going to slap him round the back of the head with him narrowly avoiding it "We'll tell him you're a friend from work, one of the trainees."

"One of the trainees?" He said as the engines stopped roaring "I so don't look young enough to be a trainee!"

"You really do." She said "Now, we just need a name for you…"

"Okay, that's easy." He said as he walked out the TARDIS, calling back "I'm the Doctor."