Author's Note: This is actually going to be a series of stories~! So if you like this first on, then just look forward to the many more to come! Hope you guys like this. :)

Also: Since this is pretty much just a group of drabbles, I'm setting the rating to T just to be safe. Most of them however will be pretty much harmless. However others will point in a direction of more naughty more grown up ideas. So ratings actually differ for different chapters, but over all, it's normally PG. So don't have your little brother/sister/cousin come over who's in Kindergarten and read these. (that, and I don't think they'll really know who the character are... ;P)

Some of these are post a Spock and Kirk relationship, while others are they're in full blown marriage. So they don't go in any order at all. Really they don't. So you can skip ahead to random chapters unless I say otherwise. :D

Chekov was a smart smart boy.

Yes, a boy, because he wasn't even eighteen years old yet. (And don't get me started about how more than half of the whole entire crew of the Enterprise was sad about THAT…)

He had become a Commander before even the age of eighteen, gotten aboard the best and most well known Star Fleet Vessel, and even helped save the world for that matter.

So when some sort of weird… thing… was flickering between Kirk and Spock, it wasn't big news to know that he was the first to see it.

Obviously, McCoy didn't miss out on it either, but seeing as he was down in Medical Bay while Chekov was actually on the bridge with the two men, he would catch any of they're locking of eyes, or Kirk's choice to wander over to Spock's station more than anyone else's. (Rephrasing that, he only went to Spock's station.)

The real first time that Chekov noticed it, was when Kirk called for him to tell him the current plan of where they were currently heading.

Of course, he swiveled around in his chair, and noticed that Kirk had taken his normal stance in his Captain's chair.

"Ve are heading towards New Wulcan Keptian." He answered with a small smile and nod of his head.

"And may I ask why Chekov?" Kirk asked, seeming intrigued with Spock's curved back.

"Ve have recived a vequest zat ve help in some item storvage Keptain." He answered professionally as he swiveled back around to face his station.

Sulu gave him that look that meant that Kirk was going to instantly climb out of his chair, and wander over to Spock's station.

And that's just what he did.

Chekov turned his head around to see the Captain bending over Spock's station – probably monitoring something having to do with whatever Spock was doing – with one hand on the console, and the other on the back of Spock's chair.

Chekov pouted at the fact he could only see Kirk's backside, and a small blob of blue that would be Spock. Seeming as Kirk must have caught the telepathic whatever that radiated off Chekov, he moved over to Spock's other side.

Sulu stage-whispered over to Chekov, making Chekov mindlessly wave his hand over at the older Asian man, silently telling him to shut up.

Kirk's face held a grin that could probably chop the man's face in half. Chekov couldn't see Spock's face – only the back of his black head of hair – but figured he probably had his eyebrow raised.

What made Chekov draw the line of the weird encounter, was that Kirk's hand slide down from the chair, and onto Spock's back. The Captain's hand gave a gentle squeeze, which made the half-Vulcan's hand quiver, before stopping and grabbing a randomly placed lever close by.

Kirk nodded his head at Spock, and made the voyage back to his Captain's chair.

Chekov quickly turned his head back to his station, looking over at a small screen that had a pop up chat on it.

bSulu: Hey, why you staring at Kirk and Spock?/b

Chekov rolled his eyes before smiling and replying back.

Chekov: I was simply observing them Sulu. Gosh.

Sulu: I don't think that means you have to watch them.

Chekov: Haven't you caught on them yet?

Sulu turned his head over to look at Chekov, who was doing the same. Sulu shook his head with a furrowed brow, as Chekov simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Commander Chekov-"

Spock's voice rang in his ears before he squeaked and turned in his chair to see the Vulcan staring down at him. "Ves Mr. Spock?"

"I would like to inform you that the Captain has been calling for you for the past 8.24 seconds, and you have yet to reply." Spock's brow seemed to furrow at the possible reasons that shot through his mind. "May I ask why you are not replying?"

"Sorry Mr. Spock, I vas simply lost vin my thoughts."

Spock nodded his head at Chekov – making the poor boy want to pee his pants in terror still – before turning and nodding at Kirk.

Chekov turned his head enough to he could see the two interacting, seeing as Spock made a move to stand by Kirk's chair. Kirk seemed to be contemplating about what Spock was droning on about in a hushed voice only Kirk could hear, while often glancing over at him, and raking his eyes on the Vulcan's stoic body.

Chekov nodded his head at the fact.

Kirk and Spock were diffidently acting weird.